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  1. Just thought I'd update here in case it's helpful to anyone looking for a HELOC. Baddies are all gone, and now have scores floating just above 700 on all 3. That's about a 100 point jump from where I was a few weeks ago. We were now conditionally approved at the bank that holds our 1st mortgage for 90% LTV (I hope) pending all the real estate stuff. Nervously keeping my fingers crossed and will post more details when we're in the clear.
  2. Thanks whychat. Here's a funny update. Before I even could re-dispute the TU entry in BLUE ink (learned my lesson on following explicit directions lol), the CA entry was deleted on EX. A few days later....it disappeared from TU as well. Woo Hoo!!!
  3. Bump for whychat. Any idea what I screwed up? Was it just the green ink? And what I should do now?
  4. Thank you for replying. Ugh, so you don't really think I have much chance, even if I get the scores up in the 680 range? Frankly, I'm not sure they're going to get that high anyway with the stupid medical CA pulling me down. I re-ran my ficos, and with 3-4 paid off balances on near-maxed cards still left to report, I'm now here (for some reason, the late on the single cc disappeared from the 2 CRAs it reports on): EX: 635 (1 baddie-small unpaid med CA) TU: 640 (1 baddie-the unpaid med) EQ: 684 (no baddies) My plan was to apply for a HELOC mid-end of July, once all the updated TLs report. I briefly spoke with someone at my bank, who made it sound like a HELOC would be relatively easy to get even in my current circumstances, but not sure I trust that. I'm assuming I would have to go through a bank or CU, and can't use a broker for a HELOC? My issue is also that I need the loan relatively fast.
  5. Actually let me clarify TU's response: "After reviewing your correspondence we are unable to process your request because we were unable to determine the nature of your request or your request was illegible. To investigate information contained in your credit report, please type or print the account name and number, and specify why you are disputing it...blah blah blah."
  6. yes, I used that dispute letter- http://whychat.5u.com/Credit%20Report%20Dispute%20Form.pdf, and hand wrote it with the text listed below that link and enclosed a copy of the page of the CR with the item circled. I THINK the only thing that I did differently was use green ink vs the blue. It was still legible to a person, but not to a computer. Can the ink color really make that much difference? Do I have to restart now with TU and hold off on step 2 even if I get a reply from EX?
  7. Well, that didn't go so well. I sent the initial letters to the affected CRAs (EX & TU) and got a letter back yesterday from TU saying that my dispute was not processed because it's illegible. I used yellow lined paper and hand wrote it with a green pen so as to prevent having it scanned. I wrote a little sloppy, but the letter was definitely legible. Didn't hear back from EX yet, but I only mailed in the dispute 2 weeks ago, so it will be a little bit. Should I re-submit the letter now to TU typed? Not sure what to do from here.
  8. Hi there. I'm having a hard time finding good, up-to-date info on HELOC qualifications before applying for one. I know I am in no state now to apply but am currently paying down some debt in hopes to increase my credit score enough to qualify for one. I'm not sure where DH's credit score stands right now, but I am certain they are higher than mine, so right now I am trying to get mine up and focus all the paydown on my debts. I also had some credit screw ups that I'm trying to rectify, but not real confident I can get rid of them in time. As of late may, my scores were abysmal: EX: 603 (2 baddies) TU: 625 (1 baddie) EQ: 606 (1 baddie) I have 2 baddies that I doubt I can get rid of in time, though I have some disputes in I am not counting on them. I had a totally forgotten payment on one CC in April/May that just popped up. It only shows on EX and EQ since the TL does not report at all to TU. And there's also a medical collection from 2013 showing only on EX and TU. I'm doing a fairly large paydown since my util is so high. By mid July I hope to have my total util down from 72% in May to 42%. Not sure how much that will boost my scores. DH has no baddies as of the last time I checked a while ago, but he does have high util. I can't really do much to pay down his debt without taking away from what limited funds I am using to pay down mine. I am hoping that he is at least in the high 600s, but am going to wait to check his scores till his TLs update. I'm the primary wage earner by far, so I am not sure if that affects who is listed first on the HELOC or whether that even matters. I seem to recall when we did our refi last year that they listed DH first for score reasons, but I think I was up in the 680s at that time anyway. My util was just as high then but the baddies added afterwards must've killed me. What I am wondering is what the minimum scores are required lately for a HELOC. We did a refi in summer 2013 with a 21 year equity loan with PNC, The rate on that is 3.94, so I don't want to touch that. Back then, the property only appraised for around 360K, and our loan bal is currently around 254. I think the market has gone up some, but going by those numbers, we are already at 70% LTV. I think our DTI will be ok-with the new cc minimums once they report, we should be in the high 30s% for DTI. I was hoping for a 40-50K HELOC, but what we actually NEED is a minimum of 30k. Do we stand a chance once my decreased util takes effect? I have no idea how much my score will rise, but I am anticipating probably only getting to the mid-600s at best. And does anyone have any suggestions on who to look at? I have to move on this in July because come August, I think we will also have to be taking one last ed loan for DD's last semester in college.
  9. I can probably pull it online from my insurance co or request it from them. It is definitely the balance I owed of 275 (the OC agreed to take whatever the insurance paid, and the ins co sent me 275-the issue came when the ins co sent me a combined check that included payments to 2 providers). I don't believe (maybe I'm wrong) that the OC sent me a statement, but I did get a couple of calls from their billing dept about it in the beginning. I think I got a notice from this CA a while ago (not super long past the service date, which was in Sept or Oct 2012), but I hate this dr with such a passion that I just threw it aside and forgot about it. It's possible that the original paperwork I signed when I went to see them included notice of a collection fee for any future collections...I'm not sure. I don't even care about the cost, or even their fee. I just want them gone. I do want to pay it (to the OC) just so it doesn't show up in the future with another CA, and I truthfully do owe it. I just want to make sure I do it the proper way to get this thing off my reports. The acct is showing up on my CRs as open in 4/2013, which is probably about 6 months after the service date. Thanks for all your help!
  10. Thank you, I would love that. Can you PM me? Really appreciate it!
  11. Ok, I think I see, at least partly. Yes, I totally owe the bill. The insurance paid the bill (out of network provider) and sent me the check. However, the combined the checks for 2 different providers into one check to me. I had always just signed over the insurance co check to the OC, but this one I had to deposit and then I stopped going to that OC and never paid the balance. So I definitely owe it. As for the collection fee, I have no idea if when I started seeing that OC whether they made me sign to agree to a collection fee for any future collection efforts? I signed a lot of docs there and of course never kept any. So the dispute to the CRAs theoretically should prompt the CA to send me proof of the relationship? And if they do not contact me (assuming the CRA does not delete), I contact the CA via the medical DV. If they cannot prove the current relationship to the OC etc, then of course I will have grounds under the program to have the item removed from the reports. But if it is removed, am I then able to pay the OC so this does not come back to haunt me later with another CA?
  12. Ugh, I am dying. I have had perfect payment history (well, perfect in that nothing has been over 30 days late). And somehow I missed this JFCU payment last month. No idea how I did this. I have 2 stupid cards due on the 17th every month and somehow I always miss them. I'm not sure why I keep doing this. So JFCU has been late before, but never reportable. Now it went about a week over 30 days and I'm heartbroken. I need to apply for a HELOC, and between my sky high util, a med collection that I'm working on getting removed, it will be hard enough. But now, this baddie that just hit this month is going to kill me. I tried calling, but of course they are closed. I did send a secure email requesting GW, and if that doesn't pan out, I guess I can start sending some letters to the management. But I'm not real optimistic. Was wondering if anyone has had any luck with them?
  13. Hi, I haven't been on here in a very long time but have hit some speed bumps. I currently have a valid unpaid medical collection showing on my reports. Well, it's sort of valid. I do in fact have an overdue bill of 275 from the OC from 2012. However, apparently there is some "collection fee" added on by the OC or CA so the bill now shows as 383, and on my reports it appears as open in 2013. So there are some reporting inaccuracies. I honestly don't even care about the extra fee, and do not mind paying it to the OC. And I legitimately owe this bill so intend to pay it. But when starting the HIPAA process, it looks like I first need to send the CRA disputes and then the DV to the CA if validated by the CRA. I'm reading this process and don't really understand at what point I send the letter to the OC with payment. It looks like I send this only if the CA documents a relationship? But I would like to pay this so it does not further haunt me. Am I missing something? Thanks to WhyChat or anyone else that can clarify.
  14. Hi CBers, I've been absent from the forums for a while and have been trying to take a crash course in catch up over the last few days but am feeling pretty overwhelmed. In a nutshell, with DH out on disability and unemployment for a very extended period of time and a kid in college, our finances have taken a brutal beating. Our savings is nearly wiped out, and will be with DD's college costs. Worst part is that all those shiny credit cards I got while building my credit back in 2007-2009 now carry VERY ugly balances. I have been able to keep paying on time (at least no reportable lates, though some CCs have been several days late because i have forgotten or waiting for pay day) because of the dwindling savings, but every month we are in the hole. Min CC payments are +/- 1000/month on (gulp) over 40K in debt! I'm looking to consolidate 20-30k of it. DH got a job, but...he's making even less than on UE, so there's no improvement on income in sight. To make matters worse, I am working without a contract, and there is talk of significant pay cuts, so I don't even know what will happen with my income. I have a mortgage I can refi, but that would require rolling my HELOC into it, which would nearly negate any monthly savings there and would push up again the amount I owe on my primary mortgage (which I am trying to keep down). Therefore, I don't want to make things worse by taking out another HELOC as DH wants. I'm really looking for just a personal loan to consolidate these cards, and pay them off over the next 5-8 years. I'm so ashamed that I've gotten myself in this mess! I think my credit looks ok. I haven't pulled FICOs, just a quick credit secure pull to make sure i have no baddies, and while I know it's not totally reliable, I see only 1 old extra sticky judgment (2006) on TU, which I was never able to get rid of. EX has 2 INQs and that's all I have for INQs. I haven't pulled DH yet, but was planning on applying just on my own for now. I am a member of JFCU & Penfed, though both CCs have been paid a few days late a number of times. I think if DH applies, we now qualify for Navy, but their rates on PLs don't look too hot. I don't know where my scores stand, but very high utilization should be the only thing affecting it. I have only 1 new card (Kohls), otherwise, all my accounts have aged nicely. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions so I can narrow down the field for shopping and minimize the hits on Inqs as I try to figure this out? I would love low rate BT cards, but don't have the confidence I can get approved for more given my UTIL.
  15. Do you have a spouse, parent, child who lives with you and can apply to USA Fed now? That's what I'm trying to do. ahh, good thinking. But I don't know if he was on that checking account too? Plus, he has more dings on his credit. And he's also unemployed so I don't know if they'd accept him, even if he's not on chex? He does get unemployment, so I guess I could submit his "stubs" from UI. However...not sure how tight their standards are. I wish I could recall if that was a joint account or not!

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