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  1. I didn't know I could lease my cats. Here I've been paying outright for the little furballs.
  2. I've been encouraged to ask for CLI on my cards by several members here. My question is this: Given my scores (clean reports, 750s average), and our combined income of $60,000 (unfortunately, our income took a huge dive when I had to go on disability,) how far should I push when asking for CLIs on my various cards. I already know Cap1 hates me, and I haven't tried any of the others yet. Below are my cards, my current limits and when the accounts were opened. Thanks for your advice. Wells Fargo $3,800 Jun-15 Capital One Quicksilver $1,600 Mar-16 Monroe and Main $1,600
  3. So I closed my Comenity accounts yesterday afternoon (one bank, five accounts, five separate phone calls, 1 hour gone.) I then went to Credit Karma to confirm the info on my open dates for my other accounts and while there, I noticed they were recommending I apply for the Amex Blue Cash Everyday card. Back in 2010/2011, my Amex Delta card was one of the cards that got charged off (about $3500) when I got sick/lost my job/lost our house, etc. Starting about 2017, I have tried to apply about once a year. Amex laughed and laughed and told me to FOAD without even pulling a
  4. Thanks for the advice. I spent an hour closing 5 accounts. One bank, but I had to call 5 different numbers. It's done now though and I feel oddly better. Wells Fargo $3,800 Jun-15 Comenity (Jessica London) $730 Jan-16 Capital One Quicksilver $1,600 Mar-16 Monroe and Main $1,600 Dec-16 Comenity (FullBeauty) $550 Feb-17 Capital One BuyPower $850 Mar-17 Comenity (Avenue) $250 May-17 Walmart $550 Jan-18 Comenity (WomanWithin) $750 Sep-18 Chase Amazon $2,000 Oct-18 Comenity (Brylane) $500 Apr-19 BBVA $3,600 F
  5. Hi. I have been slowly rebuilding my credit after a financial cluster back in 2010/2011. I originally opened a number of accounts through Comenity, all of which have relatively low limits. These were with plus-sized retailers. Since then I have lost weight and no longer need to shop at these stores. I have received several emails from them saying I needed to purchase something in order to keep the account open. One slipped past me and it was closed in May 2020, but I have purchased things I don't really need with the others in order to keep them open. Now I am thinking I just don't
  6. I wouldn't say it's automatic - I've had my card since May with a $200 CL and no CLI yet. My scores are in the mid 600s.
  7. Sorry you're having to go through this hassle! Hope everything turns out all right for you.
  8. Got the card in May 2007 with a $500 CL. Charged between $100/$200 per month - PIF. Logged in this morning because my statement cut yesterday and low and behold - they increased my CL to $1500!!! Not a huge amount, but every little bit helps.
  9. I second the idea of contacting a social worker. I'm currently undergoing several very expensive treatments and while I do have private insurance, the social worker I've been talking to has been very helpful with finding alternative ways for paying my co-insurance.
  10. I've charged well over $1000 on my Macy's account since I opened it in May (thanks to a new house!) Do they automatically upgrade the account from Red to Platinum or do I need to call in to have it done? TIA.
  11. The card saw HEAVY usage from the months of May through Sept. - probably $500 - $800 per month. Honestly, I got tired of waiting for the new balance to post so I could make a payment in order to use the card again. Still stuck at $200 CL.
  12. Ha. I have an old HP Shopping account (underwritten by HSBC) and I NEVER use it. When I saw your thread, I thought, hey, I should see if there is an online CLI button that I can click. Sure enough. It just doubled my limit to $5000. Cool. Still won't be using the card, but nice to know that HSBC doubled the limit. OP, I don't know the answer to your question, by the way. I've never done an online CLI until today. Thought I would update this. HSBC just doubled my limit again. I am now at $10,000. I used it a couple of times between March and today. Spent no more than $250 over t
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