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  1. My husband and I have come into about $4k. We want to pay down some of our bills with it. We'd like to know which strategy would be best for raising the credit score so we can work on raising limits (not to charge up). Our debts are like so: CC1 - $3800 on a $4000 limit (secured USAA visa) CC2 - $2500 on a $3500 limit (Overstock) CC3 - $2400 on a $2500 limit (Barclays Rewards) CC4 - $2300 on a $2400 limit (Capitol One) CC5 - $1900 on a $2000 limit (Capitol One) CC6 - $900 on a $1200 limit (Firestone) CC7 - $800 on a $1000 limit (Target Store) CC8 - $500 on a $600 limit (Merrick Bank) CC9 - $400 on a $500 limit (Credit One) We also have 3 store cards (Walmart $150, Khols $300, Lowes $190), all of paltry limits, all empty/paid off. We also have student loans to the tune of about $14k that are always paid on time (unfortunately, only the minimum). We hope to have an extra $500 a month starting in January to also pay towards cards, above and beyond all minimum payments. We want our debt GONE as we are looking to move and buy a new home in about 3 years. How should we proceed.
  2. 1) I HAVE stopped using all cards, except Barclays (for the rewards/cash back), which I am technically paying off each month entirely. I use it for groceries, gas, misc purchases, and utilities. But I can't figure out how to get a $0 balance or close to it reported to the CRAs. 2) The three that are paid off can have their payments rolled into the payoff. Let me explain: I have $500 ABOVE the credit card payments. So, when one is paid off, I roll that payment into the next. So, technically, I'm at $600 this month, and as I pay things off, keep rolling that payment into the next... 3) Yea I can pay more than $500, and I do when I get overtime at work, etc. 4) Two years? That sounds reasonable to me. Geez, I wasn't expecting 6 months debt free. 5) We need nothing. The car lease was because the other car suddenly had the transmission go out. I'm driving a 1997 Mercury Sable for crying out loud, my husband has the new Chevy Trax, which replace the 2010 Chevy Cobalt POS. We have all appliances, electronics, furniture that we could desire. We only want to go to Disney for our 5th wedding anniversary, and that's non-negotiable. Again, so, I was thinking $500 towards Overstock I guess, and when that's paid off, roll that plus the $180 minimum payments into the next card...for a total of $680, in addition to whatever minimum I was already paying on that card.
  3. Please translate "PC your cap 1 to a QS and ask for a CLI" into English, please. Ok, I have $500 to start with monthly to attack that debt. Where should I start, where would it make the most impact?
  4. I need help understanding if applying for new cards and not using them or transferring balances might help with utilization. Bankruptcy 2012 Current cards Limit/Balance (all over 2 years old, no lates): Overstock $4500/$4000 USAA Secured Visa $4000/$3500 Barclays Rewards MC $2500/$500 Capital One MC $1500/$1300 Firestone $1200/$1100 Target $1000/$800 Khols $200/$0 Lowes $190/$0 Walmart $150/$0 I have $500 per month dedicated to paying these balances off. Should I hit one at a time or split them up? I was turned down for a consolidation loan through my bank. Scores: TransUnion Vantage 3.0 598 TransUnion "New Account Model" 627 Fico (by TU Walmart) 582 FICO (by TU Barclay) 582 Experian Credit Check and ID Monitor (Vantage 3.0): Experian 612 Equifax 582 TransUnion 599 Just added an auto lease. Previous paid off car loans, always on time, not included in bankruptcy (re-affirmed). Previous fully paid mortgage, sold house, we're renters now. SO - can I work on utilization faster by applying for more cards, and if so, which ones?
  5. Thank you muchly. Yeah, I've got a loooooong list of companies to contact. UGH
  6. We are moving in a few weeks. Should I update the CRA with the new address directly? We're not ducking any CAs or anything. We're in rebuilding/gardening mode right now.
  7. Ok, after talking to them again on the phone I'm guessing the return of the letter is what triggered a phone call to the park management to find out if the home was abandoned. They claim the post office forwarded the letter of their own accord (to a wrong address....?) So, they claim they sent me a 2nd certified letter last week, I haven't received it. They've received MY certified letter though so who knows. Good news, we just signed a lease on a new home so it's probably all moot anyway.
  8. Watching this thread.
  9. HAHAHAHAHA. They called me again this morning. This time they gave me the tracking number on that letter that was sent to me a month ago. It shows they sent it to California, not Texas, and returned TO THEM "no such person at address" and THEY signed for it. It seems someone thought they were clever and skipped traced to my SISTER's address and assumed I skipped town. Nope, I'm here, in the same place, same house, same address I've had over 10 years. Someone, tell me how I can use this mistake to my advantage!!!
  10. I helped my husband claim bankruptcy pro se over two years ago. He had 3 installment loans - one for a car, two for motorcycles (one he "sold" to his brother who was making payments through him). He filed and got approved to re-affirm all three debts. Since then we have paid them all off (never a late!). Only the Harley-Davidson loan shows correctly as paid as agreed, no lates. The Citizens bank (car) and the Honda loan (motorcycle) are both reporting closed, IIB. I disputed as "paid in full, not included in bankruptcy" on all three, all three came back verified. What's my next move? I don't really want the potentially positive tradelines removed, I want them to show accurately.
  11. First thing I thought of when I saw this thread:
  12. Why ask this question in such a snarky manner? Consider the possibility that the OP is using a high end mobile device that automatically formats his posts differently than a desktop or laptop, and phrase your question differently. I don't recall being snarky. I was just curious. How would you phrase my question? Keep in mind, your post sounds 10x more rude than mine, so you may not be the best judge.

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