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  1. WOW! This site is remarkably helpful!...the imformation is wonderful! I found out that I don't have to lie!...that makes me feel way better now!
  2. Hello, I am a newbie as well. I've been glued to this website! There is soo much on this website, sooo much good advice and helpful info! I'm almost overwhelmed...I have been trying to fix my credit for about 3 months now. I have even bought books and stuff. I am only 20 years old but I understand that credit is EVERYTHING! My mother has filed BK and my father's credit isn't the best so I don't want to repeat their mistakes! I moved out of the house and I relied on my 6 credit cards! Well I maxed them out and now I'm trying to pick up the pieces! Quite a few accounts have been closed and one in collections....sorry....I kinda got carried away...I'm going to sit back and read for now.

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