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  1. Hey Jazzy....I am in Chex and opened a savings with Patelco last year. They did pull a Chex report and denied me a checking due to my Chex report; and told me that they could only open a savings if you are in Chex.
  2. Hey...I noticed the same thing...I am in CSC territory and have been for several years but they've never pulled a hard inq for anything. This is very strange...a letter will be going out on Monday.
  3. If you post the details of the account, i.e., how it's reporting on your CR's, DOFD / DOLA, etc., I think you'll get more replies. You say it's SOL...did you send an SOL letter to CMI and the CRA's? Or, did you just send a regular DV to CMI? When you dv'd CMI, did you dispute with the CRA's as soon as CMI received your dispute? (1-2punch), if so, did CMI update / verify prior to validating? Before you file a suit, I would recommend sending a MOV to the CRA's...also, in your complaint to the TX AG, what violations did you cite?
  4. Oh yeah...since you IIB'd Macy's, they will only approve you for a rehab account, I believe...a search on here should give you all in the info you need to rehab your macy's account...not sure if it's a hard pull or not???
  5. OP just asked about cards that blacklist...charges on cards wasn't the question. Not sure how you meant this question...but I would've been offended by it. OP...don't have any info for you on the cards you listed..sorry!
  6. yes...you certainly need to close your account and open another one if they have access to your account. Even if you don't DV I would still close and reopen...that's just my opinion, maybe others will chime in...but if it were me, I would be there closing it like....NOW!
  7. My prayers and thoughts are with you, your mom and your mom's husband also. Continue to support her and her husband, as it sounds like you have been doing. Both of you are instrumental in her recovery...remember that, RECOVERY...and remind yourself and her daily that there will be a RECOVERY...as you know the power of the mind is amazing so try with everything in you to think and feed (her / husband) only positive thoughts...THE MIND HAS THE ABILITY TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME! Keep us posted, can't wait to hear about her amazing RECOVERY!!!
  8. Thanks everyone...I'm really excited...I love it so far. The best part is getting rid of Drive Financial, with a high price, but at least I can move on and upward from here. Also, another great thing is that my payment is $3 more...you hear me...$3 more a month...Drive was killing me on interest and NFCU cut my interest by about 18%. I finally feel like my hard work is paying off. I will post a picture of it this weekend. I'm loving it...the interior is awesome...it's gray leather with seat warmers, DVD, Navigation, CD Changer, Voice Command everything, shade in the back...I got it all...it's awesome...I got the sport instead of the luxury so it's chrome instead of the woodgrain...I can't express how happy I am with it thus far. As for the poster asking about being upside down...I would say if you can put something down and keep from rolling so much over, I would do it. I just sent a big check to NFCU today to pay toward my principal (TG for bonuses). Thanks again everyone....if I missed any questions, let me know.
  9. Congrats Chris...I've been waiting to see the results...my 6 months is coming up at the end of this month. But, I already got a CLI on both of my cards at 4 months so I don't think they'll give me one again at 6 months but, we'll see...thanks for updating.
  10. Your welcome...I would certainly call them and ask about it...they are wonderful! I think they try every way possible to approve for what you want / need. I bet they'll approve you, especially if you've had a relationship with them for a while.
  11. Well...I did it...bought me a 2008 Mercedes C350. I was able to get rid of my horrible Drive Financial Loan which I was WAYYYY upside down on. I rolled over about 13K in negative equity into the new vehicle loan. I know that's alot, but it was the only way that I could get out of that loan. The total came to about 147%, but NFCU kept telling me that it didn't matter...that there weren't any advanced restrictions on my loan and obviously it was true. I must admit, I am surprised. I got my car about 2 weeks ago and Drive loan was PIF today...YAY!!!! For those that don't remember or didn't have a chance to read...here's the link from my post regarding my preapproval from NFCU. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?s...t&p=2977113 Thanks everyone for all of your help / advice.
  12. Yes....it is certainly worth it for NFCU!
  13. Thanks everyone...I couldn't have done it without the help from Creditboards...this is the most awesome discovery, ever, in my life!!
  14. It's been a great 7 days...just went on my last little spree for a LONG while, and the results are... 1. NFCU Auto Loan - preapproval for upto 56K...no stipulation to trade in current auto. (not sure if I'm going to use this or not...have 60 days to decide) - EQ hard pull 2. NFCU CLI NavCheck - approved requested amount from 10K-15K (opened in Sept 07, 1st CLI 2 months later. I use heavily and PIF before statement cuts) - EQ Hard pull 3. Exxon/Mobile store card - approved $500 - EQ hard pull (online) 4. Best Buy store card (not the mastercard) - approved $750 - program B (boo) - EQ hard pull (online) 5. Firestone - approved $900 (TU Hard pull online - already gone) 6. Called Cap One magic number and got $500 CLI - for a total of 1K CL. Have only had the card since January and used and PIF. (No pull) 2 denials - CareCredit and Marathon (Both EQ pulls)...GEMB HATES me!!! Now...off to enter this into creditpulls and next I'll work on more CLI's from current creditors. Still have some baddies that I am working on...it's almost been 1 year since I started my journey and I've already came so far..thanks CB! edited to add: My current util is 28% overall with balances reporting only on 2 cards (NFCU BT's). I never thought I would see a day like this when I was approved more than denied...and already have existing credit cards with no balances...learning discipline and patience was the key for me!
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