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  1. WestCoastKid

    B of A secured CC

    Congrats!!! You are very wise to do the max deposit if you are able, since that's the limit you'll have indefinitely.
  2. WestCoastKid

    B of A secured CC

    You can get an opensky visa with no credit check, only drawback is the $35 annual fee. Otherwise it works like a normal credit card. It will help to get at least one revolving credit card account reporting on your credit. Then after 6 months or so, hopefully your scores will improve a bit to get approved for a zero annual fee card which converts, like Citi or CapOne, etc. Wells Fargo is too picky from my experience.
  3. WestCoastKid

    Credit Increase for Secured Cards

    I think Capital One lets you add if its within the first 60-90 days of account approval. You could log on and use their live chat feature, which I find much easier than talking on the phone with their language barriers. Other option is, get another secured card with a higher deposit. Or you could probably get approved for an unsecured Capital One platinum or QuickSilver One card. Citi and US Bank take a while to unsecure, often 18 months.
  4. WestCoastKid

    Wells Fargo?

    Yes, my advice was to go into a branch to open. Applying online is only for the most well qualified, hence your denial. Many people are approved in branch for the Everyday checking, despite having EWS and Chex entries.
  5. Why not just open a TD Ameritrade brokerage account with Debit card and check access just to be safe? I've had it for years with no issues despite being on chex and ews.
  6. WestCoastKid

    Wells Fargo?

    Have you tried just going into the branch and opening a new, additional Everyday Checking? Then you can close your old opportunity checking. I've always been given the Everyday checking even with my chex and ews littered with derog's.
  7. Which is widely regarded is the absolute worst in the business. Apparently they've loosened they debit card policy 🤦‍♂️ https://www.dollar.com/DaveRamsey/Main.aspx
  8. WestCoastKid

    Advice please - Credit One Bank + collection agencies

    Let us know how much higher your current scores are now
  9. WestCoastKid

    Not sure next steps to repair credit

    How much is the amount owed on the charge off's ?
  10. WestCoastKid

    CC for Europe trip/travel

    Most important is to use a CC that does not charge a foreign transaction fee. I know CapOne cards do not have such fee, so I use those mostly when traveling overseas. My Citi card does charge a 3% fee, so I leave that one at home.
  11. WestCoastKid

    Help winning with a rebuttal letter to my bank

    So it sounds like Enterprise charged you for their additional B.S. damage waiver, the question is: did you agree to this when you signed the paperwork at the time you rented the car? It's highly unusual for damage waiver to be added to an insurance paid rental. However, It is very common for them to try and add it when the renter is paying. So you will need to fight with Enterprise to get that charge waived and it's going to be a hassle. And be forwarned- if you instead attempt to keep disputing through your bank, you will most likely be banned for life from renting from Enterprise. It is their standard policy when someone does a credit card/debit card chargeback. Again, you must take it up with enterprise. And in the future, BE VERY CAREFUL you are not accidentally agreeing to added products and services when you rent a vehicle, regardless of who you think is paying for it.
  12. WestCoastKid

    Removing Charge Off Accounts that have been reported as income

    I am stuggling with this very problem myself, with several cc charge off's reporting the full charged off balance (killing my uti), even though they have been cancelled by the OC with 1099 issued and past SOL. I feel like there has to be some effective way to dispute and get them adjusted to zero, we just haven't collectively figured it out yet...
  13. WestCoastKid

    Los Angeles Based Banks no EWS

    Wells Fargo doesn't use Chex, but they do use EWS- however they have known to be very forgiving lately even those with EWS records, such as myself. They are a bit eager to get new customers. Now it is possible they could deny for your EWS record is too recent with its unpaid status. However, I would give them a try, nothing to lose by applying. Let us know if it works.
  14. WestCoastKid

    Help winning with a rebuttal letter to my bank

    If everything you said was true, its quite simple really: Step 1: Ask Progressive why they did not pay for your rental at the time you returned it, tell them to do so immediately if they have not already. Step 2: Ask Enterprise why they mistakenly billed your card for charges that were paid for by Progressive, and to refund them immediately. If everything you said was true, all charges should soon be refunded to your debit card. THEN and ONLY THEN do you notify your bank that the disputed charges in question have been refunded by the merchant. Then usually the bank will refund the associated overdraft fees etc, once they see the merchant refunded the charges in question.
  15. WestCoastKid

    Dispute Strategy - Settled Chase CO

    First of all, yes, they are required to at least update balance to zero and change the "unpaid status" to "settled in full". You may get lucky and get them to report "Paid" instead of "settled in full". If you are persistent in disputing enough, it may get deleted, but its a long shot. At a minimum, you can do a simple dispute for the balance and paid status(without sending any settlement documentation). I'm not an expert on the best way to send this particular dispute, so hopefully others will chime in.
  16. WestCoastKid

    Gardening help

    Its nice to get one decent limit card reporting, because as they say...higher limits beget higher limits...
  17. WestCoastKid

    Gardening help

    Perhaps get a Citi secured mastercard with max deposit of $2500, then use it until they graduate you to a regular Citi mastercard in 12-18 months. At least then you'll have a decent limit card to use for now. No annual fee. Thats what I did.
  18. WestCoastKid

    Gardening help

    I would definitely apply for the CapOne Platinum, which is their basic unsecured card with no annual fee, you should have a pretty got shot at approval. Let us know the results!
  19. WestCoastKid

    Best Cards for Rebuilding Credit

    What do your credit reports look like? Also it would be very helpful to have your actual FICO scores, not the CK numbers which are fake.
  20. I have some personal experience with this as I tend to keep my Chex on ice. Some banks try to pull and it appears "blank" and they will open the account. However, some banks it appears to be "frozen" or gives them an error message and cannot open the account. So it's hit or miss, depending on the bank.
  21. WestCoastKid

    American Education Services

    Yes they are different, especially for the purposes of trying to dispute and correct information.
  22. WestCoastKid

    American Education Services

    As all the posters have said: Step 1: Order your paper credit reports from Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Then we can assist you.
  23. He's saying the Statute of Limitations (length of time you can be sued) is 3 years from the Date of First Delinquency. Once you figure that out, you can determine how to proceed.
  24. Yes we discussed last month:
  25. WestCoastKid

    Recommendations on Secured CCs?

    Not sure what you mean by how hard was it to recon? I just called the backdoor number that I found somewhere on CB and asked to recon. A week or so later they sent me letter asking me for copy of bank statement to verify it was the same account I used for the card secured deposit. Couple weeks later my card came in the mail.

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