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  1. Well no, no; see I said stay AWAY from Citibank, is what I said, see. How am I not getting through to people around here...
  2. I've got two things to tell you: 1. You've been approved. 2. USBank is weird.
  3. See, stay. The hell. AWAY. From Citibank. (You heard me.)
  4. I would most heartily recommend BofA, as they tend to be more "on your side" than the other cc issuers. https://www.bankofamerica.com/credit-cards/products/secured-credit-card/ In any event DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH FIRST PREMIER OR CREDITONE. You want to use the secured card to get in with "legit" lenders, who offer higher quality products that your secured card can graduate/PC into, or that you'll more easily get approved for down the road 'cause you've built a history with the lender. (Nothing like that can happen for you at First Premier or CreditOne.) Chase's Slate Edge card is aimed at starters & rebuilders; and Chase also is a good outfit to get in with: https://creditcards.chase.com/slate-edge-credit-card Stay away from Citibank; back when I was where you are they actually TURNED ME DOWN for a SECURED card; even once they were in possession of the bank money order I'd sent in. The other worthwhile issuer to look at is US Bank: https://www.usbank.com/credit-cards/credit-building-credit-cards.html Good luck with your efforts. p.s. stay way the hell away from First Premier and CreditOne.
  5. Lots there that I can't answer but I can tell you this: Closing a card will not help your AAoA. The account will still be factored in up to ten years after closure. (You heard me.)
  6. Oops, meant to ask - w/BMO Harris do you get frequent 0% balance transfer offers? I get pretty steady ones from Chase, BofA, and Discover; used to get them from U.S. Bank too but they've stopped. If I'm adding a new card next month I must consider whether it will reliably bring me 0% balance transfer offers. : /
  7. UPDATE: Today was the first time BMO Harris has solicited my credit card business. I received an email announcing that I "have been pre-selected for [their] recently enhanced card offering more cash back than ever before!" My scores are 729 - 744; why did I not get a single offer/invitation from these guys back when I was in the 800 club?
  8. My US Bank Visa has a $19,000 limit so I doubt $500 is their standard. If there's no annual fee I recommend keeping it open but never let a balance report on it.
  9. Very simply, the problem here is that you applied at CapitalOne. For some reason, CapitalOne is always looking for ways to slap cardholders (& applicants) in the face. They denied a CLI request on my Quicksilver card months ago because there "hasn't been enough activity on it." (My scores are 740+ and I have $134,000 of available credit.) I recommend applying at BofA; where they try harder to say yes.
  10. More cards = more trips to post offices. It is astonishing to me how few people understand this.
  11. Contact the apartment owners; or whomever National lists on your TU report as original creditor. If you are already at a place where you feel that paying them $100 is OK (you've reviewed the language in your lease and do not doubt that you legally owe them this money), offer to pay it on the condition that they issue you a written receipt that you are all settled up with them. Once you have that written proof, write to National, telling them that this debt is not valid. Don't even say "no longer valid" because skeezy CA's and their lawyeroids can pounce on that (also for that reason don't even volunteer the fact that you've obtained written proof; they might think that they've got you writhing) and ask nicely that they obey the FCRA by deleting the tradeline. You only mention Trans Union; make sure your other two reports are square on this as well.
  12. I suspect I know the answer to this - that there isn't one - but does anyone know of a certain tactic to increase the likelihood of getting Merrick to cancel the annual fee? As my mental health improves I'm taking steps to optimize my fiscal fitness and paying a bent dime for a $2,600 card with no benefits and subprime stigma is not a component of said fitness. I've heard that for some they've canceled the annual fee and for others they haven't but that their reasoning isn't apparent. I've already put a bit of spend on it (between $50 and $100, so not exactly snortable-at) these past three weeks or so, figuring that might elevate my standing in their good graces a bit higher than my 745ish scores already ought to. I figure on calling them next week (or sooner if I get good info here ) and asking for fee removal; and obviously canceling the card if they say no. I actually I have a tinge of sadness at that prospect; I've had that card for nearly 20 years, and even though I still would've steered clear of if I knew then what I've learned here, it is the least despicable of the subprime issuers and kind of a keepsake of my journey; a reminder of the ashes whence I have risen. (You heard me.)
  13. Got a weird letter today on letterhead emblazoned "MINNESOTA ASSISTANCE CENTER - re: credit card resolution program" Ahead of the body of the letter was "Statement Date April 19 2022" and "Case number [some case number]" The letter claimed it was to advise me, pursuant to the Treasury department's Publication 4681, that I may be eligible for tax-free credit card debt forgiveness. It went on to say that the Minnesota Assistance Center is not a collection agency and that the letter is not an attempt to collect a debt. "We are reaching out to you because our records indicate you owe a combined estimated total of $28,000" which I don't, and that "there is an indication that your accounts are near or have exceeded their limits" which they aren't "or you have had late payment history" which I haven't (there is not as much as one 30-day late on any of my reports). There was more bs in the ensuing paragraphs, about how my creditors "may have taken action" by increasing rates and/or lowering limits - which they didn't, etc. etc. etc. I expect I can just put this in the cross-cut shredder and fuhgeddabout it. The letter has no return postal address and lists no web address, so I thought I'd see if the CB community has any skinny on this suspicious-seeming outfit. "MINNESOTA ASSISTANCE CENTER," it's called. : /
  14. As you know, the derog falls off 7 years after charge-off; I'm confused what the issue is since this $5 payment, no matter who (if anyone) made it, happened "about the time the collection account was opened." Not much of a lag time there. Are you sure this is even impacting her credit? I also have a 6-year-old collection showing on my EQ report, it's more than $1,500 and my score is 729 nonetheless. In any case I can't picture many circumstances where trying for a PFD on a collection that's both six years old and less than $500 would really make sense.
  15. The collection was just removed from my Trans Union file — giving me a 14-point score bump — so you all may as well just relax about it already; I mean jeez...
  16. Because it seems like "Huntington does their own underwriting" is what's being said here... (Seems like that might also be true of Santander... ) : /
  17. I have six separate 4-digit debts, currently "hosted" on six different credit cards, and the largest one is just under $5K (gross) on my Barclay's card; where it is interest-free till October. (By mid-July, the other five will all be under $2K and one of them is already down to $1,200.) A lot of you know that I loathe, detest, abhor, hate, dislike, and despise Citibank (there still aren't enough synonyms) so I'm not brimming with inclination to do any business at all whatsoever with them. Naturally though there is the matter of the 18-month yes EIGHTEEN MONTH 0% APR on the Double Cash card; and sometimes the Diamond Preferred type card has an intro of 21 months. O, how I adore the idea of Citibank having to front a large amount o' dough (I get that $5K isn't a "large amount" by Citi's standards) and not be able to collect any interest at all on it, and obviously I would be transferring the remainder of the balance to a different issuer's card moments before Citi would be able to start the juicing. Also naturally, the banks making these 0% APR offers do themselves the favor of charging a balance transfer fee. So this is the paradox: I want to punish Citi by making them part with as much non-interest-incurring dough as I can; I also want them to collect as small a transfer fee as possible. Obviously they're not getting the ≈$4,500 Barclay's balance in October, and of course the sub-1K balance would be stupid to waste an 18-month intro offer on. So... what method would YOU use to determine that zone wherein a transferred balance is large enough to punish yes I say PUNISH the new issuer (if the new issuer is Citi, that is. Don't think I have any other banks that I must punish) and also small enough that the transfer fee would be frustrating to them?
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