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  1. You are OK --don't worry about getting it on your reports. Just keep track of your reports and stay safe.
  2. Not at this time-- you MAY have to do some follow up "cleaning" after your payment goes through.
  3. Use the account #s as shown on the reports you are disputing xxxx's and all. You will, of course be including a copy of your report with the subject account(s) circled in red. Make sure you follow ALL the steps; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html
  4. Go ahead and pay the OC with the HIPAA letter insert "a". Don't wait for TU Be sure to follow all the instructions. https://whychat.me/hipltr.html The postal system is REALLY messed up!!
  5. If you can still pay directly to the OC on line with a credit/debit card do so, otherwise pay by bank money order ( same as cash) with the HIPAA letter insert "a"
  6. If you have verified the amount due and matched it with your EOMB from your insurance then yes, pay it with the HIPAA letter insert "a" https://whychat.me/hipltr.html
  7. If your account was credited back the amount then pay them with a bank money order and the HIPAA letter insert "a" https://whychat.me/hipltr.html
  8. DO NOT PAY!! This is a SCAM There is NO WAY a 4 year old medical account is in a valid collection status. Follow this guide; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html Opting out will help prevent JDBs ( junk debt buyers) from accessing your credit records and poisoning your reports especially when you are in the midst of obtaining a mortgage.
  9. I don't understand??? Can you check your bank account records to see if the payment was debited or if it was returned by the OC or is in a pending status.
  10. OK, you should understand that the HIPAA program is designed to delete entries that are no longer valid. Valid entries (unpaid balances within the past 2 years) should be paid to the OC on line by credit or debit card or by bank money order using the HIPAA letter insert "a". https://whychat.me/hipltr.html
  11. Follow the guides; https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html If the account appears on your reports follow this guide to get it deleted; https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html What was the date of medical service?? Do NOT respond in any way to the CA, ( that would be the same as clicking the remove link on spam mail) Depending on the age of the account you have different ways to deal with the CA. How exactly did you pay the OC on line?? Was it a debit or credit card transaction? If so and they accepted payment even if the account didn
  12. It appears that you were filing several disputes on line prior to sending the initial HIPAA program dispute letter. Did you follow ALL the steps? https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html If you had disputed the accounts on line or by phone within 3 Months prior to sending the initial dispute letter[ https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html ) then your disputes were entangled in their computer systems. You can try sending the medical DV to the CAs for the accounts that have not been deleted. https://whychat.me/ltr
  13. If the copies they produced were all dated on or near the date of your medical service then this CA is improperly claiming a CURRENT business relationship with the OC. The HIPAA privacy rules state that your signed waiver is NOT transferable to any 3rd party without your signed consent. Having copies of your signed consent agreement and copies of your billing are NOT proof of a current business relationship. And yes, if you are able to get the accounts deleted by dispute there is nothing the CA can do (legally). If they send you something that implies that they will sue you can fil
  14. OK-- I think you paid the OC BEFORE you documented a CURRENT business relationship between the OC and the reporting CA. This means that your payment to the OC had no effect on the CA reporting. It was $$ down the drain as they probably applied it to a general fund and not to your account. Because the reporting CA is NOT in a current business relationship with the OC all you can do is to continue the HIPAA letter program and wait for a response from your RECENT follow up disputes.
  15. OK, let me be sure about your data. You disputed an account ( let's call it account #$) that you had already paid to the OC with the HIPAA letter insert "a". The CRAs did not delete the account, it is still reporting as "unpaid"?? You recently sent the follow up dispute to Ex.--- Is this account (#$) on any other report besides Eq and Ex??(TU) What was the date of the medical service??
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