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  1. Could be wrong on this- but, if I recall, something changed around 2016/17 with their secured card where new accounts opened after that point started to get automatically reviewed for partial or full unsecuring starting after 12 months. I believe this was the same point when they changed their max deposit/limit down to 849/1000, from a $3k max before that. Or could be because I used mine a lot and would make multiple payments throughout a month sometimes.
  2. They do a combination of giving you an unsecured increase and crediting/refunding the deposit.
  3. If you can afford it, I'd go with the max $849 which gives you $1k limit, which is what I did. After a year they bumped to 1300 (unsecured). It's better to have 1k limit than a $200 for practical reasons I think, it will also help you get higher limits with other creditors in the future since higher limits tend to beget higher limits.
  4. I would definitely go for the CapOne secured. It has no annual fee and they are pretty good about unsecuring after a year. May drop your score temporarily, but after a few months it will help to have at least 2 open positive accounts instead of just one.
  5. Capital One secured has no annual fee and graduates. Also they will often only require a partial deposit, for example $849 for a $1000 limit.
  6. I recommend to wait a few months and then re-apply for the CapitalOne Secured.
  7. Fred030, do you know if HSBC also runs EWS or Chex?
  8. Congrats!!! You are very wise to do the max deposit if you are able, since that's the limit you'll have indefinitely.
  9. You can get an opensky visa with no credit check, only drawback is the $35 annual fee. Otherwise it works like a normal credit card. It will help to get at least one revolving credit card account reporting on your credit. Then after 6 months or so, hopefully your scores will improve a bit to get approved for a zero annual fee card which converts, like Citi or CapOne, etc. Wells Fargo is too picky from my experience.
  10. I think Capital One lets you add if its within the first 60-90 days of account approval. You could log on and use their live chat feature, which I find much easier than talking on the phone with their language barriers. Other option is, get another secured card with a higher deposit. Or you could probably get approved for an unsecured Capital One platinum or QuickSilver One card. Citi and US Bank take a while to unsecure, often 18 months.
  11. Yes, my advice was to go into a branch to open. Applying online is only for the most well qualified, hence your denial. Many people are approved in branch for the Everyday checking, despite having EWS and Chex entries.
  12. Why not just open a TD Ameritrade brokerage account with Debit card and check access just to be safe? I've had it for years with no issues despite being on chex and ews.
  13. Have you tried just going into the branch and opening a new, additional Everyday Checking? Then you can close your old opportunity checking. I've always been given the Everyday checking even with my chex and ews littered with derog's.
  14. Which is widely regarded is the absolute worst in the business. Apparently they've loosened they debit card policy 🤦‍♂️ https://www.dollar.com/DaveRamsey/Main.aspx
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