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  1. My last CLI with Discover was March 26th when they took me from $19K to $21K. So, naturally, I calendared a reminder to myself to ask for my 90 CLI on or after June 26th. I've tried for an increase several times since then and get the usual "Too Bad, So Sad" reply from them. The letter in the mail says insufficient experience at current credit limit. What gives? Are they up to their old tricks again?
  2. I wonder if you can convert an existing card with them to this product. Admittedly I'm a bit gun shy to call and ask. My last convo with them over a CLI request went less than stellar.... SDFCU Underwriter "Sir I see here that you already have over $300K in available credit. Why would you possibly want more credit? The other underwriters and I just don't understand this request." *Cricket, cricket* ME "Well, I'm trying to build my credit profile and have more spending choice with my credit products." "SDFCU Underwriter: "I'd say you have already accomplished that. Your request is denied. Is there anything else I can help you with?" Apparently they're small enough to take a manual look at some of their apps and not just go with what the computer says....
  3. Congratulations! Your credit line has been approved. Your new total credit line is $15,000.00 with a cash credit line of $4,000.00 and is available for immediate use. Use your available credit to transfer balances from other creditors online today. Just went from $5K to the requested $15K. Not sure yet if it was a hard pull or not.
  4. I just hit the luv button exactly 90 days from my last luv, Received a $2K increase to $21K.
  5. I have never been offered Navy's lowest advertised rate. They usually end up offering me in the 6-7% range. I just financed a vehicle through USE Credit Union for 1.79%, but that was a targeted advertisement/rate. The stealership told me there was no way I could get that rate from them, but I did.
  6. Well, I just about fell out of my chair. Discover just offered me $4900 of love, bringing me to an even $19K. My last increase was $1400 on Sep 25th. I'll take it!
  7. No 90 day love for me either. I was beginning to wonder if I was not counting to 90 correctly. Stuck at $12,700 for now.
  8. I've been "stuck" at a $2,000 credit limit with State Department Credit Union since I signed up with them some time ago. I decided to pull the trigger and request a CLI. Spoke with a nice rep at the CU and she took my application over the phone, provided my credit score (709) after I provided authorization for a credit pull and advised me that she would call me back and let me know the status of the request (to $15K) within a few business days. Later that evening, I received a letter by email advising my request had been declined entirely, with no counter offer. I woke up this morning and decided to call and find out why I was declined. The rep pulled up my app (without doing ANY verification of my identity I might add) and just tore into me. I was really caught off guard. (I think that it might have been an actual underwriter that I spoke with) "Why do you need more credit than the $300K that you already have??" "You have THIRTY SIX open revolving accounts." "We've been trying to figure out what your end game is here." I simply replied that I was trying to enhance my credit profile and that a small limit of $2K wasn't going to do it. To which the rep replied "Well with a $75K limit at Wells, why do you need us?" I replied that I was simply an AU on that account, but she said I was wrong and to check my credit report. She was rude and very confrontational. At the end of the day, I suppose they certainly bring up valid points, so be forewarned, they do take a personal common sense approach when underwriting. Oh and FWIW, they appear to have pulled a soft. No credit alerts for a hard pull thus far.
  9. I have been banging my head against a $11,700 limit. High income, plenty in reserves, 740 score. I got a stack of their "Thanks but no thanks" letters on my desk at home. Called today to see if I could bypass it that way, no luck. Prolly fills out the same form I do online. I have gone from $6700 11/2015 $7200 2/16 $8700 4/16 $10200 7/16 $11700 8/24/16 Have I hit some sort of internal limit?
  10. Thanks Jill. Was it instant or did you have to go the Recon route?
  11. Searched around a bit and looked at the creditpulls DB, and wasn't able to find a definitive answer. Is Citi BK friendly with the Costco Visa? Citi won't touch me right now on their regular products due to an 8 y/o BK, but I was wondering if they were a little more lenient on the Costco card. Thanks in advance.
  12. Isn't a savings account required to establish eligibility at a CU?
  13. I received a letter in the mail today that has left me pretty irked. They are going to start charging me a "low balance fee" of $5.00 a month unless I keep a minimum of $1,000 on deposit with them starting December 1st. A year or two ago I received the same letter, but the requirement was $500.00. I really don't want to keep $1,000 with them just to have a $10K credit card with them, so I'm probably going to opt to close the card.
  14. Received a pop up this morning when signing into the American Express Website. They are offering me an American Express "Next Steps" credit card consolidation loan. Pre-Approved for $25,000 at a maximum interest rate of 11.97%. Funds must be sent directly to the other credit card issuer and it looks like you can only choose a 1, 2 or 3 year repayment term. Interesting product offering. Anyone else receive a similar offer?
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