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  1. Approved! Wonder what the limit is, though. I wished I hadn't applied after I'd read your post.
  2. anyone know the max on the paypal buyer's credit CL? kept bumping DW's up and up, got it to 5K and then GEMB doubled it on their own. Not sure if they do much higher than 10K, though. She won't call, either way, so I guess it's a moot point.
  3. Got mine about 7 months ago. Burned amex for a bit over $2K in my younger years. Pulled EX, approved online in about a week with an initial credit line of a bit over $15K. This isn't my highest TL, but it's higher than my average CL. Haven't bothered them with a CLI request yet, plan on letting the account age a bit before asking for luv. If you shop at Costco often it's a pretty decent card. 3% back gas, 2% restaurants. I use it fairly often, more than I thought I would.
  4. I got the Amazon card 9/5/11 ($8K) - apped for the sapphire preferred 11/29 and was approved ($12.5K). Also got the Freedom ($10K) back in April or May. I'm a little surprised at the last approval, to be honest. Just apped a day or two before for the amex blue cash preferred as well. Chase again pulled both EX and EQ. They have for the last two cards for me. I'm in northern CA.
  5. I haven't seen an email, and can't tell on my account page on citi's website if it's good for everyone. I hope it is. It'd come out of the sock drawer! We like to eat out.
  6. Will do! What do you think my chances of CC approval are? My ScoreWatch EQ FICO is 707, my UTI is 1%, and I have two paid CO's from 2005. Your odds aren't all that good, as Penfed is a pretty conservative lender. At least they're paid COs, though - you may have a shot. I'd go for it either way, as the hard inquiry is already on your report - a denial isn't going to hurt, won't cost you anything.
  7. And to reply to the actual thread, first 5 digit card was Navy. 17.5 instant approval with 2 chargeoffs still reporting. Highest limit was about a grand up til that point. Now I am bummed when my new apps are approved for less than 10k, but doesn't happen often luckily.
  8. I had assumed hard until I tried the other night. Have had the card for about 2 years, instantly approved for 17.5k Put in $30K for the requested CLI, and immediately countered for $25K. Took it, no hard inquiry. I think if you're not at your total exposure limit, you can get an increase with Navy without a hard. It happened to me. In fact, it wasn't much more than a week or so ago. Got tired of waiting for an auto CLI.
  9. Very nice. I think my highest limist was about $1k - applied and was instantly approved for $17.5K. Had the same reaction. And I had two unpaid chargeoffs on my CR. (old, though)
  10. Yeah, that pretty much sounds like the exact conversation I had with FP a few years back. Why did I ever get that crappy card. Oh well - good job on being able to close those bottom feeders! I followed up my phone call with a letter, to be sure they closed the account. Not sure it was necessary, but with those bastards, better safe than sorry!
  11. This can only end well, right? Wait - haven't we seen the ending of this movie already? Sigh.
  12. The problem with this method is that now you've limited your maximum CL to half of what it could have been. Navy is very generous with the credit lines, but only to a total exposure. If you have only one credit card with Navy, you can get the maximum exposure they'll give you in a single card. As someone more eloquent than myself has previously stated, higher limits beget higher limits. The Navy 1-2 punch is more for individuals with a credit profile that wouldn't support an approval for a non-secured product. A way to get two tradelines for the price of one. That said, you'll have to have a pretty bad file to get denied credit with Navy, it would seem.

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