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  1. See, on the same February trip to New England I also utilized the Cohasset post office. Cohasset is an important town to me, I went to a beach party there when I was 16. Hotnessopolis. (Probably didn't envision that I wouldn't return to Cohasset for a couple of decades and then only to mail a check to Toyota Financial Services : / )
  2. Which, is what I said basically.
  3. a faster way to count.
  4. So these things have been going on: I tried Google Pay at Target in Minnetonka on Friday, selecting my AmEx SkyMiles Platinum and it said "UNSUPPORTED CARD." It did the same thing when I tried my BofA Mastercard. Then I tried my actual, physical AmEx card and it worked. Had the same problem at Byerly's in Edina, which did accept my Mastercard over Samsung pay. I tried using the "cardless ATM" feature at BofA, where the phone beeped and said "THIS FEATURE IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON SUPPORTED TRANSIT TERMINALS." WTF. Then I added my BofA debit/ATM card to Samsung Pay and it worked. This morning at Target I tried paying with AmEx via Google Pay and got the transit terminal message. I also added the AmEx to Samsung Pay and my Samsung Pay app says that's been done now but the card doesn't show up as an option when I tap "Pay." What in blazes is going on.
  5. You gotta feel it. (It's electric.)
  6. Postus erroneous; delete please. : /
  7. As anyone can tell from developments over the past few days, the single greatest challenge facing our society today is the ambiguity of the "2 free cookies" offer tendered by Subway® in response to my filling out the customer survey. At the bottom of the receipt I was issued on Saturday (taking up their "free footlong if you order in the app" offer) it says "Take our 1-minute Survey at www.tellsubway.com and receive a free cookie. Keep your receipt and write your unique coupon code here: ________________" So I took the survey and then, see, it said: Thank you! As promised, here’s your offer and we look forward to seeing you soon: Enjoy your choice of a FREE 20oz fountain drink or 2 delicious cookies on us, with the purchase of any sub, wrap, panini, or salad. Valid at participating restaurants for in-restaurant orders only, excluding kiosk orders. Additional charge for Extras. Plus applicable tax. No cash value. Not for sale. One time use. One coupon per qualifying item(s). Cannot be combined with promotional offers. Void if transferred, sold, auctioned, reproduced, purchased or altered, & where prohibited. The receipt said "receive a free cookie." It did NOT say I have to buy a sub, wrap, panini, or salad. The condition that they stated needed satisfying was that I take the blamed survey. At the same time, dos pastelitos son mejor que uno, but what's going to happen when I walk yes WALK into the restaurant, hand over the coupon code, and am offered fewer than two cookies? I took the survey on my laptop; I'm not schlepping the blamed thing into the restaurant with this screen still loaded. OK OK next time I'll take the survey on my phone, or at some point I might buy a tablet (in the presence of, let's hope, additional reasons to do so) but in the meantime what happens with the present offer. I suppose I can point to the "receive a free cookie" verbiage printed on the receipt, which makes no mention of having to buy something else, so I can wing that back at the Sandwich Artist (that's what Subway® calls them) if he or she tries to extort yes EXTORT sandwich business from me. On the other hand, there is the chance that their systems are in fact in sync with the online Prophet of the Two Cookies, and is that something I would be OK with missing out on? Is it? I ASK YOU, IS IT??!?!?!? p.s. : /
  8. Awesome advice, hdporter, thanks mucho. I was also thinking about requesting CLI's on my two CapitalOne cards and my Comenity cards (two of which, including my $5,700 J Crew, are reporting after the 11th) but now I'm thinking that wouldn't be smart pre-app. Since as you say Chase has already said they like me, and wherever BMO lands it's probably not a particular side of a Comenity-sized CL bump. : /
  9. OK so I added one of my AmEx cards to Google Pay the other day and it totally automatically read the verification text that AmEx sent. Read it automatically and correctly - Samsung Pay-like. Why did it not do that for the BofA card I added days earlier? : /
  10. See, I'm finally getting my digital wallets set up on this here Samsung phone that I got last fall. Before that I had a iPhone (gross) so I know all about Apple Pay. I just uploaded one of my BofA cards to Samsung Pay. I uploaded the same card to Google Pay last week, which involved receiving a verification code via text message from BofA and me keying yes KEYING IN the code to the Google Pay app. However, when I uploaded the card to Samsung Pay, it said it was fixin' to auto-detect yes AUTO-DETECT the code once BofA texted it to me, and this worked flawless-like. Samsung Pay was able to glean the code from the text message automamatically. See, that is an advantage that Samsung Pay has over Google Pay. However, I have observed that any card I've uploaded to Google Pay i can use when shopping online when I am using Chrome as my browser and am logged in to my Google account (see, Chrome is a Google product). Samsung has their own proprietary Internet browser también, which raised my hopes that maybe if I am shopping online thereby, I would also be presented with the option to pay using one of my Samsung Pay uploaded cards. I have not yet determined if that's a option. If it isn't, then Google Pay wins, because as nifty as detecting the text message was, it's like a once-in-the-life-of-the-phone event, whereas the online shopping is more frequent-like. Nice going.
  11. ...are what I watched last night. Both were good movies. (See.)
  12. Pretty sure they also aren't going to google you to see whether you've talked to CNBC.
  13. In terms of 5/24, the only new card I've added in the past 24 months is Bank of America Cash Rewards MasterCard just last February. Prior to then my most recent add was the Goodyear® card in November of 2016. I believe that if I do app this, it will be for the Freedom Not-Unlimited one. I like the notion of 5% cash back, if I "want" 1.5% in non-cat spend I already have Quicksilver; plus CSP and AmEx SkyMiles Platinum so my cup already runneth over with rewards options. (These days I wing about 20-25% of non-category spend toward my BofA Visa, the one they thefted $5K from to grant me the Cash Rewards card, so I am hoping that using the card amply will spur them to re-up my limit at a decent clip - fingers crossed. ) I still have additional strategy concerns to iron out. See, I don't know what kind of limit to expect on Freedom - Chase likes me, my CSP is at $19K or so and indeed I have a BT offer on that one; that's where I could park my gross $7K AmEx balance. I also want to app the BMO Harris Platinum MasterCard. If approved that's where I'd xfer the also-gross $3K balance now sitting on my Citibank MC (gross). I have a smattering of other, smaller balances across other cards that could also probably stand consolidating via BT. Concerning my app for the Freedom card, do you think it will be influenced by whether or not the $7K from AmEx is moved to CSP before I app? Will they so, so love having my BT business that they'll be more inclined to approve, more inclined to issue a large-ish CL? Or will they not really care whether I've BT'ed to them (yet) or not. (The third option, that this $7K of debt will "alarm" them upon BT'ing it to them, seems not worth looking at since of course the AmEx balance is already reporting every month to EX, which I'm pretty sure Chase pulls.) Also not sure how to time the BMO app, if I choose to go through with that. Seems like it ought to wait till after the Chase app since Chase is the more prestigious lender (meaning best to have as few hards showing as possible at the time of app); but on the other hand I have a really good history with Chase whereas I know nothing about BMO nor they about me (I've had a checking account with them for three years or so which I opened just for the $200 bonus; $250 is direct-deposited every payday which I usually withdraw quickly and deposit at BofA. Don't think I've ever had more than $1K in the BMO account for more than a week or so at a time - and rarely). Maybe BMO will object to the hard from Chase more than Chase would object to seeing a hard from BMO? Maybe apply for both at the same time, before either hard shows up for the other to look at? (I really don't think a hard shows up until 1 to 3 biz days after the app, or so has been my experience with myFICO - maybe the lenders get more real-time reporting?) : /
  14. I trust there was some kind of outrageous annual fee for whichever card you had? I can't see giving up the util benefits of a $40K credit line. I am just looking for a decent enough cl ($5K or higher) to accommodate those BT's for a good 15 months
  15. Thanks to both of you. I wish hd hadn't spoiled me with mention of that 2x bonus of TWENTY FREAKING THOUSAND DOLLARS?!?!?!? Now I feel like I shouldn't app either until another deal as sweet as that one comes along. And now also I'm tempted to app Slate for the no-fee balance transfer; as I have a $6,900 balance on my AmEx that... obviously... I'd like to put in a 0% APR place for a while : /
  16. See, I want to do a couple of balance transfers. I have been pre-qualified and pre-approved for Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Unlimited, respectively; I've still not pulled the trigger on applying because I'm not sure of my strategy. BMO Harris (who haven't pre-approved/qualified me for anything, though I've had a checking account with them for a few years) offers a no-annual-fee Platinum MasterCard with 15 months of 0% on BT's. If I do apply, I figure it's best to do it after apping Chase Freedom on account of Chase is the more "prestigious" lender and therefore not let them see a hard inq from BMO (there's already 1 hard showing from my BofA Cash Reward MC app in February; no other hards in more than 2 years though). I don't know what kind of credit limits to expect from Chase Freedom (my CSP's been at $19K for a few years now and obviously I've been maintaining it responsibly enough to score the Freedom offers) or what BMO Harris might offer. I have about $2,700 owed on my State Farm Visa, which is 81% util on that fakakta card. : / (I also owe about $500 across my two CapitalOne cards and about $400 on Disco; it would be nice to have those moved to 0 as well.) Gracias for any info.
  17. Tell us more about your credit profile. It must be pretty thin if one late payment caused a "massive drop" in your score. ...or did it? Was the drop in your score reported anywhere other than Credit Karma?
  18. Logged in to Chase's website to pay my Sapphire Preferred type card, and I had some new messages. One said: See, you're already approved for Chase Freedom Unlimited®. Earn a $200 bonus plus unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase. No annual fee. And the other said: You're prequalified! Earn $200 cash back and get 5% cash back in bonus categories with Chase Freedom®. No annual fee, see. What ought I to do, here? Apparently, even though they are both no-annual-fee and both offer 15 months 0% on BTs, they are two different cards, the Freedom Unlimited and the Freedom...uh, Yes, Limited. You would think "Unlimited" would be the better card, yet the criteria would appear to be more stringent, as I am merely "pre-qualified" rather than pre-approved-like. (If I'm being thoroughly honest I find both offers strange, not just because I thought lenders were seriously guarding themselves during the coronapocalypse, but because my utilization is high-like and I just got that BofA Cash Rewards MC a few months ago (though there are no other hards on my file besides that one; I think it was my first new card since my Goodyear® card in 2016. However I have a nice history with Chase; have had CSP for four and a half years now.
  19. Welp. I'm not sure how I fell so far behind on this, but last February I had occasion to drive from North Haven, Connecticut (gross) to the Boston area, and in so doing I got to mail my Bank of America Visa type payment from the Ansonia yes ANSONIA post office, which was built in 1914 and became the 14th entry on my List of NRHP-Listed Post Offices I Have Mailed Things From: (I'm not sure I uploaded the photo to imgur correctly, so... bear with me here...) EDIT: Ok, looks good on my laptop. The upload, that is. Much as I love historic archimatecture, I have to raise a concern about this building's front door. It looks more like a 1962 thing than a 1914 thing, and I thought NRHP-listed properties had to obey rules about these kinds of things. : /
  20. See, on my receipt from Cub Foods in St. Louis Park, it says "3184" under where it says "Store." HOWEVER, on both my Discover and my AmEx BCE statements, this same store appears as "Cub Foods #01595." I visited the Cub in White Bear Lake earlier this week, where I was issued a receipt that said "9009" under where it said "Store." HOWEVER, in the "Activity" section of Discover's website, this merchant is listed as "Cub Foods #155629." What the heck. Why is there conflicting info about what the store # is, and which one am I supposed to use in my personal bookkeeping spreadsheet, in the name of optimal data quality?
  21. Not true; we still get access to lots of decent video content.
  22. I made a appointment coupla weeks ago to donate blood on 4/11. I wanted to be reminded of this on April 8th, and when that alert popped up I wanted to "Click to be reminded 1 day before event," Outlook-like. Outlook lets you do that, with one pop-up, an easy menu, and a click. Opening up the Calendar app and then opening up the event and setting a brand new reminder like I did when I first created the event is the work I am looking to save.

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