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  1. Still working just got another 3K increase.
  2. No way I am giving another company access to my bank info. Not that I need it or that this boost would help my credit but why not get credit for paying bills with a credit card? I pay everything I can with credit cards now I am guessing most do.
  3. I am retired and do not spend that much anymore. I currently have 9 open CC's around 250K available. I know I am not liable for charges that aren't mine if someone were to get hold of my info but I am getting to the age that I don't want to be bothered making sure I use each card enough to keep them all open. Thinking of closing my 2 newest cards in the next few years.
  4. So I ended up just taking my 15 month 2% of balance 0% interest rate offer from PNC as I got nothing at all from Navy.
  5. Anyone know what month NFCU usually offers 0% 0 fee balance transfers to members?
  6. Got 3K to $28400. 3000 must be the new 1800.
  7. Chase has gotten worse over time. I like Citi and PNC. PSECU not all that great either.
  8. I was able to get through on an automated phone line with Equifax after multiple tries online. This is the phone number for the automated phone line to freeze with Transunion. It should work and depending upon your state it should be free to freeze. 1-888-909-8872
  9. Just used EX denied you know what the other day.
  10. I gotta figure i am safer having all 3 bureaus frozen than not. Maybe you could explain what main threat a freeze would be of zero help with cause I just do not get it.
  11. Was able to place EQ freeze using the automated. 1-800-329-9960
  12. I had no problem initiating the freeze very early this morning with Transunion but I got a no can do right now message with Equifax and the page I need to get to on Experian does not load at all. Just a blank page that says loading in the top left hand corner. Never loads. I do not want to do this stuff through the mail. Ex phone is a constant busy signal.
  13. My info was compromised according to their website. I am not that concerned about my current accounts since I check them all twice daily. My concern is with someone hacking into my Social Security account and changing my direct deposit info in essence getting my money sent to them. Secondly since I have a lot of equity in my house how can I protect myself from some ahole getting a HELOC in my name?
  14. I got this offer via email. Already had done a small balance transfer to a new Slate card with slightly better terms a few months back. Didn't NFCU used to post these offers early in the year?

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