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  1. ...but this past Monday, see, I got to make my first-ever use of the Watkins yes WATKINS, MINNESOTA 55398 post office, whence I mailed my State Farm VISA payment (to Columbus, Georgia). (See.)
  2. My Galaxy S10+ is usually happy to share its video signal w my Westinghouse SmartTV; I plug in the HDMI adapter and I enjoy some Netflix. I believe I've also gotten Amazon Prime Video to work with it. Now, if I try playing a video with either one of those services, I get the "Sorry, unable to load this video right now." That's been going on for a couple of days. I did a soft reset, optimized my device, got an alert that some apps had used too much storage space for temp files & that I should "Clear cache" for those apps, which I did. Now Netflix works fine over HDMI. Prime Video does not, though it works fine when the phone's not HDMI-connected. And Disney+ doesn't seem to work at all. Boo.
  3. Looks like it wasn't Amazon that put this up for sale in the first place; one of their "Marketplace" sellers, or whatever that's called now.
  4. I want to see if there is a better job out there for me. The job I have now I was over the moon for receiving the offer, because it was 2010 when national unemployment was ≈12% and I had been stuck in a stupid, infuriatingly dead-end job with an infuriatingly incompetent manager for way the hell too long. The job I have now is not what it was supposed to be; it, too, has turned into a dead-end, and while my manager might not be incompetent, I still don't think he's what he's supposed to be (I don't do enough for "career development" but when I ask him if I can have access to the AS/400 systems that 50% of our team have access to, so that I can learn their part of the job, the answer is "no." With nothing else said). Since I've changed jobs so infrequently I don't know what the hell today's hiring managers want to see in a résumé; I don't know if mine looks good. I know there are services out there that say they will help you get your rez looking like it ought to, but I've no clue whether any of them are trustworthy or worthwhile, and if some of them are, I don't know how to find them. Anyone got any light they can shed?
  5. A medium, a measure, a standard, a store. (You heard me.)
  6. See, I am adjusting to my new phone, which - sit down for this - is a Galaxy S10+. I despised having an iPhone (6s+) but I admit it paired easily with my stereo, a Sony HCD-SBT100. I installed all the recommended system updates and tried some of the hacks I found (turn airplane mode on then off & restart the phone) but still, when I press the Bluetooth button on the stereo, the stereo's display says "CONNECTING" for a few seconds and then says "DISCONNECT." I then tried pairing it with my aged laptop, an EliteBook 6930 with Win7. The phone's name appeared on "Available devices" (though it couldn't pair because software driver) so I'm satisfied the phone's Bluetooth hardware is a-ok. What is there to do, to successfully pair the phone with the stereo? (Extra points if you amfind a driver that'll make it pair with my laptop también.)
  7. Since the start of September, I have read The Mysteries of Pittsburgh by Michael Chabon End Zone by Don DeLillo The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison The American by Henry James Plus "Rain" and "The Fall of Edward Barnard," the first two offerings in The Collected Short Stories of W. Somerset Maugham. Hopefully this will heal some of the damage that watching reruns of 2 Broke Girls did to my brain.
  8. Well the whole thing is moot now, as I have found my glasses. But now I don't know where my Quicksilver card is : /
  9. Have not seen him around here in forever. : /
  10. Which, is what i said basically. Some years ago I mailed my JCPenney payment from the post office in Fremont. (You heard me.)
  11. See, I have been in need of a new cell phone for a while now, and I remember the Sunday ad circular from Target used to trumpet these deals where you get an $200 gift card for buying phone & activating a new line. So I was waiting around for that, see, and saw it was finally on offer this past week - applicable, anyway, to the Galaxy S10+ on Verizon, and 0% financing for 24 months "for well qualified guests." Well my credit score has been damaged lately by high utilization so I was nervous - but nope. Got me my Galaxy S10+, got me my $200 gift card, I think most valuable of all - got meself free from the masses of Jobs's minions. (iPhone is total magnus crappicus, see, so I am delighted to be back on Android; even if it means I have to shell out another $90 for a new HDMI adapter : / ) However, I learned that the store # of the Target in Chaska is #1352 and I question whether I approve of that or not.
  12. Baltimore's Elijah Cummings has succumbed to health problems. He was a well-spoken and tireless advocate for his constituency and his convictions. Our political establishment has been absolutely crawling with total clowns for rather a while now. Now it has one fewer non-clown.
  13. I'm fixin to ditch my iPhone and go back to android. One thing I've long understood about Android is that you can create your own app (in Objective C, see) and install it right the hell there on your phone, and that this is in contrast to The Rules Of The iPhone, which are that you CAN'T install your own original app; it has to first be Blessed by the App Store. Now I got someone telling me it's the same way with Android; create an app if you like, but no installing unless you get it Blessed by the Play Store. Which is the case?
  14. The self-checkout registers say "Mishawaka" (rather in the manner that the ones at the Target in Chaska, Minnesota, say "Chaska," see) and it also says "MISHAWAKA" at the top of my receipt. But my credit card statement said the transaction actually took place in Granger. : /
  15. See -ing is what I want to do better, however, my glasses seem to be gone (gross). VSP won't pay for a new pair o' glasses till after the new year, so in the meantime what about going to, say, Target Optical? Spoiled as I am with my VSP benefits I've always kinda sneered at those chain-store optical shops but has the snobbery been justified? Found a cool looking pair at the Target Optical website, went through the motions w/o actually buying, just to see what the process was. I pick my frames and upload my scrip, and they ship the glasses? Why do I not trust this...
  16. See, I shall apply for new phone service from Verizon later today (have had an iPhone 6s+ with Sprint for the past three years, bought out the lease, the phone is dying, and I hate iPhone compared to Android). Am I paying for this iCloud account (through Sprint) every month? Or what? Do I lose access to the content when I quit my current plan? : /
  17. Ya know what's a problem though, is that Amazon doesn't show pictures of the books' spines; so I can preview how they'll look on my bookcase. It's problem enough that Yale University Press completely redid the look of their English Monarchs series, so now I can't have uniformitah on my bookshelf (respect mah uniformitah). How am I suppose to know whether I want this or that book on my shelf (Penguin Monarchs' series went through a similarly unneeded transformation, by the way) without seeing the spine, I ax you? (And I doubt Amazon is going to do anything about this because I don't think they like us genuine bibliophiles; I think they'd rather we all switch to the krapfest that is Kindle.)
  18. Maybe you guys didn't HEAR me or something, but: You are required to post a list of the towns you've been in that have the same names as authors you have read. See, for instance, if you've read Toni Morrison, and have also been to Morrison, Illinois, you would post that. (Similar to how I've read S. E. Hinton, and have been to Hinton, Iowa, see.) Go.
  19. ...is books. (Mmmmmmmmmm, books...)
  20. I've been to Hinton, Iowa (we read The Outsiders in seventh grade) I've also been to Lee, Massachusetts as well as Lee, New Hampshire (we read To Kill a Mockingbird in eighth grade). That information constitutes the List of Towns I've Been In That Share the Names of Authors I've read. You are all required to post such a list about yourselves.

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