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  1. Got approved for the BNP card just now (officially the Bank of the West Cash Back World Mastercard). They gave me a $3,000 limit, which rates a Mighty Meh. Though currently I don't know if this means they're a chintsy issuer, or if it's just that they/their systems were leery of me having already opened four new cards since June. : /
  2. See, Barnes & Noble had a coupon deal this past week for 25% off any one single item. After doing rather a bit of research to find a item that wasn't already priced like a zillion times more favorably at Amazon, I settled on The Cambridge History of the Byzantine Empire (I like history, see), which normally sells for $59.99 at either retailer. The coupon of course brought this down to $44.99, and being a BMO Harris checking account customer means that I received a $5 B&N gift card last summer for using my debit card 10 times in a single month. So, after $3.61 in sales tax (gross), we are looking at a $43.60 expenditure, or we might choose to view it as $42.29 since I paid with my BOA Cash Rewards card (where my 3% category this month is online shopping), for $59.99 worth of book. That is me saving in excess of sixteen damn dollars, an achievement for which you are all to praise me.
  3. ...is something these guys are rather adept at. (Sondheim lives.)
  4. Approved for the Chase Southwest Airlines card; $13,000 limit.
  5. No. It went to the top of the list when insolent1 reminded me of Chase's 5/24 thing.
  6. Chase will definitely be first; and given the importance of the BNP offer, I don't know whether I'll even go for the AmEx thing (I still haven't gotten in with PNC, BMO Harris, or Fifth Third and want to add at least one of those later in 2022, so maybe best not to add needless new accounts). Experian has reported my $545 BofA mastercard payment though I've not yet seen a score bump from it. I might not, since EX is already 753 for me and even if there is a score bump it's probably not going to be one on which my Chase approval could potentially hinge. : / No car loan for now, with Minnesota winter descending - terrible time to go car-shopping. Good, I'll have six additional months' worth of debt reduction done when I really do apply.
  7. All apps have to be online. The Chase deal was advertised by email only, AmEx hasn't solicited me to app the Everyday card anyway, and the BNP offer didn't include a return address : / Edit: (Also, ZIP codes are always irrelevant.)
  8. These have already done as much damage to your score as they're going to; if they're outside of SOL what are you worried about?
  9. The letter from BNP said "You're Preapproved" which I don't think is proper grammar as it was lacking an exclamation point. I wasn't thinking about the Chase 5/24 rule; this is cutting it close since in the past 24 months I've gotten BofA Cash Rewards, Barclay's Aviator Red, FNBO Rewards, and Chase Freedom Flex. Also it says you're not eligible for the bonus if you've gotten a similar bonus in the last 24 months but apparently that only refers to Southwest co-branded cards and not any ol' Chase cards: "The product is not available to either (i) current Cardmembers of any Southwest Rapid Rewards® Credit Card, or (ii) previous Cardmembers of any Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card who received a new Cardmember bonus within the last 24 months. This does not apply to Cardmembers of the Southwest Rapid Rewards Business Card and Employee Credit Card products" Wheeeeeeeeee
  10. For the past coupla months (while paying down balances) I have been aiming to apply for 1) car loan from BofA ($8K) 2) BNP Paribas BotW MC that I got a mailed pre-approval for 3) AmEx Everyday (which I think is a mild stretch (but AmEx does love me )) When I log on next week (once my $1,800 payment on my FNBO Visa reports on myFICO), in what order do you think I ought to submit these apps? Second question: If I want to go for the current Southwest promo (100K points!!) from Chase, where would that fit in to the sequence? (In practice I might just zotz the AmEx app, in order to go through with Southwest. Boring Everyday card will always be there but this bonus offer will not. Still though, I wanna hear everyone's thoughts on the scenarios. )
  11. Had a boring ol' breast o' chicken while watching Schitt's Creek. Then I watched The Outlaw Josey Wales on Netflix. See.
  12. This is the way the world('s former largest retailer) ends This is the way the world('s former largest retailer) ends This is the way the world('s former largest retailer) ends
  13. See, my AmEx BCE balance is $699, and I want my next statement to report a $0 balance (my score is hurt by "too many accounts with balances). Since the most recent interest charge is $10.84 (and no transactions for months now) I tried to pay $725, but the website blocked me from paying a penny more than the total $699 balance. Is it worth it to call a rep and see if my 0-balance-quest can go through? Or am I stuck with a $10 trailing interest balance next period...
  14. "Many people don’t want to pay $500 to $600 for a credit card" Thank you CNN; you are truly a news network.
  15. Since last night, when I was using my phone's mobile hotspot for wi-fi connection for my work laptop (as I've been doing since February of 2020), I lost data connectivity three or four times over my twelve-hour shift. Restarting the phone fixed it. Now here I am, logged on to the company network for work as usual, and the same thing is happening. I don't think I have more info here - the bill is current, mobile hotspot usage isn't any heavier than it has been on every workday for more than 18 months - and even when I do use up the hi-speed hotspot allotment all they're supposed to do is throttle it down to 600 kbps till the billing cycle re-sets. Why all of these phone-restart-necessitating data connectivity losses??!?
  16. I remember cv posting around here that US Bank reports to the CRA's the balance on your card at month-end; not at statement-cycle end. However the next time they run their batch won't be till Monday, November 1st, which suggests I'm SOL if I want to pay off the final $550 today and see a resultant score bump. UNLESS, maybe, I pay the card with a direct xfer from one of my US Bank deposit accounts? If I do that, I'm thinking, since they obviously don't need to wait for a batch cycle to complete to see whether my payment goes through, they can, with zero risk, update the balance instantaneously like I see when I xfer between multiple deposit accounts I have at the same bank. (And the sub-unless here, the "unless"(b) is, if they're hip to the fact that Friday was the last biz day of the month, was their Friday batch the one that generated the info that's going to the CRA's, even if the calendar month hadn't ended? : / ) (I just don't want to move >$500 out of my savings account if it's not going to get me a November score bump.)
  17. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/618288-recently-utilized-post-offices/
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