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  1. Well aren't you the charmer. I'll miss you so deeply as a fellow member, I just may vomit.
  2. Yep---2022. Good catch. I would love to add a big girl card, I feel pathetic with all the subprime cards. Any suggestions?
  3. Hello, I'm still rebuilding from a 2016 bankruptcy (due to medical bills) and this is what I got so far. The goal is a mortgage for 2020. Credit One opened 2017 $1000 credit limit (a couple of lates 2019 & 2020) Credit One opened 2016 $900 credit limit (a couple of lates 2019 & 2020) Merrick Bank opened 2021 $1200 credit limit (perfect payment history) I'm also an AU for: USAA secure Visa opened 2013 $4000 credit limit (perfect payment history - but only reporting on Experian) Capital One opened 2012 $3250 credit limit (a few lates in 2017 & 2020) Capital One opened 2016 $2000 credit limit (went to 90 days in 2020 because I'm an idiot) Target Red Card opened 2012 $1200 credit limit (a late in 2019) I also have closed cards (by the issuer) and paid off student loans with perfect payment histories. All of the above are paid in full. I just don't know if I should remove myself from my husband's cards if I can't goodwill the lates. What do you think?
  4. I've been a USAA customer just about all my adult life, and I've not had any of the issues you report, no survey, no site changes, etc.
  5. "Things that are funny when read out of context for $100, Alex."
  6. Curious why you are not willing to wait for it to just fall off?
  7. Ok, I double checked. We sent the written forms for all 3 CRAs on September 13. Have ONLY received Experian and TransUnion to this day. Re-sent the form again October 10, this time requesting Equifax only, and including scans of our DL & SSN. I'm so upset. I don't blame the USPS, I have signed up for informed delivery and nothing else is late or lost. Next time, I'm sending it CRRR.
  8. Google should have a "verified" system like a check mark in twitter.
  9. Yes, I know this is my fault I'm in this pickle. History: My PCP has been our PCP for years, and I really like her. Late 2019 I got a bill that confused me (because I always pay immediately in office) and I put it off thinking I'd check in with them in person at my next appointment and pay. Then COVID hit and we never did go in because we were hiding and working at home. Come spring 2020 I get a letter from CA, I think OH NO I forgot, poor PCP I let her down. Called office directly and paid immediately. Yes, I should have stopped, taken a breath, and confirmed whether or not the CA had already reported, etc, but with COVID, there was so much going on with work, family, uncertainty. Well, I won't babble. FF to now, guess who wants to buy a home in 2022? So I pull reports, and CA is reporting on all three as paid collection. I think, well, PCP understands. I contact office. Of course, it's PCP's bill processor who contacts me (not her) and tells me no go, and pretty much shames me for letting it go to collections in the first place. However bill processor says they contacted CA, and CA refuses to remove correct reporting. I'm such a trusting dope. CA is Pioneer Capital Solutions So, @Why Chat - do I still have hope following your plan? Would being in Texas change any of it (with the stronger protections)? I'm guessing no on both, but I am here to humbly admit my error.
  10. We (hubby and I) both sent in (separate envelopes) the written request forms from annualcreditreport.com about 2 weeks ago. We received our Experian reports within days (of course they, and we, are in Texas, perhaps that helped) and TransUnion a few days after that. Nothing at all, not even a request for more info, from Equifax. How long do they have to respond legally? Since all three were requested on the same form, I assume they did get the request. I already see some inaccurate stuff to correct and I'm itching to get started but I can't until I have all the reports! Ugh.
  11. Soooo....we're also to believe she was never sent a bill - paper or email, both which she should be monitoring? 🙄
  12. I'll see about disputing at least one of them for an inaccuracy. I appreciate the responses!
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