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  1. DCU hasn't updated since november for me. TU has suppressed pending update, all five of my credit lines with DCU and score has dropped (gulp) 50 points!
  2. For the life of me I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Whenever I search for DCU I get no results. I know there are thousands of threads with DCU in it. If I search for DCU* I get some results but they are all quite old. Can anyone give me a pointer here? Thanks.
  3. I got a Vericor letter recently too. From Richard Dawson. they are gems, aren't they? Horrible people really.
  4. 800-219-8549 But this is a couple years old.
  5. We've got them. Started at $10k. Auto CL's haven't been big but we had the nice zero % for a year so it was worth an ex pull for us.
  6. Had a citi AA two+ years ago. I think I got the bonus miles, can't quite recall as I wasn't into FF miles yet. I converted the card a few months later to Upromise. If I apply for Citi AA now, can I get the bonus miles again? Thx.
  7. Clean is better than points. Fur sure.
  8. DCU is Digital FCU right? Not Delta FCU? Yes. Digital.
  9. DCU for us. Love them. Pulled all three b's.
  10. Got them last year for their BT offer. It was a preapproval in the mail. EX pull in TX. Matched our highest CL less 100.00. No issues here at all. Clean report, score around 700.
  11. Go here: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showforum=64 Worth a shot! Good luck!
  12. One should never dispute anything they don't want to risk disappearing.
  13. They did it to ours automatically about a year ago. We had no choice in the matter. Showed up as a new tradeline on our CR's as well.

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