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  1. "Things that are funny when read out of context for $100, Alex."
  2. Curious why you are not willing to wait for it to just fall off?
  3. Ok, I double checked. We sent the written forms for all 3 CRAs on September 13. Have ONLY received Experian and TransUnion to this day. Re-sent the form again October 10, this time requesting Equifax only, and including scans of our DL & SSN. I'm so upset. I don't blame the USPS, I have signed up for informed delivery and nothing else is late or lost. Next time, I'm sending it CRRR.
  4. Google should have a "verified" system like a check mark in twitter.
  5. Yes, I know this is my fault I'm in this pickle. History: My PCP has been our PCP for years, and I really like her. Late 2019 I got a bill that confused me (because I always pay immediately in office) and I put it off thinking I'd check in with them in person at my next appointment and pay. Then COVID hit and we never did go in because we were hiding and working at home. Come spring 2020 I get a letter from CA, I think OH NO I forgot, poor PCP I let her down. Called office directly and paid immediately. Yes, I should have stopped, taken a breath, and confirmed whether or not the CA had already
  6. We (hubby and I) both sent in (separate envelopes) the written request forms from annualcreditreport.com about 2 weeks ago. We received our Experian reports within days (of course they, and we, are in Texas, perhaps that helped) and TransUnion a few days after that. Nothing at all, not even a request for more info, from Equifax. How long do they have to respond legally? Since all three were requested on the same form, I assume they did get the request. I already see some inaccurate stuff to correct and I'm itching to get started but I can't until I have all the reports! Ugh.
  7. Soooo....we're also to believe she was never sent a bill - paper or email, both which she should be monitoring? 🙄
  8. I'll see about disputing at least one of them for an inaccuracy. I appreciate the responses!
  9. Real paper, requested from annualcreditreport.com
  10. Yeah, I read that thread and I've only had one address for nearly 10 years. The whole basis of that thread was dispute the address.
  11. I had a bankruptcy in 2016. On my Experian report, it is showing TWICE - Once as identification number "1234567" and once as "1234567BTR." Of course, I would like to see them both gone, but at least don't show it TWICE! I live in Texas, and before I dispute I want to make sure I do this right. Any specific suggestions to share? PS - if this belongs in the bankruptcy forum instead, my apologies.
  12. My husband and I have come into about $4k. We want to pay down some of our bills with it. We'd like to know which strategy would be best for raising the credit score so we can work on raising limits (not to charge up). Our debts are like so: CC1 - $3800 on a $4000 limit (secured USAA visa) CC2 - $2500 on a $3500 limit (Overstock) CC3 - $2400 on a $2500 limit (Barclays Rewards) CC4 - $2300 on a $2400 limit (Capitol One) CC5 - $1900 on a $2000 limit (Capitol One) CC6 - $900 on a $1200 limit (Firestone) CC7 - $800 on a $1000 limit (Target Store) CC8 - $500 on a $600 limit (Merrick
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