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  1. I'm not very good at gardening, so I found myself on the Chase website on Tuesday applying for a Slate card. Got the 7-10 day message and read up a bit about other's experiences. Tried the app status line and just received the generic 7-10 day message there too. Being the not very patient person I am when it comes to app status, I called the BD # at 888-245-0625 and spoke with a very nice credit analyst. She verified my info and confirmed that the system had declined my app due to my BK still appearing on my file. She said she would be happy to take a second look at the application, although there were no guarantees. She asked me the reason for my BK, confirmed my annual income, and put me on hold for a few minutes to review my credit report. She came back on the line and told me that she saw I had rebuilt my credit and she was sending an email to her team lead to recommend approval, though the final decision rested with that team lead. She told me that they'd decision it within 24-48 hours. I called back today and spoke with another rep who after a bit of a hold came back on the line and told me that he'd finalized at app and I was approved for $5K. Sweet. Maybe my first purchase with this card should be some gardening tools.
  2. Nice. Just went from $2750 to $3250. I'll take it!
  3. I tried tonight for a CLI a few days before the 61 days. Got the 7-10 days message, then immediately got an email that a decision had been made. Answered a few verification questions and got the following letter: Thank you for your recent request for a credit limit increase. We're writing to let you know we're unable to approve your request at this time for the following reason(s): Â Your credit report indicates that you have filed for bankruptcy. Â As you continue to manage your accounts, we recommend you take advantage of the tools we offer atamericanexpress.com/managemycard. You can check your balances, make payments, set up account alerts and learn more about ways you can protect your credit. Â If you have any questions, please call 1-800-535-7790 or write to us at the address above. You can also learn more about managing your credit at americanexpress.com/consumerresources. Â Thank you for your Card Membership. Â Sincerely, Â Andrew Skinner VP Global New Accounts Um, ya, duh. The BK was there when you approved the card less than 60 days ago!! I hope this doesn't trigger a manual review and/or closure.
  4. OMG!!!!!!! OK, so same story here. Burned Amex back in 1999(ish). Have a BK7 discharged in early 2009. Just decided to try and apply for the card. APPROVED for $4,000!!!! I absolutely CANNOT believe it!!! Thanks CBers!!!
  5. I also agree...SF Fire CU is an excellent credit union. They take a common sense approach to their lending, but they are a bit conservative on their unsecured lines. Got a big truck loan and a boat loan almost no questions asked. My credit card limit however isn't the highest. But it's more than sufficient for my needs and I know if I called them with a good reason for needing more, they would absolutely consider it. And btw, I love the cash back feature on my card.
  6. I decided to apply for the Comenity Fuel Rewards Mastercard as I have a few other Comenity products (post-BK) and I've been generally pretty happy wiith them. I applied online and received the 7-10 day message. My FOAD letter came in the mail yesterday. It stated that my credit score was 712, but I was being denied because of a BK showing on my credit report. I was under the impression that Comenity was BK friendly. Could it be that Fuel Rewards has instructed Comenity not to approve any applications with a BK showing on the CR? Frustrating. I'll take my lumps where they're due, but this one seems to be coming from out of left field and I wanted to see what other on CB think. Thanks in advance!
  7. Sacramento
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  9. I got a mail invitation from Barclay's and applied online. I got the 14 day message. I called the backdoor number on day 14 and was told that due to having done an IIB with them, it was going to be a decline. About 4 hours later, I got an email from them saying my account was approved. $250.00. I guess it's a start with them again? Feels like they're dipping their toe into subprime based on the approval and the length of time it took them to process.
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    I applied in store on Sunday for a Macy's card. It was a no-go at the register, which I knew was a decline. I IIB'd DSNB back in 2008, and I figured they were pretty unforgiving. I called to their backdoor number yesterday just to confirm, and the rep pulled up my app and immediately asked if I had another account with them. I told him I didn't have an active one. He said "Oh, you did a BK back in 2008, but that was over 4 years ago. Hold on, I'll approve you, but I need to notate the account." He came back on the line a few moments later and told me I was approved for $800. I thought was was a pretty good save for the inquiry, until I got notified by Equifax credit monitoring that they pulled all three bureaus! I can't tell though if that was at the time of the app at the register or if it was when my app was re-reviewed. I was hoping this would be a start at getting their Amex, but I was just reading it is underwritten by Citi, which hates me with a passion. They are IIB-free from me, so I dunno. Happy Holiday everyone.
  11. I just applied for a c/c and got denied. Too many newly opened accounts in the past 12 months was the reason. I opened 4-5 GECRB cards at the beginning of the year.
  12. I've been trying all day long. Dillards finally put up a splash page saying that GECRB is having issues.
  13. I have their Visa Platinum card. I called and told them that I was interested in converting to this card. Rep was very nice, emailed me over a form that I filled out and faxed in. It looks like its a true conversion, no credit pull, and you keep your current limit. I'll let everyone know if/when I have the new shiny card in hand.
  14. I just asked for a CLI recently with BofA on this card and I didn't quite have my best foot forward. A lot of inquiries and a fair amount of a revolving balance on one of my Navy cards that creditors don't seem to like ($15K on a $24K limit). They reviewed everything and ultimately said no because of my BK. No CLD though. They felt that my $5K limit was appropriate, however I felt that my compensating factor was the fact that I cycle a LOT of purchases (and the corresponding PIF) through this card every month. I was getting pretty close to my $5K on several occasions so I told them that I wanted to make sure that this was the ONLY card I used in my wallet. I struck out. This was a graduation from a secured card too, btw. I also got the credit analyst to basically confirm that they wouldn't entertain a CLI on this card until the BK falls off my reports. Though she was very careful to say that I was always welcome to apply, because I guess saying anything to the contrary would get her (and BofA) in a heap of trouble.
  15. I've been on a bit of an app spree lately with GECRB. I applied for: Chevron. Received $1300. Called and asked for $10,000. They countered with $5,000. I accepted. Walmart Discover. Received $1700. Called and asked for $10,000. They countered with $5,000. I accepted. TJX Rewards. Received $1000. Called and asked for $5,000. They countered with $2,700. I accepted. Lowes. Recevied $1000. Called and asked for $2000. Approved. Sam's Club. Received $900. Called and asked for $2,000. No go. No Counter. Paypal Mastercard. Recevied $800. Called and asked for $2,000. They countered with $1,500. I accepted. Dillards Amex. Received $700. Called and asked for $1,500. No go. No Counter. It "feels" like I've hit some sorta of maximum exposure limit with them. In hindsight, I'd like to take some of the CL from the Chevron card and put it on the Amex. Has anyone had any success with GECRB doing this? Thanks!
  16. I did the Sportsman's trick. The Visa just arrived in today's mail with a $2K limit. Pretty cool for no hard INQ.
  17. My credit, other than the BK, is clean. I have one account approaching 50% util, but that's it. No collections, no additional public records, etc. I had a gut feeling that they weren't always holding to their line in the sand regarding BK's, but I couldn't prove it. Maybe they have recently become more stringent with their risk policies.
  18. I certainly understand Discover's business stance about managing risk, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. If Discover is so serious about risk, they should subscribe to the same service that Chase and Citi subscribe to that notifies them when one of their customers have filed BK. I didn't include those two creditors when I filed, but they found out within weeks of my petition being submitted to the court and it wasn't from an AR. They couldn't close my accounts quick enough. I also find it ironic that while Discover themselves have closed my account, GECRB just opened me up a shiny new Walmart Discover Card. Not the same bank, I realize, but it's certainly the same logo in the bottom right corner. *edited to correct GE's name
  19. I received a letter from Discover card a few weeks ago inviting me to call in to accept a credit line increase that I was pre-approved for. Having never received a CLI, I called in, verified some income information, and was placed on hold for the rep to review my Transunion. The rep comes back on the line, and tells me that he is going to have to CLOSE MY ACCOUNT due to my BK a few years back. I told him that Discover was not included in the BK, but he says that he has to close the account and that he can transfer me to a different rep to reopen a new account but based on everything he was seeing, there would be no reason why I shouldn't be able to get a new account. I get transferred, go through the whole app, and I get automatically declined. I channeled my anger into a letter that I wrote to Discover's CEO, telling him that I would have never dreamed that this would occur in a million years, how I wasted a hard inquiry, and most importantly of all, Discover had to know of the BK through all of the soft account reviews that they done over the past few years. I also mentioned all of the other credit line that I had with top-tier issuers. I received a call from Dawn at the Executive Offices in Deleware last week, acknowledging my letter, and she said that she'd get back to me in a few days with the results of her research. Having not heard from her in a week, I just called her this morning. She stated that Discover made a business decision to close my account, not open me a new one, and that decision is going to remain unchanged. She also stated that this was the first they knew of the BK, because, and get this, soft inquiries do NOT include information on BK's. What a load of ******!!!! I told her that if that was the case, then when the representative pulled a SOFT inquiry to review my account/credit for a CLI, then how did they get the BK information then? She just reiterated her stance that the business decision would not be reversed. Needless to say, I think this is a pretty poor "business decision" on the part of Discover. It was only a $1,000 CL (That was supposed to be raised to $4K per the letter), but it's the principle. That and I lost over 22K miles in my credit card account!!
  20. +1. I had a few accounts with GEMB when I filed BK. I believe one of them had a slight balance and they just closed the account and wrote it off. I applied for a Walmart card a while back and got an instant denial. Figured I was on some sort of internal blacklist. BUT, after reading this thread, I decided to apply for the Walmart Card. Filled on the info, clicked submit, blinked, and received instant approval for the Discover Card for $1,800.00. Sweet. Thanks everyone.
  21. Continuing my quest to get my CC's unsecured, I called over to BofA this morning (888-260-4696 is the backdoor number) and spoke to an underwriter. I told them that I opened my card in Sept 2011 and that I was interested in unsecuring my card. The underwriter pulled my credit, and put me on hold to review everything. She came back and started asking some pointed questions. (Really reminded me of the way that MBNA unwrote everything, with the personal and logic approach rather than just looking at a cut and dry FICO score). I was asked about balances on my other cards and how I planned to handle those. I explained that I was methodically paying off improvement expenses from Condo's that I paid cash for. She added the condo's to the underwriting scenario, added the rental income from the condo's, and asked for my Gross Annual Income. She also asked about the BK, and I explained how I was affected by the housing crash and that I was trying the Landlord thing again but on a much smaller scale. After another hold of about 5 minutes, I was told that I was approved for an unsecured card, they would be depositing my $2,000 into my BofA checking account by tomorrow, and they would be giving me a $5,000 limit on the new account. She then asked if I was interested in any reward cards (I WAS!) so she signed me up for the 1-2-3 rewards card. My current card will apparently continue to work with the new credit line, and once I receive and activate the new card with the new account number, I will then be able to start accruing the cash rewards. So, all in all, between BofA, USE Credit Union, and the pending graduation from Wells Fargo, I am extremely happy and thankful to be where I'm at so soon after BK. Thanks to everyone for your support, thoughts, ideas, and experiences!!!
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