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  1. I look forward to the day that all retailers just stop accepting checks. I've written one paper check in the past two years, and that was for first month's rent and security at a new apartment. The last one before that was for a loan I made to my sister and brother-in-law. I'd bet I've written less than a dozen checks in the past 10 years. I'm not a fan of bank fees, but if banks start charging something absurd like $5.00 for each paper check someone writes, people will quickly adapt to modern times.
  2. FWIW (and sort of back on topic) I had an online order from Walmart canceled the other day with no other explanation in the email other than a payment problem. After about a 5 minute phone call they said that the phone number on my order didn't match the phone number on my credit card account and that's why the decline. Updated my phone number and order went through just fine. So, seems like in addition to validating all the other billing info, phone number matching is also taking place (at least for phone & online orders) and can cause an order to fail if there's a discrepancy.
  3. Anubis

    USAA MasterCard

    Well first login to your account and see if there are any pre-approvals under the offers tab. Even if there's not, being a full member and based on what you show in your sig, I think it might be worth a shot even though your EQ is your worst score.
  4. It's funny to hear banks bellyache about all the costs of doing business. Perhaps instead of complaining they should just find another business. I'm tired of banks trying to justify their greed with BS excuses. Why not just say "we want to make as much money as possible, so this is what you'll pay to do business with us" instead of making up these sorry sounding tales of woe that your poor poor bank just can't afford to stay open without charging you to walk through the door? For countless YEARS, before electronic everything and even ATM's, these charges didn't exist. Then when ATM's came around we were told that banking would become less expensive because the banks could reduce their staffing. Then in the late 80's and early 90's they started adding monthly fees to accounts that didn't meet ever increasing minimum balance requirements. Then when direct deposit and electronic bill pay became commonplace they started eliminating those fees. Until they realized they could gouge customers further by jacking up fees once again by charging non-customers to cash checks. Of course the stupidity of this policy just reinforces most peoples' common sense instinct to avoid doing business with a bank that would try to extort you into opening an account with them just for the privilege of not being gouged another fee to cash a check. Banks are not an unprofitable enterprise. Like any other business, sometimes you have "loss leaders" to bring in other more profitable business. Checking and savings accounts are those kind of loss leaders. Most gas stations make most of their daily profit on non-gas purchases. Maybe they should start charging a $5 surcharge if you don't buy a Coke or get your oil changed while you're there too! I'd hope so, since it's a Federal requirement of the Patriot Act. BS! Prove it. Cite the specific chapter and section of the Patriot Act that mandates banks take the fingerprints of any non-customer cashing a check. Make sure it says the word "fingerprint" in the citation. I love how so many people knee-jerk with the "Patriot Act" catch-all answer when someone questions their shady business practices. It's like the car dealer who insists he has to run your credit report to sell you a car, even if you've come in with your own financing. As long as I've produced a valid identification in compliance with the Patriot Act, any further action such as fingerprinting me or pulling my credit for a non-credit transaction is nothing more than a way to bully the customer into spending more money with them. Bully the customer by charging them a $6 fee and taking their fingerprint often enough and eventually they'll open an account with you so you can gouge them in monthly fees, ATM fees, forex fees, etc.? That's an awesome business model! I've cashed countless checks and bought several vehicles since the passage of the Patriot Act without once surrendering my fingerprint(s) or authorizing release of my credit report to do so. I simply walk out of any branch or dealership who makes such nonsense a condition of doing business with them. There are always other enterprises willing to do business on an honest level and not demean the customer by parroting the "Patriot Act" lie to try to coerce a potential customer. I have the luxury and intelligence not to fall victim to this kind of BS by banks and other businesses. The sad fact is that these kinds of policies are specifically targeted at the unsophisticated consumer; the working Joe, the young and inexperienced, immigrants, the elderly. The people unlikely to fight back and who can usually least afford it.
  5. Anubis


    I actually had to re-program my brain to wait until morning since I found that a lot of times the batch updates on most tradelines seemed to occur overnight in the area of 3a-5a eastern time. Waiting until my first cup of coffee makes me "feel" as if I always have the most current info going into that day.
  6. I can't speak with any experience regarding NASA specifically, but a pre-approval at 6.9% is likely at their top-tier and eligible for their highest rates.
  7. Anubis


    RGB that was it, I just refreshed and it updated. Scores are still off, but it's good to see some activity. How often can I refresh? Thanks RGB for the tip! Ignore the CCMP FAKO scores. They're for entertainment only, and really not that entertaining. As far as not being impressed, to be able to find a true daily puller for such a low price is quite impressive actually!
  8. I'm shocked they would be generating a paper check for the BT's in this day and age. Every BT I've done in the past couple of years has been processed electronically -- the sending banks only asked for the account numbers and name on the accounts, never addresses or anything else. If they were sent via paper check, they should be able to supply you with digital images of the checks once they've been paid. As others have mentioned, if you're close to your due dates, don't rely on the BT's and make your own payments.
  9. I haven't checked in a while, but last I heard without attaching your checking account to PayPal they put a monthly spending limit on your account.
  10. Sounds like you're trying to be Bob Wang, but are just shotgunning all these CU's and credit apps and then taking rejections personally. My suggestion would be to lie low for a while.
  11. If you have an open account with them, they can pull regardless of a freeze.
  12. And it seems to me from reading the various threads from people who have had problems with Navy that it's these types of accounts that seem to have problems most frequently. I suspect it would be far less of a hassle to get the eligible family member to join first, and if everything I've read is true you'd be doing them a favor anyway.
  13. I've never said that they can stop you. Their agreement -- that you AGREE to when you sign the dotted line when you join -- says that they will inspect receipts upon your exit. You are at all times free to leave without your purchase. They can't stop you from leaving unless they have a legal right to under state law concerning theft. If you want to leave the store with your purchase, they can require you to submit to their inspection. What other agreements or contracts have you signed that you have no clue what you're agreeing to?
  14. There are also people who are grateful that First Premier gave them a credit card when nobody else would. They're still in business so there are obviously people who continue to patronize them.

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