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    I love every type of craft that exists, well almost every type. I'm really in to creating cards, so much so that I decided to make a go at it professionally and for a full-time busines.
  1. Hello all, I received in the mail today a notice telling me that I am entitled to funds from a class action lawsuit involving Midland Funding filing lawsuits with false affidavits. These clowns sued me and actually won. In light of this information from the class action lawsuit against them. Is it possible for me to writ to the courts in my case and ask them to overturn the judgment against me and request that I be reimbursement all money paid to Midland???? It covers lawsuits filed from January 1, 2005 through March 11, 2011. My lawsuit was filed October 2010.
  2. I contacted the bank and they told me the garnishment was from an apartment complex I lived. A judgement was issued two years ago and that was the last I heard about it. Now fast forward two years and they are garnishing my bank account rather than garnishing my wages. Is that legal?? Aren't they still supposed to send me notification of the garninshment. Hell I will be homeless because my check is automatically deposited and according to the bank they have to continue giving up ALLL my money until its paid in full.....
  3. I have no idea at all that's why I'm so messed up about this.
  4. The transaction line simply indicates: Descriptive Withdrawal / Garnishment Received
  5. Oh my goodness I am having a panic attack. I was online about 20 minutes ago trying to pay a bill and the my debit card keep declining. Well I went and check my bank account and saw that all my money had been garnished. I don't know know by who or anything because I didn't know I was being sued. I never received any notification or anything from the courts. Someone please help what should I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I was just reading a story on Yahoo! about Bank of America Hiking their rates of invidivuals for no apparent reason. I think consumers should boycott them and don't use their products. That sucks to be faithful in paying your bill on time and then your banker jacks you your interest rate because you run a high credit limit. Ah duh what's the purpose of giving me the limit if I have to fear using it because I might get a hike in my interest rate. I can't understand their complaint the higher your usage the more money they make off you in the long term trough interest charges. Unbelievable how Congress refuses to put a stop to this mess.
  7. KindLove don't let someone else's comments cause you to think negatively about your situation. No one on here is an expert we are all here to just share what information we have gathered from our own personal experiences. No one can rightfully judge you or anyone else for that matter because we all come from varied backgrounds. If you have a corporation then start thinking of other areas that you can venture off into to increase your sales. I recently had to make some changes in my structure too because I realized that my product just wasn't much in demand. I do think there should be some sort of etiquette rules about posts. People should not be made to feel inferior because of a question they are asking . The only dumb question is the one not asked. So keep pressing on
  8. Yes I wish they would report the credit limit because on your Experian Report (which is where they are listed for me) they report only my balance which makes it seem as if I'm at my limited which is far far from the truth. Then again we honestly don't know why creditors see when they pull our credit report. Just like they don't list the actual names of the company or companies that have made inquires on our account, they could provide inquiring companies with our actual credit limits. I guess they figure when don't need to see the limits on the reports we look at since we know what they are aready. Just a thought
  9. I just signed up for QuickBook Merchant services. I thought their prices were pretty competitive. It helps that I can integrate my merchant account with the quickbooks accounting software too. You should check them out. They're at quickbooksmerchantservice.com.
  10. What Industry are you in? I've read messages on the board where they cycloned credit accounts for those in the mortgage industry. Just wait until Monday to give them a call it could be a system error on their part.
  11. Yeah the majority of these are consumer credit cards and the few that are business require you to PG to get the account.
  12. Brammy I got this same message. I kept trying and kept trying and everytime I did it I got the same message. I'm not sure what it means though.
  13. talisadesigns


    Yes this is real I applied a little over a month ago for my business after our main computer (Toshiba by the way) crashed for the 3rd time. I was instantly approved right away for $25,000. I was able to get my company a desktop pc and both me and my partner fully customized laptops. However be mindful that you might end up having to place a call to the verification department which is simply just to make sure that the order placed was done so by someone authorized and that you understand the terms of your financing agreement. My first order went through without any problem and it was shipped to me in 5 days, but I had to call the verification department when I placed the order for my partner's laptop but the lady was really nice and my order came a few days later. So congratulations and welcome to the $25k club
  14. Hi Rea, Go to this link and you'll find all the information that you need about the DnB ratings. Don't buy into gimmicks that DnB sales reps will try to pull either... http://smallbusiness.dnb.com/credit-report...ry_analysis.asp
  15. Wow, I didn't have any problem whatsoever when I applied for my dell account. I applied for my account on the 15th of this month online and was approved instantly with a $25,000 credit limit. I placed an order immediately. The order was in production by the 17th and I checked yesterday and it has been shipped. I didn't have to call or any or anything. I have 4 TL reporting to D&B with a 80 Paydex and I have 3 TL reporting to Experian, not sure what my rating is with them.

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