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  1. Update: The disappearance of Pre-approval offers was only temporary. They are back! :-)
  2. Update: Points only showed up as "0" on Citi's mobile site. But balance is still there when viewing the fullsite. Called in and was able to verify that points are still there. Have another 3 weeks to spend them! Whoa, thought we lost 52K of TYP!
  3. They started me sort of "low" compared to other CU cards after pulling TU (instead, per my request, about 760+ FICO). Roughly $14K. Gave me auto-increases twice ever since my membership began 2 years ago. Now @19K (card's been used for BT only, next month regular APR will kick in
  4. Be careful with Penfed's CLI button for your CC. My limit on the only card is currently @50K. Too bored and clicked on the CLI button, which was responded with "Action Required" (perhaps to fill out some info). I backed out by withdrawing the request, which was instantly confirmed in the status field as such. Back to homepage, pre-approvals were gone!!!! Lesson learned: Tread with care and don't get bored like me!!! I need those pretty pre-approvals to remain there indefinitely or at least until I find some real need to use such favors!!!
  5. BUMP, plz! points transferedon may 29 now disappeared. weird, its not even two months yet. anyine with similar experience with citi? sorry, cap key malfunctioned. thanks. also I won't be back to the states until 08/26, thus can't call citi:-(
  6. points transferedon may 29 now disappeared. weird, its not even two months yet. anyine with similar experience with citi? sorry, cap key malfunctioned. thanks. also I won't be back to the states until 08/26, thus can't call citi:-(
  7. Congrats on beating Am3x at its own game! BTW, EX is a rough monster out there. In addition to baddies being tougher to remove, my EX FICO scores used to trail way behind EQ and TU. But now EX has been consistently ahead, breaking 800 for the last several months, while TU and EQ fluctuate 760-780ish.
  8. cmoz

    Bill Me Later

    Do they pull a hard initially and pull softs every time one makes a purchase?
  9. Krap1 instantly gave me 2x20K credit lines (1 personal, 1 biz) with their fabulous match-my-miles sign-up bonuses last year. Awards were turned into mileage-earning airfare to a couple of Scandinavian countries, plus a few travel perks. After that I socked them (took'em out to downgrade to no-AF cards). They've done me no wrong yet. Exception: 1) Pulled all three CRAs for each of the cards; and 2) Reported biz card/its balance to EX! Plus sides: Initial limits are many times more than Discover, Citi or Chase has ever given me. Topped Am3x, too in terms of initial limits. I guess my experience with them has not been as krappy as others!
  10. Interesting data here. At one point, I keep those CRA reporting dates for each account. Sometimes when I called in to get such data, reps are clueless or would have me wait long on the phone to find out.. Of course I learned that Crap1 DOES report biz card balances to EX the hard way. Nowadays, I'm avoiding dealing with that fool completely after cashing out a good chunk of travel rewards. Using AND allowing only 2-3 cards reporting balances while avoiding finance charges help minimize tracking headaches for me. It's easier to schedule payments/statement payoffs, too. YMMV, though!
  11. Do they backdate account history for AU like Am3x? Or just reporting onward for the day the AU account gets established?
  12. Way to go. Keep the good news flowing!
  13. ... and ONLY if they promise in writing (revised T&C) that they won't "THEFT" your legitimately-earned reward points after lamely closing your accounts at any time and for any reason (translating, "WHENEVER we feel jealous of other issuers or feel like we can no longer make easy money off you; we retain all the rights to preemptively steal from you, just like any sub-prime predators out there"). OK, theftologists from the Chase Executive Management Office, I am talkin to YOU! ... and ONLY after they clearly spell out stipulations that they won't ax accounts from owners who listen to music that they secretly object. Sorry, y'all, that I had to go there!
  14. She did. Using an old report number via backdoor link and opting for "Dispute" but not actually disputing after all gives her a updated report.
  15. Recon via fax/then phone failed. I guess it's just their "business" decision: closing credit card accounts at ANYTIME or ANY reason without explanations, says exec office rep told. Expecting denial letters along with cardmember agreements and reward terms of conditions in the mail. Upon receipt of such, will fire letter to CFPB! after a a couple of months, she got the account back too. http://creditboards....ic=482483&st=25

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