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  1. ok great. I don't really like the new red redesign. But owell. I realize it's petty but it made me feel better about how well I've managed my finances to see the platinum checkcard all the time when I used it. I wasn't always so good with them when I was younger. Thanks for the replies!
  2. I've had a BOA platinum check card for 10 years now. But the latest replacement card I was sent is redish color and doesn't say platinum on it at all. I called BOA to see if my account was downgraded and they said no. Are they lying to me or are the new BOA priority plat check cards now really red???
  3. I seriously doubt this. Nat city's book of business is just awful. It's entirely possible that Nat City is worth less than 0 right now. reminds me of when I had a CC account with statewide s&l in cali and it went under.
  4. I think the reason this topic is so popular, is that it sort of hits at the core of what's right and wrong with this industry. The thought that you can pay all your bills on time, be in good financial shape and still be sitting at a restraunt with the waiter glaring at you over a declined card. It's just wrong. Therefore, people want to know more about why this could happen and what they can do to avoid it. Personally, I'm using my amex plat less now and certainly not any place I could be hummiliated over it.
  5. I'm starting a new business (haven't sold anything yet). I want to build the business credit as I go so I took advantage of a pre-approved amex gold business card offer. After I got it though, I started to wonder. Even though I gave them the business tax ID and such, most of the approval was based off my excellent credit. So my question is, will this actually help the businesses credit or am I wasting my time with this?
  6. the same people saying the peak now are the ones who said it wouldn't happen in the first place. I trade a lot of the stocks/bonds around this area and I know from reading a lot of the financial reports of the companies that made these loans that they didn't start trailing them off until things were obviously starting to go bad. June/July of this year at a minimum is when they will peak. But even after that, they will still be around for at least another year (one year ago was when these things started blowing up and everyone quit making these types of loans at all). otherwise, i completely agree with your analysis.
  7. so frankly I worry about this with amex. I make about the same as you and use my amex plat card for most things and pay it off every month (average about 2k a month on it with a peak usage of 7k in a month). I have 3 other credit cards with lines around 20k each and all have $0 balances. What I'm curious about is what triggers the FR from Amex. Do you carry balances on other cards or have a lot of oustanding debt? I don't want to end up at a nice restraunt and have them come back with my card declined.
  8. I just don't get what the big deal is with showing your id or your card. I mean who cares? What are they going to do with having glanced at your id or your card. If you are this paranoid, just use cash!
  9. yea, I have the amex plat already as well. Do the signature benefits basically just duplicate the amex plat benefits? so when did signature come out? is this a new product? I don't keep close tabs on this sort of thing.
  10. Thanks for the reply. That's interesting as I didn't realize there was a new visa class beyond platinum. So am I right to assume that if I go ahead and let them upgrade me that when it creates a new number it will look like a new account on my CR?
  11. BOA keeps wanting to 'upgrade' me to a black visa signature from the current plat plus visa. I don't really get what the difference is. And for that matter, I didn't really understand why they 'upgraded' me from plat to plat plus. When they did that, they issues a new card with a new number (I'm not pleased with that because now I assume it looks like a new card on my CR). My average CS is about 782 (last time it was pulled when we bought this house last year). so what is the deal with visa signature. is this a new 'beyond plat' type of card?
  12. it's the responsibility of both parties in a marriage to keep themselves in somewhat reasonable form. If you both just let yourself go then you really have no case. But if she is looking however she wants with no regard for you (or vice versa) then there is a problem. In our PC culture, it's considered wrong to care about how your spouse looks. But the fact is, physical attraction is built into our DNA and if your wife (no matter how much you love her) has become physically repulsive, then that's an issue.

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