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  1. lofar

    Credit Headers

    most all of Europe is that way. France not too long ago pretty much told experian to go F themselves. Belgium, Italy, Germany the same. Maybe the Netherlands does a little bit but nothing like the us. as for the uk... well they are not sure if they are part of Europe or not so they can't hardly count. The us also gets a lot of its culture from there. As for meal tracking... yeah maybe it should be a worry but really until it gets like china where people lose status because they picked up a cheeseburger instead of a salad I'm not too concerned. And like I said, easy way to fight back is to just make a new email address. Two minutes and a massive chunk of their data will be come completely irrelevant.
  2. lofar

    Credit Headers

    Meh.... Random garbage data. Yes my email provider is gmail, yes I know they are indexing everything. Those sites index based on email address... Want a new identity? Get a new email address. That's not quite as binding as SSN & Birthdate. Oh and do not get me started about the mis-use of the SSN and how the US needs to reissue, or rather issue a real national ID number and how they really need to enforce the provision that the SSN is reserved for the administration of social security benefits. Interesting fact, despite all the great technology in the US Europe has much less identity theft than the US. Why? Most of these consumer reporting agencies are banned from doing business here, and the few that have asked and tried have been run out of town very quickly. Identity is verified in person, which yes can be a major pain in the ass though the police will also certify and stamp a copy of your ID that you can mail off anywhere you like so really not that bad. Credit is established by a black list instead of an arbitrary number calculated based on some random combination of good accounts but not too good accounts but not too old but not too new... Nope.. Never been bankrupt? Never defaulted on a credit card? Never over drafted your bank account? Have a stable job and can afford the payments? Congrats you qualify for a 80 or 90% home loan at the lowest interest rate they offer. The US could learn a few things and all these agencies collecting data who think they have the magic formula are just selling snake oil to whoever is willing to buy it.
  3. lofar

    Credit Headers

    Yes indeed, it I a good point. Though it is data about me, and maybe I have been in Europe a bit too long but agree or not what gives someone a right to collect my personal information to sell to someone else? Europe has already concluded that data about you is actually owned by you and should be controlled by you. Though I concede that the US has not quite caught up to that point and maybe European laws go a bit too far. However, you state that I authorized them to do that... True I suppose.. However to what level? How many times can that data be copied? I only authorized the credit card company to collect it and MAYBE report it to a credit reporting agency for the purpose of credit reporting (FCRA stuff)… When the data is then copied somewhere else from that credit report, and stored with your social security number but placed out of view and out of reach is that really what I consented to? And what is to stop someone from further copying that data again to somewhere else creating yet a third level of data retention. And maybe you are right, maybe the issue is not with the ones I stated above. I got the following from TLOxp: The TLOxp solution may not be used in whole or in part as a factor in establishing an individual's creditworthiness or eligibility for credit or insurance, employment or housing, nor for any other purpose under the FCRA, and cannot be used for "Background Checks". Of course if begs the question, then what on earth is that data collected and used for? I guess solely skip tracing, and all things told skip traces do not really give a damn about historical data... It is probably mostly clutter. But then I return back to my first question, a background check SSN trace also known as a credit header pull is getting data from where? And why are these companies not required to disclose their source of data if it is indeed data regulated by the FCRA? You see my big problem is this apparent sea of unchecked, unregulated data that apparently by admission is supposed to be FCRA Protected but remains hidden. Do not look behind the curtain whatever you do is the general feeling. And if that is really true, which it appears to be, these companies are indeed breaking the law but how to hold them accountable if they cannot be found?
  4. lofar

    Credit Headers

    like i said. bad data provided by either these guys or someone else that collects this data cost me a $50,000 contract. and no one will fess up. is that reason enough to start a war? That and what right do these companies have to collect and resell My personal information? It's my data not theirs and I never authorized them to have it.
  5. lofar

    Credit Headers

    Thought I would share some info... THese seem to be the products offered and used by the big 3. From reading their descriptions, they skim the data off the top of everyone's credit report about once a month and aggregate it into another huge database which they then offer access to for a fee. So, this data is separately maintained, deleting from your credit report is not going to delete it from here. Interesting how two faced these companies are about this and how FCRA does not apply and they offer no way to obtain your own reports, or to dispute data in these systems.. And yet all the data originates from your credit report, a regulated data set. Time for a 60 minutes episode on this. https://www.equifax.com/business/firstsearch/ https://www.infolookup.experian.com/metronet/ https://www.tlo.com/
  6. lofar

    Credit Headers

    thanks hegemony. that's about all the info I have found as well, that and the referenced pdf dating back to about 2002 when they restricted access to the data. seems odd that with all the laws, data breaches, and identity theft that there are still whole databases of crap that we don't have any control over. For now I have gone ahead and sent gdpr delete letters to all three.. but realize not many have that privilege. I'm thinking it should work since it will be hard for them to claim that the data is essential to financial services processing since it is apparently exempt from fcra laws. But knowing these companies it will take a Lawsuit before anything major happens. the frustrating part is how inaccurate this data is yet how certain the companies that use it are of its accuracy. feels like being stuck back in the days before fcra.
  7. lofar

    Credit Headers

    done already. since I am not in the us I have also frozen my credit reports as a quite literally threw out the pin. I keep a couple of credit cards open but that's it and they report to a mail forwarder in Florida. I have also tackled lexis and have frozen them and locked my report permenantly. Quite literally my report has one name, one address and two credit cards. some of my concern comes from background check agencies, sterling as de the like who cost me a us contact when they reported that I lived in some backwater town in Utah.. it took them a month to verify the court records there as containing nothing and in the mean time I lost the contract because I was not able to being work on time. cost me a lot in lost wages. also I am a bit trying to live off grid atleast as far as this crud is concerned. I am a well versed IT expert and security engineer and know exactly how untrustworthy and vulnerable this data is. I don't want these companies to have a mass of data on me accurate or not. so it eludes me as to how I can have one address on my credit report yet my background checks search over twenty counties which I have never lived. i queries to these companies all refer me back to the big three and references to header pulls. check it out yourself if you don't believe me. there is a company who for about 30 bucks will run a background check on you. compare the addresses they come up with to what's on your hard report from the big three.. they are different and no one will fess up to where this data comes from. when you dig and press them they all end up pointing fingers at eachother. no one is responsible and no one knows where it comes from yet it is there.
  8. Does anyone know anything about cleaning up, deleting, or even viewing credit headers? I am surprised this has not come up. I have completely cleaned up my credit report and have one single address there, and yet any companies who do credit header pulls (supposedly) get this gigantic list of addresses and false names they even show I am married to someone I am not. In inquiring they claim they get their data from the big 3 credit bureaus. I find it fascinating that with all the laws today there is apparently this huge sea of data about you that you cannot see yourself, and that does not get removed or updated when you do a dispute. And further they are apparently free to sell it how they like. Does anyone know anything about contacting these companies regarding this header data to get it deleted out of their systems? I am currently in europe, having moved from the US, and am considering the magic bullet GDPR delete request since this is in no way related to credit reporting and is merely personal information for the sake of having personal information to sell. But I have no idea where to even send it and which part of which company manages it.
  9. Hmm. probably a good idea. Pay off the student loan and roll that $250 saved into extra principal on the mortgage and keep the 40K for a rainy day fund.
  10. Looking for some input on a decision i'm rolling back and forth on. My main goal here is get out of debt completely, though I won't say I really have any bad debt it is still debt. We own a few rental properties, most of which are paid off however we have one which is not. Said rental property has a loan of about 100K with 26 years left @ 4.5% interest rate. Payment is around $550/mo + taxes + ins for a total of around 850/mo expenses and rental value is $1200 so it is in good shape overall. For a variety of reasons we are selling one of our other rentals, mainly because it has become a liability (in need of maintenance, neighborhood has gone to crap, and rental value is low) and we have nearly tripled our original investment money.. That said, our proceeds are around $75k. Now I don't know what to do exactly with that 75K. I can throw in about $25k I have saved and pay off completely the above property. However that would leave me with zero savings right now. I also have on the table an outstanding student loan of about $37K @ 6.0% interest and $250/mo payment which I think is on a 20yr repayment plan. I would love to pay the student loan.. However, part of me also feels that if I am to prepare for say a worse case scenario day I would be way better off with the house paid off. The consequences of defaulting on a student loan are minimal (mostly?!) and they can be deferred and forebeared for almost ever. The consequences of defaulting on a house is the loss of the house and in this case the monthly income. So. My options really. A. Go broke, pay off the rental house in full. B. Pay off student loan, bank the other $40k into savings (it is nice having someone else pay the mortgage...) C. Pay off student loan, roll 40K into the rental property and try to refinance at 4% and maybe a 15 or 20yr loan. D. Follow the last 10 threads in this forum and invest it all in bitcoin.. Hope it doubles again and then pay everything off?! (Mostly joking on that one....) E. Throw a party, get wasted, rent a private jet for a few hours... etc?! Other ideas?
  11. I don't think it really matters killbadcredit. I'm not sure your level 1 customer service people are taking notes on much of anything and the second step when you request the delete online appears to be entirely automated and only verifies that the address is tied to a TL or not. I literally requested the delete less than 5 minutes after receiving the email confirmation of the update. I suppose you may run into a problem if you call them to delete?
  12. Just wanted to bring this back up and let people know it still works with EX. Though one caveat, I had two addresses and had very little success getting anything changed when I tried to bring them both up together. I broke it down into two separate calls. I tackled the hardest one first, it had 2 bads and 2 goods attached. I took the route that the address number was incorrect, he was hesitant at first however I had noticed earlier that in my hard pulls that one of my creditors had pulled my credit with that address attached recently. I brought this up as a concern for fraud and that someone was using an address I had no control over. He quickly modified it as requested and we finished. If all else fails you may try applying for a credit card using that old address so that you have the same hard pull using an old address situation on your record to reference, I'm guessing this guy may have ran pretty quickly to avoid their own liability for allowing a bad address to continue on record after having been told it was being used fraudulently to obtain credit. While that was pending I called back about an address that had 2 goods attached, did not take much explanation these were 10+ year old accounts. The guy was happy to remove the address. When I received confirmation for both the delete and the address update back a few hours later I went online and disputed the previously modified address and it deleted a few hours later. I have mostly started to do this after realizing how much information these companies keep and how much of my past has been exposed by these recent breaches. It's time we take control of our information and my objective here is to make sure these companies have as little as possible about me which means current address only.
  13. Thanks... So here's an update this week.. TU and EQ deleted the account. Experian sent me a letter stating that it remains and they have closed the dispute. Though I did not send a letter the lady at the collection company I have been talking to refused a full amount PFD... Any advice on dealing with experian? I am a little surprised that experian validated while the other two deleted, especially considering I know for fact that the collections company has no verifiable documentation. UGH! Do I need to sue experian to get this removed or what?
  14. Hi Everyone, I've been working for a while on getting a collection account removed but they seem incredibly stubborn. The account is for something like $75, so I started with a PFD letter offering them $35. They refused and sent me back what they are now calling "debt validation", their debt validation is a screen shot from the original creditor's system which basically shows an account with my name, the wrong address, and phone number, and some amount of account activity. In response I sent them a real debt validation request letter telling them that the document they already sent does not consitute debt validation since it does not have any original service contract and does not state what the service or bill is for, which they responded to as being frivilous and basically sent me a copy of the same document. Note that in that same letter I also asked them to show me proof that they have been assigned the debt, that they have a valid license, and that they show me the original contract/agreement for services. So in my view they completely ignored the debt validation letter and did not validate anything. Is my next step to forward this information to the CRA's and tell them to delete the accounts? I have already, in paralell with this asked the CRA's to investigate as well but am thinking they are just going to get the same line of BS, though Transunion deleted the account the next day so i'm not sure at all what happened there... I have no response from equifax or experian. Soo. Do I wait for equifax and experian to do something? Or send them both more paperwork? Oh... I also disputed this same account with the CRA's about six months ago and they all came back as "verified"... Thanks!
  15. No offense, but was that really nessicary? Yes. Yup apparently. Nice to see that the admins here seem to be exempt from their own rules. That is why i'm stepping out, not because I can't handle an argument or comments from other people. And from someone who claims to be so in favor of following rules and never breaking laws, looks like you just broke a bunch of them on your own message board. As to why it was necessary. People who have no valid rebuttal to an argument generally resort to personal and vulgar attacks in an attempt to break the morale and spirit of the person presenting the other side of the discussion. So sad that someone given such power here has the total inability to control themselves and respect the other members here. And with that, this is my last post as obviously no one cares. Please feel free to delete my account, any associated posts, and ban me if you'd like. I won't be back, I realize i've been wasting me time.

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