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  1. Have you pulled all three of your reports? What is the name of the collection agency and what state do you live in?
  2. I will do that. Thank you! If anyone has anymore ideas let me know...thanks!
  3. FunkieHouse Thank you! I just filed a complaint here: http://www.consumerfinance.gov/ I've never heard of them before. Has anyone else? SuperGurl72 Whoa, Im sorry that happened to you. Glad they were fired.
  4. Thanks everyone for the responses. They are the original creditor. I have never dealt with an issue like this. Again I appreciate all the responses.
  5. Thanks, They actually left a little card that says "Sorry we missed you, RAC Acceptance" Also the debt collector insisted that I should make a payment and that my brother would really appreciate it. This is also a call to his workplace.... I work with him and I picked up this call. I did tell that he is my brother.
  6. Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a while! I've been stalking on and off I miss everyone here and these forums! I have a serious issue. My brother was involved in an accident and can not work. He has been EVICTED from his home as well and is not working at the moment. He bought furniture from Rooms To Go under a RAC acceptance agreement. The collection agents at RAC acceptance have been going to his place of employment searching for him and share the information regarding the furniture and the collection efforts with everyone. They even call family members SEVERAL TIMES a day to collect on this debt. I just got off the phone with their collection agent. She asked me if my brother can talk yet and she said she is sorry that he was in a car accident. I told her he can barely speak at this point but she kept insisting that he call her. She said that she isn't doing anything illegal by the sharing of information with his co-workers. They physically show up at his place of employment and talk to his co-workers! Is there anything he can do to keep them from continuing with their harassing phone calls to family and work? This is in the state of VA. He was evicted and doesn't know what happened to the furniture. Thanks
  7. They said that emails were sent.My credit is bombed over a stupid annual fee! I called the back door number twice.
  8. It's about 33 days late. I have NEVER been late on this account.... I called the back door number and explained this to them and they said they can't remove the 30 day late because it has already been reported. I am so pissed off I can't beleive this!
  9. What do I do? I have NO LATES on my CR. It's been over 30 days... I didn't even get an email that a payment was due. The last time I used that BS card was in December of last year. What do I do? I can't believe this happened! This is horrible
  10. I ordered a transmission for $3,800 and charged my BOA card. I had to pay a $114 foreign transaction fee. Is this the same for debit cards?
  11. OP, above you wrote that you were born in America. If you were born in the US then you're an American...a citizen.
  12. Opened none...Credit score in the 700's.
  13. I'll just move the funds to Comerica Bank... Thanks

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