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  1. Sorry yes she bought It used, it was a 5 year loan paid off in 4 years. And the saving 2500 a month I meant that after all of our bills are paid and food and money we spend going out to eat and entertainment ( Amusement parks ) we are putting away 2500 a month into savings.
  2. The 250 dollars I mentioned that she pays a month is our only debt. I have my mortgage that I kept after BK7 which is 1000 a month. I make 6500 before taxes monthly. With her on unemployment were currently saving about 2500 a month after living, entertainment, and bills. We just didn't want to miss out on this deal that was 5k below any other car dealer we had seen. But saving more might be what we end up doing if thats the best thing.
  3. Currently my fiancee and I are looking to buy a new 2018 Ford Edge. She just payed off her car last month (2011 Kia Rio) and are looking for something more comfortable for trips. We like driving to amusement parks to ride roller coasters. I have a 2005 Rav 4 that is not in the greatest of shape also. Our issue is this. She recently was layed off from her job about a month ago. So is collecting unemployment ($1100 a month) Since she recently payed off her car she only has about 250 dollars a month in bills. So was thinking that it would show that she still has the money to make a new car payment. She's looking for work right now but I've told her and we both agree that she should take her time and not just jump into the first job that has a paycheck and to find something she actually wants and for a good wage. I make plenty for us to live on my own and still be able to save money even if she didn't get unemployment. My problem is I'm at the end of chapter 7 just waiting for my discharge. I've already had my 341 meeting and my assest report has been completed. My discharge was supposed to be last month on the 19th but the trustee filed for an extension and my attorney tells me it's because the other trustee has retired and she took on all her cases so is behind. It's currently supposed to be discharged on the 19th of this month (October). So do we have any options? Are there any lenders that would give us a loan for a new Ford Edge with her on unemployment? Or if I cosigned with her just for the income even tho I'm in BK7? We have 10% down to put on car and plan on trading her car in as well altho it's not worth much according to KBB (Maybe 2k if were lucky). Her credit scores are in the 600-650s because there is a collection we just found out about for 100 bucks from some medical bloodwork that she had done. Which she had insurance for and was paid by them they said. So were working on getting that off. That was just in september that it went to her report and we knew nothing about it. So being to recent it hit her score hard. Were working on getting that taken off but we've found a great deal on a new Edge (Even tho it's 4 hours away) and were wanting to try to get it. Other then that she had a collection in 2013 for 500 bucks on a credit card. Like I said she just paid off her last car a month ago and this was her 3rd car payment she has completed with no lates ever on a car payment from all 3 car loans. The issue is her employment. Even tho she gets enough extra on unemployment to cover the car payment (And I'm covering all the payments anyways) Just wodnering what people think is possible if anything.
  4. I just opened a Chase Slate card about a month ago for a balance transfer. It has 15 months 0% on balance transfers and purchases and no Balance transfer fees. Seemed like the best deal at the time. James
  5. So here are the accounts I currently have... Chase Freedom 4000.00 Chase Slate 10,000.00 Toys R Us Card 400.00 AMEX Blue 1700.00 AMEX Blue Cash 1500.00 Citi Thank You Card 8360.00 Citi Diamond Prefered 7120.00 Discover More Card 2500.00 CareCredit 800.00 HSBC Weekender Card 3500.00 Lowes Credit Card 2600.00 I also have a auto loan thru First Merit and a home loan with Chase. I currently use the Freedom for most of my purchases for the extra 10 points per transaction and 10% for a Chase checking account. I use the Weekender card only on Saturday and Sunday for the 2% back. And then the Discover card for any purchases that are in there rotating catagories. What do the professionals think about my current lineup and what kind of suggestions do you recommend I apply for if anything? So where or what would you guys recommend from here. I was going to maybe apply for a new card soon and couldn't think of what would be a good one to get. So as the topic says... Where to from here? Thanks for everyones advice/suggestions. James
  6. Hello everyone, have about 8k on 2 Citi cards that I was thinking of maybe getting a new card with a BT offer to transfer them to. And was wondering if anyone knows of any cards with a good balance transfer offer that doesn't charge a fee, and if so what kind of scores are needed etc. Thanks for anyone who gives an idea or response.
  7. Thanks good to know. And the car will be in my name so the girlfriend part wouldnt matter. And besides we been together awhile and have kids now and don't see us ever breaking up lol. Just not a firm believer in marriage after seeing all of my friends and friends parents not be able to make it. lol How much harder to get Marv?
  8. Hello everyone. I currently have a auto loan already that does not expire till 2014, (I'm 3 year in it now) but my girlfriends car is about to take a poop and we really need a good second car to transfer our little one around in instead of always having to swap cars mid day. I was wondering is it possible to get 2 auto loans in 1 persons name?
  9. I don't know much but pretty shure if you want to count your DH's income she would have to be on the loan/deed/title too.
  10. James3

    Help please

    Thanks Doug that helps some. House was finished in Febuary 2008 I belive. We plan on closing on the 30th of June (This month) Does that mean that during closing we will have to bring the money to pay for the taxes from when the house was built intill now at closing? Just curious if I need to save up 7500 or 8500 really. Trying to do 8500 anyhow to be safe but it is really becoming tough getting anymore money out of anywhere. Thanks again and any more input appreciated greatly.
  11. James3

    Help please

    Ok we finally came to an agreement with the sellers on a house that we really like. That's the good news. Now we went to sign loan papers etc today and our mortgages guy said that we would need 5% down instead of 3% because he said that the PMI place is calling it a declining market area. But the area that we are moving to in Stark county is not (Our realtor says so anyways) Does anyone know if this is true on the declining market in Stark County by chance? Ok the second question is this on our buyers contract the sellers checked this box instead of the one we had checked on there counter offer. Can anyone explain to me inlaymens terms what this means for me? My Realtor and Mortgage guy honestly confused the hell out of me on it. Taxes, Utilities & Notices: Seller shall pay all taxes and assessments prorated to date of closing utilizing the latest availlable tax duplicate. If the tax duplicate fails to reflect the improved value of the property then the Escrow Agent shall EITHER; 0 Prorate all taxes and assessments utilizing the last available tax duplicate OR 0 prorate based on 35 percent of the selling price times the millage rate and that proration shall be final. My realtor had us go with the 2nd choice but they came back with there counter offer with the first choice. What does that mean for us? The property currently is only land value because the house just got done this year and hasan't been appraised for taxes or something I'm told. Any clarification would be so greatly appreciated. Second here is the GFE that my Mortage guy gave me today. But he noticed a issue with the tax part being a - amount and thinks we will have to bring that to closing also instead. What do you think of the GFE and can anyone help me understand the whole tax situation? I should add that mortgage guy noticed the tax thing as we was going thru it.
  12. If you qualify for a FHA I belive you are allowed to get the seller to pay 3% towards closing and down payment. But I am a house n00b so don't go by what I say.
  13. Looking at houses and going to put in a offer and not shure what is the better loan option.
  14. The pros on here are not allowed to solicite buisness so you can't really ask that. You would have to solicite them.
  15. Ok thanks I will ask my employer if they can give me anything when I go in Tuesday, like a number I can call to find out my login info for the investmart site that they use.

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