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  1. Try contacting an Independent insurance agent in your area who belongs to either or both of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America and the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents. They can best analyze your existing coverage and recommend IF you should change to another qualified carrier. Also check with your local property tax office to see if there has been any notice of increase in your property taxes.
  2. Get your EOMBs. Send the dispute letter to TU. If the account is deleted then you need not do anything further UNLESS you want to pay the OC with the HIPAA letter because you feel it is the right thing to do. If the account is NOT deleted then, of course pay the OC with the HIPAA letter and be prepared to follow up if the account changes to a paid collection.
  3. The CA will always be posting the date they received the account. On some reports you will also get a "removal date" which should be 7 years from the date of service. If you are reasonably sure of the correct amount, or can get your EOMB fairly quickly, you can pay the OC with the HIPAA letter insert "a". The HIPAA letter, if the instructions are followed EXACTLY forces the OC to accept payment and prevents the CA from reporting it as a paid collection or billing you for interest.
  4. Sometimes overthinking a situation creates more problems than you started with. I presume that since you are posting in the medical forum that the account that poisoned your report was medical?? If so, what was the date of service?.Were you at the same address when you had the medical service?? Is the medical service provider familiar to you?? Did you EVER have medical services at that provider?? If so, how were they paid?? Did you have insurance?? If so get a copy of your EOMB (explanation of medical benefits) from your insurance Co. Meanwhile follow the guides; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html (opting out helps prevent your data from being sold to data miners when you are mortgage shopping, which might have prevented the "poisoning" of your reports) https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html The next step after opting out and trying to delete old addresses if you have moved since the alleged date of medical service is to send each CRA where this or ANY medical account is reporting this; https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html If it is just reporting to TU then you have a fair chance that it will be deleted with the initial dispute letter. If it is reporting to the other CRAs and/or it is a VALID collection account, ie you have already verified with the OC that it is a valid bill and your EOMB shows that you do owe the $, then you can pay the OC with the HIPAA letter insert "a". https://whychat.me/hipltr.html The SOL for medical accounts in Tx is 4 years starting on the date of medical service.
  5. Are you saying you filed your dispute ON LINE instead of following the HIPAA guide?? If so you are likely going to have NO positive results from your dispute.
  6. Are you saying that the signed medical release form they sent you ONLY gives your signed permission to release your private medical data to your father?? Is the assignment form clear enough that it would allow for legal action by the OCR in a HIPAA privacy complaint?? Does it also state that you are allowing the release of your medical data to the OC and their business associates?? If so, the CA was assigned the account directly from the OC and is entitled to access your HIPAA release . If not, file a complaint with the authorities and include a copy of the correspondence from the CA; https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/filing-a-complaint/patient-safety-confidentiality/index.html (What was the date of medical service?) If it was recent, then pay the OC with the HIPAA letter insert "a" https://whychat.me/hipltr.html
  7. ??? What instructions are you following?? The only time you need a copy of your drivers license and SS card is POSSIBLY when you are trying to delete old addresses. The instructions for the dispute letter are VERY CLEAR!! https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html
  8. You can try this; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html https://whychat.me/SOL PROGRAM GUIDE.html This dispute letter to each CRA where the account is reporting MAY get it off your reports https://whychat.me/initdispltrsol.html The problem is that TECHNICALLY the COLLECTION account WAS removed. Unfortunately, paying it the way you did probably HURT your credit more than helped it as the "paid" collection is still derogatory, but since it is dated more recently it will reduce your scores. In any case, opting out will help you avoid poisoning of your reports by JDBs (junk debt buyers) when you are in the process of applying for a mortgage.
  9. Did you send the follow up dispute to the CRAs?? https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html#DISPUTE
  10. DO NOT contact the OC!!! If it has been at least 4 years your records are in their archives and not in their accessible files. The CA who is reporting is a JDB (junk debt buyer) who does not have any authority to report or collect.
  11. OK, You did the right thing. Stay opted out. What you received initially was from a scam scum JDB who had minimal data on the alleged account and folded quickly when you wrote them. In the future, when posting please provide some background or look up your original post where any data or advice was provided.
  12. You say you sent the "first" letter?? Here is the program, ALL steps should be followed in order to achieve results; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html The "first letter" should have been the initial dispute to the CRAs https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html It is more than likely that you will hear no more from this CA. HOWEVER!!! depending on the age of the account (date of medical service) it may be sold/transferred to another JDB (junk debt buyer) and re-reported. These JDBs have no authority to report or collect as the HIPAA waiver which you signed when you received medical services can not be transferred to a 3rd party.
  13. Yes you can follow the HIPAA letter program. Make sure you follow ALL the steps in the guides; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html Your first step after opting out and deleting old addresses (whenever possible IF you have moved since the date of medical services) is to send each CRA the initial dispute letter listing ALL medical accounts as they appear on the report you are disputing; https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html Come back to this post with the results of the above steps for further directions. Provide us with the dates of your medical services You do not need to include, nor should you include reporting CA debts unless they are less than 4 years old (from the date of medical services) as they may not be direct assignments of the debts to the CA by the OC medical provider. If they are less than 4 years old and this is a Ch 13, list the OC medical provider for those accounts.
  14. Follow the guides; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html In this case because it is NOT reporting (correctly) as medical, I believe it is a random JDB (junk debt buyer) who has poisoned your report. Send each CRA where it is reporting this; https://whychat.me/initdispltrsol.html IF you have any actual medical accounts reporting you can use the HIPAA program on those once you have this fake account deleted.
  15. If your Corp. is still in business I suggest you pay the bill IF it is a valid bill that was authorized. If it was not, and your gas card was stolen or used fraudulently and you did not report it at the time then it is likely too late to do so now. You can not use the letters I suggested UNLESS the account is reporting on your personal credit reports. If it is reporting on your personal reports there is little that can be done to remove it unless it is paid/settled with the OC (original creditor gas Co.)

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