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  1. I think the mistake is that the OP has not been watching the minimum payment. Banks are kind of dumb like that, if you don't make a single payment in the billing cycle that is equal to or greater than the amount due they often won't count that as a payment for that cycle even if you made two payments that equal more. If you do such a thing you generally have to call them and ask that your multple payments be combined. This used to also happen with cars and mortgages but I think legistlation has changed. Payments that were less than the amount due were applied as additional payments and unless you called in to change that you could end up missing your actual payment. If I'm carrying a balance I always set an auto draft for the minimum payment, then make whatever extra payments I feel like through out the month.
  2. Well that worked. I just got a phone call from TU executive dept and they have reviewed the documents I sent (for the 3rd or 4th time) and they are removing it within 72 hours. FYI for the record - I emailed the president and just about everyone on the TU executive website. Email format is (firstinitial)(lastname)@transunion.com. I sent them a very detailed letter explaining and outlining everything that was wrong with the original contract sent by the CA along with an intent to sue letter. . I sent the email every day to the same group for the last 5 days (give or take). I also called and left a voicemail message for all the above people at 312-985-2000 (there is a dial by name directory at this number). yay.
  3. The contractor says they dont have records anymore, everything was sent to the collection agency and they are not responsible for it anymore (they probably sold off the debt?). I love how easy it is for everyone to claim something is not their responsibility. It really gets old. After tracking down emails for every executive in Transunion and calling and leaving them voice mails I finally got an email back from the Executive Escalation department... Apparently they cannot find the proof that I have sent three times by fax and twice by mail. I have sent them this information yet again. Along with a carefully worded intent to sue letter, copies of all previous fax receipts, and all previous USPS receipts. Maybe they will find it now, or maybe I really will sue them because it sounds like they are going to be awfully clueless defending themselves in court. Just realized I should have also sent them their own reply to my complaint with CFPB as well, which included all the necessary proof to remove it. Oh well, gotta keep somethings to yourself for court.
  4. Hell if I know. Doubt it was opened in my name in the sense of ID theft. This is apparently for some services done on a house.. A house ive not owned. I have the original very fuzzy contract, it has my name, that address, and a signature and ID number that is not mine. That is the only identifying information they have. Name = Mine (I guess?) Address = Not mine ID Number = Not Mine Signature = Not Mine Those are the only identifying pieces of information on the original contract.
  5. I did not. Is this fraud or is this just someone elses account? I guess technically fraud, I dont know.
  6. I need help getting a collection off of TU. The others have deleted it. It is legit not mine. I got the entire debt validation info from the collection agency. I sent a letter showing that the signature, address, and ID number on the contract is not mine to both them and to TU. TU sent a letter stating that they don't handle this and have forwarded my info onto the original reporter to verify. They refuse to delete this, I have disputed this so many times. Someone please tell me what I have to send to TU to get his deleted. Or do I actually have to take them to court?
  7. lofar

    equifax screwy

    Crazy stuff... I managed to call in last week and get someone US based who was able to fairly quickly merge my reports.... That worked for about three days. Now I see as of today I am back to pulling a blank report. Whats crazy is that I can go into that myEquifax account and view a whole history of complete reports as well as blank reports. So it was fixed for a few days, now it is broken again. ps.. the only thing done recently even vaguely related to credit is that we moved. Its crazy to think that the simple act of moving could cause so much grief... But I suspect as others have said above with how these guys are basing files on address that it is entirely possible.. If not all your credit sources are updated the differing primary key data probably causes seizures in their systems. Last week I had my previous address as my current and my current address as my previous probably caused by a creditor I have not updated my address with yet who is still pushing my previous address as their current.
  8. lofar

    equifax screwy

    Ugh. such a pain. Thanks for the link, i tried the numbers there for equifax and every number they have no just takes you back to their main telephone system. In my calls I tried to tell them that I had two files, one blank and one correct. Just got run around, even with the supervisor who I ultimately cussed out and just hung up on. I gave up and faxed them a letter telling them that I am being denied credit because of their mistake and that I intend to take legal action if they do not resolve the issue.. what action Im not exactly sure. haha
  9. Ok very new and strange issue. I think equifax has to files for me and its a complete crap shoot what shows up. File 1 is my original file with 20 years of credit history. File 2 is blank. Companies who pull my credit seem to be routinely getting a blank report. Ive verified this with a mortgage lender as well as a third party paid for credit report.... I paid $5 for a blank equifax report (wtf?). Two days ago I was able to pull my complete equifax using the adverse action report, today I get a message saying they cannot verify my report. If I login to their online system I can pull the report but the "new" report pulled is from two days ago. When I call it I get the run around. They cannot verify me and I need to fax them documents..... I have faxed them documents. I called about five days ago and was able to talk to someone and correctly update my address history. Today nothing, an employee and a supervisor said they cannot verify me to access my report ( i have no accounts). When I told them I had a bank receive a blank credit report they verified that indeed I had a hard inquiery from that bank and that the report was indeed blank because my account has no credit history.... Of course the good report I have from two days ago does not show ANY hard inquiry at all. It shows plenty of soft inquiries from my existing lines. I know this sounds a bit confusing, not sure what to do. I got stonewalled by the supervisor. need to verify my ID that ive already verified... They cannot verify it because they are looking at the wrong report!
  10. Thanks. thats kind of depressing. I have tons of positive accounts, many 10+ years old. My score is down under 650 because of these two. This seems excessively low for a 5+ year old charge off.
  11. Would be the OC. Trying to get my score up a bit, this is a pretty small balance. The other one is a much higher balance. These are the only two bad things on my credit. Figured if I can get rid of one it would make a pretty big difference. They are both 5 year old accounts. Company in Chase. Maybe I am better off doing nothing and not waking them up?
  12. Hello! Looking for some quick advice. I have two charge offs from one credit card company, they were two separate accounts. If I choose to pay one of the two accounts in full would it in any way have any effect on the other? The statute of limitations has run out already on both, Im worried they could try to use a payment on one account to somehow reset it and come after me for the other account. Thoughts?
  13. lofar

    Credit Headers

    most all of Europe is that way. France not too long ago pretty much told experian to go F themselves. Belgium, Italy, Germany the same. Maybe the Netherlands does a little bit but nothing like the us. as for the uk... well they are not sure if they are part of Europe or not so they can't hardly count. The us also gets a lot of its culture from there. As for meal tracking... yeah maybe it should be a worry but really until it gets like china where people lose status because they picked up a cheeseburger instead of a salad I'm not too concerned. And like I said, easy way to fight back is to just make a new email address. Two minutes and a massive chunk of their data will be come completely irrelevant.
  14. lofar

    Credit Headers

    Meh.... Random garbage data. Yes my email provider is gmail, yes I know they are indexing everything. Those sites index based on email address... Want a new identity? Get a new email address. That's not quite as binding as SSN & Birthdate. Oh and do not get me started about the mis-use of the SSN and how the US needs to reissue, or rather issue a real national ID number and how they really need to enforce the provision that the SSN is reserved for the administration of social security benefits. Interesting fact, despite all the great technology in the US Europe has much less identity theft than the US. Why? Most of these consumer reporting agencies are banned from doing business here, and the few that have asked and tried have been run out of town very quickly. Identity is verified in person, which yes can be a major pain in the ass though the police will also certify and stamp a copy of your ID that you can mail off anywhere you like so really not that bad. Credit is established by a black list instead of an arbitrary number calculated based on some random combination of good accounts but not too good accounts but not too old but not too new... Nope.. Never been bankrupt? Never defaulted on a credit card? Never over drafted your bank account? Have a stable job and can afford the payments? Congrats you qualify for a 80 or 90% home loan at the lowest interest rate they offer. The US could learn a few things and all these agencies collecting data who think they have the magic formula are just selling snake oil to whoever is willing to buy it.
  15. lofar

    Credit Headers

    Yes indeed, it I a good point. Though it is data about me, and maybe I have been in Europe a bit too long but agree or not what gives someone a right to collect my personal information to sell to someone else? Europe has already concluded that data about you is actually owned by you and should be controlled by you. Though I concede that the US has not quite caught up to that point and maybe European laws go a bit too far. However, you state that I authorized them to do that... True I suppose.. However to what level? How many times can that data be copied? I only authorized the credit card company to collect it and MAYBE report it to a credit reporting agency for the purpose of credit reporting (FCRA stuff)… When the data is then copied somewhere else from that credit report, and stored with your social security number but placed out of view and out of reach is that really what I consented to? And what is to stop someone from further copying that data again to somewhere else creating yet a third level of data retention. And maybe you are right, maybe the issue is not with the ones I stated above. I got the following from TLOxp: The TLOxp solution may not be used in whole or in part as a factor in establishing an individual's creditworthiness or eligibility for credit or insurance, employment or housing, nor for any other purpose under the FCRA, and cannot be used for "Background Checks". Of course if begs the question, then what on earth is that data collected and used for? I guess solely skip tracing, and all things told skip traces do not really give a damn about historical data... It is probably mostly clutter. But then I return back to my first question, a background check SSN trace also known as a credit header pull is getting data from where? And why are these companies not required to disclose their source of data if it is indeed data regulated by the FCRA? You see my big problem is this apparent sea of unchecked, unregulated data that apparently by admission is supposed to be FCRA Protected but remains hidden. Do not look behind the curtain whatever you do is the general feeling. And if that is really true, which it appears to be, these companies are indeed breaking the law but how to hold them accountable if they cannot be found?

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