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  1. I was discussing Pam's generosity just this morning with our race team captain, Michelle. We are grateful to Pam for all that she has done for Melissa's team this year. I want to thank her myself for being steadfast and fabulous in her friendship with me. I consider myself truly blessed in counting her as friend. You probably know how lucky you are to have come under Pammie's light and seen how her hard work (and the work of the other partners at this board) have helped countless others who frequent and infrequent this board. Even if you've taken a small amount away with you, it's counted. I want to thank everyone here who has donated. Your generosity is welcomed and appreciated. May you receive it back ten-fold. All about a girl... My girlfriend Melissa was someone who knew she had borrowed time. She lived fast and she lived true. In the 21 years we were friends she never once lied. Her eulogy was given by close friends of hers and a part of Melissa can be seen on her blog. Offtopic, this is one of the coolest things that ever happened to us. The Scooter or aka When Amazing Things Happen To Ordinary People I was living with Melissa who many had misconstrued frequently as my significant other, a misunderstanding that we rarely denied just to keep things interesting. Besides, for all intents and purposes and until she married a Marine she was my significant other. Our other roomie was Scott, a pure-bred Southern Cali surfer/artist dude who was fabulous and fun to say the least. For a time we crashed at his crib while working on a Showtime movie called "Nails". During our roadside jaunts we'd take her little red scooter downtown to motor around in since its maneuverability beat a full-sized vehicle. The little red scooter barely lurched over 40 mph so it made for perfect side- and access-road cruising as well. On one particularly beautiful, sunny day we decided to motor to Melrose to have lunch. The lunch itself was pretty yummy, Mediterranean faire with filafels and tahini. So yummy in fact it must have distracted us entirely from what was happening outside the restaurant. As we exited the restaurant our jaunt took an oddly dark turn when we couldn't find the little red scooter. We knew perfectly well where we parked it but still looked around frantically in places we'd never even been just to temporarily avoid the glaring truth that it had been scooter-napped. After thirty minutes or so we decided to hoof it home to West Hollywood, about 20 blocks, in LA. No one walks in LA. No one. Especially not 20 blocks. However, here we were, scooterless and thoroughly depressed about having lost our little red friend to some scooter-jacking thief and having to walk all the way home. Luckily it was a pretty day. We made it home after a few hours. In fact, I don't even recall much of the walk. I must have been one tired bean afterwards to have blocked so much of the hike home from all memory. The phone call to the police after arriving home was less than helpful and enlightening about the state of less-than-grand theft scooter in Los Angeles. We were basically told TOO BAD SO SAD and "May as well let it go." That bummed us out even more but we had no choice. We let it go. A couple of months went by and Melissa was down in Oceanside near San Diego visiting friends. I was still in LA, leaving for the east coast and at the end of our street where there was a four-way stop was where I was sitting when I looked over to my left. There sitting in a driveway was an awfully familiar red scooter. Where one finds nerve to act without thinking I'll never know but I got out of my truck with it idling at the intersection and ran over to the driveway to check it out, you know, just in case. Sure enough it was Melissa's little red scooter, the ignition still missing, the yellow sticker still on the front of the windshield. I got back in the truck, did a U-turn and drove back to Scott's. When I ran inside I was blabbering and it took a few seconds for me to calm down. Scott got quite excited when he finally grabbed hold of what I was attempting to relay to him and suggested we go get the scooter back. We unloaded my truck in a matter of minutes, drove down to end of the street, and got out with the truck's motor still running. I opened up my back hatch door and then helped Scott push the scooter to the back of my truck. We were both laughing at the prospect of getting caught and how would we possibly explain the re-stealing of a stolen item?? We lifted it in and drove back to his house. The phone call to Melissa was a mass of confusion and happiness and utter disbelief. The stats alone are amazing. No, they are totally mind-boggling. Think about it. 10 Million People...88 Cities...20 blocks from where it had been stolen and it's discovered less than a half a dozen houses from where we were living. When Melissa decided to get married as a parting gift to Scott for his kindness and hospitality she gave him her little red scooter. It was the hottest scooter in Los Angeles that winter. Again THANKS! Lani
  2. This is sooooooo frustrating and it's not even my account!~
  3. I talked to them the first time they called. I guess I'll have to deal. No worries. I just didn't think they could keep calling after I had already made arrangements. Thanks!
  4. Car loan through Americredit in TX. We were late in November but have since caught up. December has an outstanding balance but we're only like 10 days late. They have called us THREE times today wanting to know when we're paying December's payment. Help? TIA Lani
  5. so while I was talking to Pam I called one of the numbers back and was forwarded to a main number automatically so I couldn't even talk to any of the annoying agents. The woman that answered the phone got an earful. I spent the next half hour with one of two possibilities: the stupidest person or a well-trained automaton. I'm still not sure which. Twice she asked me if I was or knew who this 'Megan' was. I never gave her my name. But she wanted it. She even told me that since I wouldn't give her my name she couldn't remove my phone number from the file. She got a few choice words tossed at her for that. At one point I told her this conversation was being recorded and I was online with my attorney simultaneously. She said that my yelling at her was being recorded and I said so f-ing what what I was saying and how I was saying it wasn't illegal but what her company was doing is. I told her my attorney said her remark about not being able to remove my number was a lie. She shut up then. After my being quite offensive she told me was noting the account that I was being rude and yelling at her. Funny too since she never got my name. So I haven't had a call for Megan since yesterday. Here's their number: 614-212-7501 or any combo of the 7500 series. I sure wish I had one of those blowhorns, she'd have gone home with a pain in the ear. Thanks y'all!! Lani Ain't it great to give them chocolate when the account was NEVER yours?
  6. They have the wrong number but are calling me anyway. Two days ago it was just one guy and he called three times. Today I'm getting different people and because I'm getting testy they're passing my numer around the office. I'm getting hit hourly now. How do I get rid of them??
  7. THANK YOU WHY CHAT!! I had made that decision before you validated my actions. I appreciate your help.
  8. I was going to send the HIPAA letter to the OC but it occured to me to wonder if the Radiology people can be held accountable if they're a private firm.....(?) What are the implications? Ya know? I have had NO contact with the CA at all ever. Not even with the OC at this point. My first contact was with the HIPAA letter to the legal dept at the hospital.
  9. The medical bill I am now in collections with is a private company that handles all the RADIOLOGY stuff. I got a letter back from the hospital legal dept saying I don't owe them directly. My question is, now what do I do? The radiology dept at the hospital won't discuss this account with me. It's over a year old now. Do I send the CA the HIPAA letter? How do I let them (CA or OC) know they *STILL* haven't sent the right paperwork to my insurance company? THey're on my report! HELP!
  10. I wanted to know about a medical bill getting paid and a CA that's on my report. I feel like a dork Lani aka ERIESS
  11. on the advice of my guru I have found that the CA is not licensed in my current state Maryland. The apartment was in Colorado. I'll let you all know if I hear from them again. I'm sure I will. Eventually. Thanks for all the input, Eriess
  12. Thank you Butch. One other quickie, what happened to that 15 days by law? Eriess
  13. I sent in the letters for procedural requests to the CRAs and I notice they have put a 30 day investigation timeline on my reports. Meaning that Equifax has started an investigation of 30 days just on my procedural request. I stated specifically in my letters that they had 15 days. Is the 30 days customary? What do I do next when in 5 days the 15 days runs out?
  14. The apartment people NEVER reported any of this.

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