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  1. Thanks, tryin' just bumping in case someone else has any advice...
  2. I had a somewhat similar circumstance: I received a notice of default judgment in 2004 from an accident that allegedly occurred in 2000 or 2001. Around the same time my license was suspended. I obtained a motion to vacate the judgment on grounds that I was improperly served (sewer served to a very old address), submitted my reply and then moved out of state later that year. Fast forward to 2009. I receive another notice of default judgment (again, I was sewer served to the same old address) and another notice of suspension. Being a DE resident, I didn't think too much of it. I contacted my old lawyer in CA and asked him to look into it for me. I wanted to weight the cost/benefit of pursuing sanctions against the insurance company's law firm for improper service (twice!!). A few months later, I went to the local DMV to renew my vehicle registration. The clerk notified me that I had an out-of-state suspension which invalidated my DE license since CA and DE have a cooperation agreement. So, not only was my DE license taken from me, I wasn't able to register my vehicle since you must have a valid DL to do so. Also, when I went to check my CRs, the judgment had shown up as a negative TL notation. My CA attorney has so far been unsuccessful in negotiating with the insurance company. Now that they have a judgment, the burden of proof is on me to try and vacate the judgment (again!) and get my license reinstated. The only problem is that I'm over 3000 miles away and the cost to do this would be as much or more than this parasitical law firm is trying to extort from me. Q's to anyone with firsthand knowledge - how far does the reach of a CA judgment really extend? Is there anything I can do in-state (DE) to at the very least have my license reinstated? How do I go about getting this issue resolved once-and-for-all? I'm afraid if I get the judgment vacated again, this will all just reappear in a few years. What kind of in-state attorney should I seek advice from (i.e. what specialty?). Finally, is there anyway to negotiate with the CA law firm/insurance company now that they have a judgment or do they pretty much hold all the cards now?
  3. Credit card companies have seen record charge offs this year, with some 4% of accounts going into collections in the first half of this year. I think we can expect to see CCCs clamp down on marginal accounts for a while.
  4. Is there a website like gethuman.com that can explain how to bypass the offshore CSR and get to a native English speaker? Totally frustrated by offshore CSRs who are operating from static-filled phone banks that routinely drop calls, cannot understand me, are many times completely incomprehensible and do not have a firm grasp on American semantics and lexicon. I call customer service when I have a problem and being forced to deal with a CSR who cannot effectively deal with my problem just makes it worse, not better... And no, this is not about any one particular company.
  5. Good for you. They certainly love you a lot more than they love me. While my other cards are giving me 5-10K limits, Chase saw fit to give me a whopping $300 CL!!! WTF? WTG!
  6. There's already a thread stickied to the top that gives some good information on who's getting F/R and what the circumstances of the credit and relationship with Amex is. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=248300
  7. simple... They're the DEVIL! (better not catch you playing no foosball!)
  8. You did what you could. You gave her a roadmap to success and she flushed it down the toilet. Not your fault.
  9. If they're willing to PFD and you have the cash, i'd do it. If they take you to court over this, you'll likely lose. However, make sure you get the PFD agreement in writing before you send them a dime. Do a search for PFD for examples of how to go about doing this. BTW, do you know if you're past SOL?
  10. EX will refuse to delete address that don't even EXIST! They're the devil.
  11. Is the debt yours? Because I think any judge on the planet would rule that what they sent you is sufficient validation. How much is the debt for?
  12. I found an interesting interpretation of the FDCPA from the California Dept. of Consumer Affairs relating specifically to the construction of the DV notice. This would seem to indicate that there are no hard and fast rules as to the precise wording of the DV, as long as it communicates to the CA that something about the debt is in question. The use of the term "I dispute..." is not necessarily required either as courts in their rulings have stated that "a request for validation (or verification)" is sufficient. The full California Dept. of Consumer Affairs interpretation of the FDCPA can be found here: http://www.dca.ca.gov/publications/legal_guides/dc_2.pdf and provides a handy "layman's terms" explanation and interpretation of the Act.
  13. First, the federal government makes it mandatory to carry auto insurance. Okay. But then, you get a bunch of personal injury lawyers running around trying to get everyone to sue everyone else every time there's a tiny fender bender. Auto repair shops get into the act by inflating their prices so that you can extract even more money from a claim and pocket the difference (or the whole thing!). Add in "pain and suffering" and "mental anguish", two of the biggest BS claims of all time, and a 5-mile per hour tap becomes a $10,000 insurance claim. The insurance companies probably figure that someone whose credit score is in the crapper is more likely to make one of these outrageous accident claims. Who knows?

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