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  1. Is there a way to update tradelines that are reporting as positive? In other words, I have multiple closed lines that are in good standing but coming up on their 10 year mark on my report. Is there a way to update those lines so they stay on my reports for longer?
  2. Does anyone have a phone number or email for Credit One Executive Office to contact about a possible goodwill adjustment on 1 30 day late payment?
  3. Anyone have a valid phone # for Cap 1? I've written but can't get anyone to acknowledge I even live.
  4. I can confirm that the WHYCHAT method works. My judgment was NOT recorded and therefor when I sent my letter on yellow paper with purple writing, it was deleted.
  5. I used to use CB back in the day and everyone here helped me get over 700 back then. My question is, does pulling your credit report over and over daily still allow you to get to a point where your inquiries start falling off if you pull enough times? I searched the site and can't really find any topic that would answer this. Thank you in advance.
  6. If an account is listed in a CO(Charged Off) Status, can the creditor continue to report you as having missed the most recent payment? In other words, I have an account that was CO over a year ago however the creditor continues to report me as having missed a payment less than a month ago.
  7. I DV'd them both but got no response. I filed my complaint with the BBB and they responded back by saying although they have nothing on record saying I DV'd them they would remove the trade lines to keep their customer first mantra in good standing.
  8. Did you DV NCO and Midland first or did you dispute directly with the BBB? I just filed with the BBB
  9. Did you DV NCO and Midland first or did you dispute directly with the BBB?
  10. For those who have collection accounts on their credit reports with these two companies. Go online to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint with the BBB stating that NCO or MIDLAND has refused to provide proper DEBT VALIDATION. I just got my response back and both companies have agreed to remove their collection accounts from all 3 bureaus.
  11. I have the same problem with Tmobile and Midland. I requested DEBT VALIDATION from Midland and they blew me off so I went throught the Better Business Bureau. Waiting to find out the results
  12. #3 is what I have used successfully in my 2 previous complaints and both were promptly removed
  13. Anyone have suggestions on how to get rid of my last 4 bad accounts? The date of first delinquency on all are in October of 2008 and all have been subsequently charged off however before they were charged off the companies reported them as paying late up until this past month. Just looking for anything that might work for getting them removed.
  14. So there is no way to recover other than settle the account? That isn't considered re-aging the account since it was originally charged off in 2009?
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