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  1. What exactly are you asking?? Legal standing for WHAT?? If the repo is still on your reports then you can dispute it off as being obsolete. If you are asking if you can sue for damages you would have to prove that their actions caused you harm and that you made an effort to resolve the matter while the account was on your reports. I suggest you get your credit reports and check to see if there are any discrepancies such as unknown addresses, misspellings of your name or alternate SS#s. https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html
  2. IMO (NOT a legal opinion) the issue of SOL is moot as if there was no proper service the judgment can (and should) be reversed.
  3. Your lawyer should not only have the judgment vacated but file a countersuit against the CA and Chase for damages. Making a "settlement" is an admission of responsibility. Get a better lawyer. Aside from everything else, if they filed suit against you for a medical debt from 9 years ago it would have been invalid as the SOL (statute of limitations) is at MOST 4 years.
  4. If the transport service is Governmental (ie a County service) it is probably tied up in an archaic computer system. If it is private (for profit) it would depend on the computer systems of the provider. I suggest you look up (google) the name of the provider and see if there are any actions or activities regarding billing that have been reported.
  5. So your relative will owe $2,171-- If he/she has a medicare advantage plan they may have a $7,500 cap. It is more than likely that if you saw the billing for the hospitalization and medical services it would far exceed the ambulance billing in proportion to what medicare allows.
  6. I suggest you try to get a lawyer to help you and to file AGAINST the CA who has improperly and fraudulently attempted to collect on a judgment that is no longer in force. (please give me your State so I can confirm the facts)
  7. Given that Ex and TU deleted, your next step would be(if you don't get a response from the follow up dispute) a filed complaint against Eq to the CFPB https://whychat.me/hipaaftccomp.html As soon as you have proof of receipt of the above medical DVs, you send each CRA this: FOLLOW UP DISPUTE LETTER TO CRAs https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html#DISPUTE
  8. Send the hospital a certified letter ( without signature required) as follows. FORM LETTER TO ORIGINAL HEALTH CARE PROVIDER (Your Name) (address) (City,State, zip) s.s.# (social security #) HIPAA Compliance Office ( health care provider creditor) (address) (date) Dear Sir/Madam; This letter is in reference to (account #) for services provided to (name of patient) on (date of service). In regard to the bill on this account in the amount of (use last billing amount) This account is a billing error. It has been paid, proof of payment attached (use last statement from your insurance) . In addition I am demanding that you correct your billing department's records. If my insurance made an adjustment in their payment you are not permitted to retroactively balance bill my account. It is not a valid bill and is hereby been properly disputed, therefore I request complete deletion from all your agent Medical Revenue Service's records. Please be advised that under Federal Statutes. the Fair Credit Reporting Act, (15 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq) BREACH OF SECURITY.—The term ‘‘breach of security’’ means, with respect to unsecured PHR identifiable health information of an individual in a personal health record, acquisition of such information without the authorization of the individual. You may be held liable for the actions of Medical Revenue Service. or any reporting agency if the person knows or consciously avoids knowing that the information is inaccurate. The Privacy Rules prohibits a covered entity from using or disclosing an individual's protected health information ("PHI") unless specifically authorized by the individual or otherwise allowed under the Privacy Rules. Your furnishing of my account information to Medical Revenue Service, is not in compliance with HIPAA, and any subsequent reporting of this account on my credit reports would be a clear violation of Public Law 104-191 ("HIPAA") In addition the new Omnibus Final Rule states: when accounts have been paid in full, they can instruct their provider to refrain from sharing information. This letter serves as that instruction. Therefore I am requesting you promptly rescind all such account information furnished to Medical Revenue Service and require them to purge their records of all reference to this account. Please respond, in writing within 10 days that you are processing this request. I am reserving the right, to take appropriate legal and civil action including reporting to any applicable regulatory authorities any lack of cooperation or compliance with this request. I hereby waive my rights under HIPAA and any State Privacy Act for the single purpose of your transmission of this request and accompanying documentation in any required report you must make to your E &O insurance carrier. Sincerely, signature (Your Name)
  9. Does the case file show that an application to enforce the judgment or obtain any garnishment has been applied for?? (I doubt it) Is the party that obtained the original judgment the SAME party that is now attempting to collect on it?? If it IS showing in the case file you should file a motion to deny the application for garnishment on the grounds that the original judgment was filed over 16 years ago and never renewed and that the party attempting garnishment has no standing as there is no record of assignment of the original judgment. You should also tell your wife's employer (in writing) that the attempt to garnish is fraudulent and that the party attempting it has no standing and should NOT be provided any information.
  10. Send the letter WITHOUT the sentence as the response you received is patently incorrect and therefore invalid.
  11. I think you are being scammed by a JDB( junk debt buyer) and an incompetent hospital billing department. Follow the guide: https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html Carefully check your reports for misinformation-- wrong spelling of your name- unknown addresses - unknown collection items etc. If you have not received any communication IN WRITING (snail mail) from anyone then you should NOT respond to the text message in any way. If you have received ANY mail correspondence from anyone, let us know what it is and we will respond appropriately. Any future communication with the billing department at the hospital should be by certified mail NOT by phone or e-mail or text.
  12. You need to file a motion to deny all the assertions and vacate any filed judgment (also go to the Court records and see if any judgment WAS actually recorded) I also suggest you try to get a consumer lawyer to help you and to file a complaint against the party currently trying to reactivate a fraudulent judgment.
  13. I can't believe that the 1st notification you have had of this issue is a Court service. Are you sure you have had NO other communication from whomever is suing you?? Are you sure that you are actually BEING sued?? Check with the Court and make sure that this isn't some kind of fake scam from a JDB (junk debt buyer) . Get your credit reports and see if there is anything on there about this issue. https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html If you are actually being sued.--Re-check ALL your records from your Health Insurance Co. AND your car insurance. They are required to maintain records for 5 years. Get your EOMBs (explanation Of Medical Benefits) from both of them. Get a lawyer to respond or go to the "Help I've Been Served" forum in this site to learn how to file your own answer.
  14. I see you asked for your post to be deleted, however I am going to answer your question. If it is a legitimate medical bill from a medical service within the past 2 years you should pay it directly to the provider. If it is not a valid bill or is over 2 years old put it in your recycling bin.
  15. I am assuming you defaulted on the "Zombie" credit card over 4 years ago?? If so, you should NOT pay it as all that will do is to update the entry to a "paid" collection. Try this: https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html https://whychat.me/SOL PROGRAM GUIDE.html If the account is not deleted with the initial dispute letter to the CRAs-- then you can send the reporting CA this; https://whychat.me/nottoca.html If neither of these steps work then look to see when it will age off your reports and wait it out. The older the negative account is the less impact it will have on your scores.
  16. Yes that is what I am suggesting. The new laws which took effect July 1st prohibit paid medical accounts from being reported. Previously I had to recommend paying the provider with a special letter.
  17. I suggest you check your EOMBs ( explanation of medical benefits) from your insurance if they are available. What was the date of medical service?? If it was within the past 2 years and your EOMB's indicate that you owe the $$ pay it to the CA, it can no longer be reported as a paid collection. The new rules forbid medical bills from being reported under some circumstances; https://www.consumerfinance.gov/about-us/blog/know-your-rights-and-protections-when-it-comes-to-medical-bills-and-collections/#:~:text=Shortly following the issuance of,issued by those three companies. Try this-- follow the guides for both your and your son's credit reports; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html If it is older than 2 years since the date of medical service send the CA who contacted you this; https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html
  18. Are you saying you didn't request an updated report from any of the CRAs when you obtained their responses?? Give it a rest until Aug.1st and then call any CRA where any account MAY still be reporting and request a free credit report based on your fiancée having been turned down for credit
  19. I will believe it when I see it. Likely all that will occur is that reporting CAs will tack on interest and fees to get their collection accounts over the $500.
  20. "the status of the CA is now listed as "closed" on Credit Karma." On which report?? Can you get new reports from all 3 CRAs?
  21. The letter instructs the OC to remove the account from the CA and to have it deleted. If they fail to do that they can and should be reported to the authorities. A dispute letter to the CRAs will also work if the account is not deleted.
  22. If you pay with the letter I suggested " you can pay the dentist with this letter. https://whychat.me/hipltr.html use insert "A" This will prevent your account from being reported as a paid collection" They are precluded from reporting it as a paid collection
  23. The new rules for reporting medical collections that are yet to go into effect will not be applied retroactively. I suggest you pay the dentist directly the $356. and file a complaint against him with whatever State Board you find appropriate. DO NOT pay the CA who is reporting as it will then be reported as a paid collection and may not get removed. Even if it IS removed from your "big 3"credit reports it will still show up on other types of credit reports. Follow the guides; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html You do not have to delete old addresses https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html In your case, once you have opted out (to help prevent data miners obtaining your credit information and selling it to JDBs = junk debt buyers) and made sure there are no errors or misinformation on your reports, you can pay the dentist with this letter. https://whychat.me/hipltr.html use insert "A" This will prevent your account from being reported as a paid collection
  24. If you are on an account only as a signatory there is no record of your having the account. I misspoke about it needing to be a "joint" account. It can be in someone else's name with you as an authorized signatory.
  25. Open a joint checking account with the other person's name and SS# as primary. DO NOT use the same bank that your current account is in. (If your spouse is jointly liable in your pending lawsuit do NOT use their name )
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