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  1. It is possible that they don't even have to sell it. Their data ( the current "neighborhood CA" is accessible to data miners. JDBs (junk debt buyers) access old account data through an automated computer program that "awakens" stale accounts, even if paid, once someone starts a mortgage application process.
  2. Follow the guides; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html opting out will help prevent data miners from selling your credit data to JDBs who LOVE to poison reports in the midst of mortgage applications. Send each CRA where the account is reporting this; https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html from here; https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html Once these old paid delinquencies are deleted your scores MAY improve slightly but you will at least avoid having the accounts sold by the existing CA to another CA who may re-insert them. If you do anything other than disputing to the CRAs with the current CA you may find the account has been updated
  3. File a complaint against Experian with the CFPB https://whychat.me/hipaaftccomp.html
  4. Get your credit reports and examine them carefully for discrepancies such as unknown addresses alternate SS#s misspelling of your name. Opting out may help you prevent your account data being sold to data miners who may poison your reports with old collection account. https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html
  5. Paying the original creditor will have no effect on your report. Follow the guides as posted https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html Send each CRA where this (or any medical account) is posted this; https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html If the account is over 2 years old it is more than likely it is NOT a valid collection but a posting from a JDB ( junk debt buyer) who obtained the account data from a data miner. ( that is the reason for opting out)
  6. Send a dispute to the credit bureaus; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html File a complaint with the CFPB https://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/
  7. Starts Jan.1, 2022 https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/30/upshot/medical-bill-ban-biden.html?fbclid=IwAR19ZCOIHq8uDjFkzAkLNv0oKKpa5Yyme0UYbbIRvhLaUpJpTC0UzYxp-qI
  8. Sorry to hear about your bouts with Covid, hdporter. I hope you have no long term effects from either variant. As a nonagenarian I am being extremely cautious, I have had all 3 shots and still wear a mask in my infrequent sorties to public places. I will likely get my 4th shot in 3-4 Months.
  9. Follow the guides; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html Carefully check your reports for errors such as unknown addresses, misspelled name or alternate SS#. You may be the victim of ID theft. If so, add the dispute about the issue to your dispute letter below. If unknown address or misspelled name, include a copy of your drivers license with the correct address and name. Send each CRA where this or ANY medical accounts are reporting this; https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html This initial letter is from the HIPAA guide; https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html Disputing on line or by phone puts you into an automated system, ( usually offshore). Sending a snail mail dispute gets your dispute handled by a Stateside human being.
  10. My suggestion was ; If your new servicing company has done something to affect your credit IN ANY WAY that is a violation that should be reported to the CFPB. Unless they purposefully omit reporting the mortgage account or report it incorrectly there would obviously be no grounds to report a violation.
  11. I have a little advice to give and I DO have some comments about transfers of mortgage servicing Companies and the havoc the changes can wreak on both credit reports and other stuff. I have recently been in contact with several (elderly) people whose reverse mortgages were transferred 3 times within 1 year from the original servicer to a series of incompetent's who made these seniors lives miserable with demands for higher insurance (mid-term) and threats of foreclosure and judgments. If your new servicing company has done something to affect your credit IN ANY WAY that is a violation that should be reported to the CFPB.
  12. How did you mail it?? If you mailed it with a signature required it would not be forwarded. Try following these steps; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html I strongly urge you to dispute with the CRAs first if it is a credit card account use this link https://whychat.me/SOL PROGRAM GUIDE.html If it is a medical account use this one https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html
  13. Yes. BUT an opt out is NOT a freeze. There is no need to remove names ( unless they are not yours) and medical providers can NOT report directly, only CAs can https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html Send each CRA where this account is appearing this; (from the above guide) https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html Come back here with the results for further instructions
  14. If you make any attempt to "settle" you will be resetting your SOL. If you want to start getting them off your reports and the dates of medical service are at least 4 years ago then follow the guides; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html After opting out and deleting old addresses ( as much as possible) send each CRA where any PAST SOL medical accounts are reporting this; https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html
  15. The CA reporting date is AT LEAST 6 months after the date of medical service. Do any of your reports show the date the account will be removed?? If so, count 7 years back to find your DOLA for the starting date of your SOL
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