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  1. Sorry to read this Konrad. My belated prayers to their families...
  2. This^ Going to the udder every 30 days or so is not a pry-bar and certainly not a crowbar. Good information...thanks
  3. Congrats on that... it never ceases to amaze me the fraud that finance companies will engage in, as if they don't make enough money already. I am reading through your entire thread... congrats on all of your progress, it is very inspiring and congrats on your newest child
  4. Congrats! About to do an app spree myself for TU, either this week or around the 15th.
  5. I would like proof that this account is actually mine. I don't believe that a company can put your name and info on a spreadsheet and say you owe them money. They are not actively trying to collect, however, they have a derog listed across all 3 CRA's. I share your belief.You guys can believe that the sky should rain cookie dough. Read the FDCPA. Nothing about cookie dough in there. I am pretty sure that you don't know what you are talking about CV91915, but okay if you say so we will all bow down to your great wealth of knowledge...lol and I am fairly certain that Ican does know a
  6. Agreed. Review the link from Ican. Ican has a lot of info. Basically you will probably have to sue Midland or at least send an ITS. The CFPB won;t do much about your issue. You are correct in that what they provided would not stand up in court. There are a whole set of rules about computer-generated printouts and spreadsheets, etc. Ican has the info under the "Help I've been served" forum. You can learn tons on Midland. Best of luck.
  7. Probably only a ITS letter...lol, unfortunately since they don't play by the rules.
  8. BTW, those graphs are really informative/illustrative.
  9. I like those terms you used. Utilization is the one variable we can all control. Agreed. I don't worry about utilization generally. It is mostly irrelevant until I am making a big ticket item purchase/finance (like the new electric Mercedes or BMW I am considering purchasing in June for my wife) or doing an app spree (which I am not doing until at least December, as I am gardening right now). I know I can pay down something and then generate a quick point swing, when I need it. I also like the terms. Very appropriate.
  10. You're right. But it's still ugly to see such a rate. I have no idea what any of the APRs are on my cards. Me either. Or a returned payment fee. At the end of the day Comenity is sub-prime. Here is a good article from creditcard.com on Comenity and its profitability: http://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/bank-yields-loans-1276.php Thanks for the article. It was very informative.
  11. Yes, this board is an excellent resource. And congrats again OP.
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