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  1. You screwed up BIG TIME........Your life is over. Kidding.
  2. MakemePlatinum


    Speaking of Cavalry.....They sent ME a validation letter. By the way, congrats friend. I went on a spree and got about 5 new TL's. Got complacent. I need to jump back on the horse and finih the job.
  3. This is an accusation people. And how is this relevant?
  4. I'm in the same boat. Not one off Equifax. Don't know why.
  5. maybe if Sprint would address the actual issue though (fix their billing, upgrade their network to something beyond 1990 technology, etc) those customers wouldn't have had to call. now...if those specific customers were calling just to say "HEy, how are things going. No problems on my end, just wanted to let you know that" then ok... but these are customers that actualyl had issues Sprint is currently in the process of updating their billing platform. This should be completed by the end of Q3. Sprint's network is the best out there when you look at the numbers. There are a few pockets where service will be bad, but that is true with any carrier. If you are a heavy data user, no one compares to Sprint. They will have their complete Rev A network rolled out by the end of the year and are already in process of upgrading that to a 4G model. I can tell you that some of these people were calling everytime they dropped a call or did not have a signal, questioned every minute on their bill, etc... most of the time it would show the bill was right. These are the callers that are tying up the customer service lines hence increasing the hold times for everyone else. I understand why they are this, although it does look bad. They are in serious trouble with Wall St and are doing what needs to be done to streamline their service as well as bring costs down. They're just in a bad position right now. so by the end of Q3, they'll actually be able to bill correctly? Why has it taken them so many years? As for their data services...I agree...they DO have good data service...ONE OF the fastest out there...not THE fastest...but fast enough... Why shuoldn't the customers call when they drop a call? When Sprint advertises "feweset dropped calls", I'd think that they'd actually mean it...turns out they DON'T... sure, they may have the fewest dropped calls in major cities...within a mile of their towers...but anywhere else it's hit or miss now...as for the customers calling to question their bill...Sprint will say the bill is right...but was it? Sprint doesn't advertise fewest dropped calls - that's Cingular aka AT&T. Sprint doesn't have the fastes data service speeds? Then what wireless carrier does?
  6. $770.00 which included 1st month's payment.
  7. Yeah, ok. So I send tyhis letter out and today I get notification that Experian has changed the status to "Judgement satisfied". I have no idea if this will effect my credit rating but THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO REMOVE THIS!!!! What now?
  8. Got the car on Saturday!! Brand new black and chrome 2008 Ford Taurus Limited with all the bells and whistles. Wow has Ford improved the quality on their cars. 6 speed transmission is excellent, the new 3.5 engine is superb. The cabin is so quiet, someone can yell at you right outside your window and you will not hear them. The sales manager and I had one last standoff on Saturday and I told myself if I don't get the deal I want, I'm walking out. Anyhow, come to find out that he had a hidden $900.00 maintenance plan labeled "Insurance" on the buyers order. I asked him what that was and he scratches his head all like "Gee, I don't know. Let me go find out". He comes back and says that this was a maintenance plan that FMCC is requiring me to have in order to finance me. Covers free oil changes and a brake job for the life of the lease. Will not get financed without it. Fast forward 2 hours later, after the sales manager allegedly calls FMCC to push the deal through without it, my payments drop down from $499.00 a month to $457.00. SOLD!!! Write it up Johnny!
  9. Even though I didn't bother to read the article, as an employee of Sprint-Nextels Corporate retention team, working directly as an assistant to the VP - I will agree that SPRINT'S customer service is an embarassment. What these fools won't tell you is that Sprint-Nextel is aware of this issue, and are slowly but SURELY eliminating the removed offensive term (Legacy Sprint Customer service reps), and have already begun unified billing. (Merging Nextel and Sprint customers on to one bill). What comes next is Nextel CS reps that will handle Sprint and Nextel devices. In other words, bye bye Sprint Customer service. Thank G0d.
  10. You're doing the same with a purchase. You buy a car for $27,000. By the time you drive it off it's worth $21,000. Then after 2 years of paying nothing but interest, your car is only worth $13-15,000 after making $14 - 15,000 in car payments.
  11. Marv, I could really use your help here. I'm supposed to go to the dealership at 2pm and make a one last ditch effort to get my payment down, or take it or leave it. Guess you're on vacation.
  12. Congratulations! All that matters is you have the payment you are comfortable with. Becuase, even though your interest is double what I'm offered thru Ford, your payment is only $100 or so cheaper due to the residual. I'm assuming.

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