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  1. Yeah thats true but in this case I just they want to see how honest I am in disclosing that info vs not disclosing it and them finding out either way. I would hurt my chances of getting in the academy.
  2. Yeah the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey wants everything.
  3. Does anyone have the numbers to the 3 CA's? I have to get the hard copies pronto. Thanks
  4. Need some help, does anyone has the phone numbers to the 3 agencies? I need hard copies of my credit report in order to complete my background investigation for the local police department I am going in the academy for. Thanks and much appreciated
  5. I agree continue to pay them it will reflect positively on your score
  6. Yeah I learned my lesson with that crap
  7. Ok thanks I will go the same route and do this and let them know to send me over copies that its my account. Hopefully they will remove it.
  8. Bump Any more suggestions? I really want to get this crap off of my report
  9. Do I have to write in to all 3 of the credit agencies? I remember disputing them online but to no avail. Nothing happened
  10. How can I get a few creditors off my credit report? the situation is that I was an authorized user on 3 high limit credit cards my moms defaulted on due to her losing her job. Now my fico scores are in the mid 500 range and I know that once I get this negative information off my report I know my score will go up to the high 5's to 600. Although I never used my moms cards only just for emergency purposes, the fact that those accounts were written off its on my report. Can anyone give any info on how I can proceed in getting this stuff off? thanks
  11. Hello everyone, I'm knew to creditboards but very familiar with it at the same time. I' am looking to get my score in the 700 range. That would be an accomplishment in itself.

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