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  1. I think Equifax has to be under 35K maybe even 30K for reporting usage on a credit card because the vast majority of my cards that provide a FICO score always ding me for no credit card usage when I used the Citi 35K card. Thanks sorry for the hijack.
  2. Hmm. I have a Citi Double Cash with a 35K limit and when I just use it I get a ding for no credit card usage.
  3. Been a while since I cared. IF I understand correctly credit cards with a limit over 30K do not report usage? Right?
  4. Mine have been the same for years. I don't pay attention to them really. Nearly all of my lenders seem to be using FICO 9.
  5. I've used NFCU as my primary checking account for many years and have had no problems. If I have one complaint it is that they no longer have branch hours on Saturday due to Covid.
  6. I think I was rebucketed myself at least as pertains to my Fico 9 scores. Pretty sure some older lines have been dropped off my reports. Before this month June 2020 my scores had fluctuated between 847-850 top score 850 for this iteration right. This month shows 822. BK in 2000 so all of my really old lines from the mid 1970's went bye bye got a lot of new cards in the 2007 app frenzy. Paid off a mortgage I took out in 2014 in April so I doubt that is the cause. Reasons for score are accounts too new and balances on installments too high. I have a car loan from Dec 2018 original balance 16K now 10K. Have 5 credit cards limits 150K balance on one card $1200 only one inquiry. So I guess I must have been rebucketed. Oldest line 13 years.
  7. Still working just got another 3K increase.
  8. No way I am giving another company access to my bank info. Not that I need it or that this boost would help my credit but why not get credit for paying bills with a credit card? I pay everything I can with credit cards now I am guessing most do.
  9. I am retired and do not spend that much anymore. I currently have 9 open CC's around 250K available. I know I am not liable for charges that aren't mine if someone were to get hold of my info but I am getting to the age that I don't want to be bothered making sure I use each card enough to keep them all open. Thinking of closing my 2 newest cards in the next few years.
  10. So I ended up just taking my 15 month 2% of balance 0% interest rate offer from PNC as I got nothing at all from Navy.
  11. Anyone know what month NFCU usually offers 0% 0 fee balance transfers to members?
  12. Got 3K to $28400. 3000 must be the new 1800.
  13. Chase has gotten worse over time. I like Citi and PNC. PSECU not all that great either.
  14. I was able to get through on an automated phone line with Equifax after multiple tries online. This is the phone number for the automated phone line to freeze with Transunion. It should work and depending upon your state it should be free to freeze. 1-888-909-8872
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