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  1. Quill gave me instant net 30 approval, I also have Uline, Fed Ex Printing, Grainger, and National Pen Company (which not sure if they report), and Quosmedix (I'm in the beauty industry). Just ordered something from Seton so we'll see. Also it looks like my Cap One Spark card is reporting on Experian. Does Verizon report to anyone? Also to maintain good business credit, which I'm still learning about this from these boards, how often do you place orders from vendors and is their an average amount? Also I have one listed on D&B as a cash account, does that mean I paid the invoice too fast? Thanks for all of this great knowledge!
  2. No, five collections are five collections as far as FICO knows. Thank you for your reply. The baby is doing much better. She was born really small and she is eating well and growing. I'm still dealing with some issues. I will definitely read the stickys.
  3. I need some assistance with a medical bill issue. I recently endured a very high risk pregnancy and had to go to the doctor/specialists at least twice a week. I had the baby 3 weeks ago and had complications so I am going to be off of work on Short Term Disability for a while. Needless to say I have been focused on my new baby and trying to heal and hadn't been paying much attention to my administrative duties at the house. So today I decided to go through some of my mail, emails, etc. I received a credit alert from Transunion and noticed that a few of my medical bills got sent to a collection agency (CBE group) and it was put on my credit report a couple of days ago. There are five bills and the balances are small, $43, $51, $83, $81, $85. Most likely co-pays and such that my insurance won't cover. I was told that small balances, under $100 don't affect your FICO score. Is this true? These are the only negative items on there. Also I want to get this taken care of, what are my chances of getting them to remove them if I pay them? Can someone direct me to a standard form letter I can use? Thanks in advance for your help. I have so much going on healthwise I am scatter brained these days. I am usually on top of everything.
  4. I refinanced my auto loan over a year ago with Navy Federal to get a lower interest rate and thus a lower payment. My scores are better now than they were then and I've maintained a great payment history and utilization on my Navy Credit cards. Would I be able to attempt to apply for another 2nd chance auto loan to see if I can once again get a lower interest rate you think?
  5. I called, gave the representative some brief information. He gave me the duns number, and the password. Call took less than 5 minutes.
  6. It looks like I'm going to have to call. Everytime I request it via email they never email it. No email so far. I'm home today due to the Tropical Storm so I'll be able to take care of some business issues and I will give them a call.
  7. I applied for a Duns number, as I will be eventually applying for grant funding. I know they set up my Duns number, but I never received an email, phone call, or anything with the number. How do I get my number, and how do I check my credit score without having to deal with purchasing additional items or high pressure sales tactics? Actually I see a link on the D&B CCR website for Contractors and Grantees where you can request your existing Duns number. My business name came up so let me see if that works as well.
  8. I'm reviewing my credit reports from MyFico and I need some guidance on 3 baddies on my reports- If you have an old paid collection (maybe 4 years or so since it was paid) still reporting and you want to have it removed does someone have a good sample letter you could write to the collection agency/creditor asking them to remove it as a goodwill gesture as opposed to just waiting until it falls off 3 years later. I tried disputing it before however the Collection Agency just verified it and Transunion left it on the report. There is a credit card account that is showing on my credit report. This is when I wrote them a settlement letter to pay the account in full and to update my credit report as paid in full, which they agreed to. Unfortunately I can't locate my copy of the letter I wrote them and at the time I wasn't aware of this board of the fact that I could have did a pay to delete letter. All three reports have different dates of last activity, with one report showing DOLA 2005. They are currently reporting $0 balance "paid bad debt/collection" on my Equifax report, $395 past due on my Transunion report, and $398 past due on my Experian report. So number 1, the past due balances are not correct on the reports (even though its 3 bucks), and the agreement was to mark the account paid at the time of settlement so a $0 balance should be reflected on the other two reports just like the Equifax. I have a credit card debt for a card that was opened in 2000. It was assigned to a collection agency (Portfolio Recovery) in 2003. The original creditor has it listed on my credit report as bad debt write off $0 balance, on two of my credit reports. On one they have it listed as 120+ past due but with a $0 balance! The collection agency has it listed on my report as well. The CA is reporting the date it was opened, date it was assigned to the CA, but there is not DOLA reported. Believe it or not I have been disputing this account for a couple of years, because the balance of debt owed is not correct and they have yet to clearly verify how they came up with the amount (that's another story). Since this is rather old does the Statue of Limitations apply here, and how does that work? If it does apply is there a letter I write to Portfolio Recovery? Also I obtained the credit card while living in Michigan, it went to collections while I was living in Georgia, and now I reside in another state all together. Also, general question, I read that an item falls off based on DOLA but what if the CRA is not reporting a date? Thanks
  9. If you mean what method, I disputed them online through True credit if I remember correctly.
  10. Thats good to know. Maybe there is something in the FICO scoring formula that really calculates all of the disbursements as one loan. I was just wondering that's all. Most of the time I try not to think about the 2.3 trillion gazillion dollars I am going to owe once I'm done with school completely.
  11. I was wondering how student loans affected your credit score. I utilized federal student loans to help pay for my undergraduate degree and my MBA. I consolidated those loans. I am now having to utilize student loans partially to help finance my doctorate. I'm sure many are aware that every time you get a disbursement it shows up on your credit report as a seperate loan. So when I got a disbursement for Fall Semester that shows up as one loan, Winter another loan, etc. So I have all these loans showing on my credit report so I was wondering how that type of debt affects your score. Currently they are deferred since I am in school. Once I am finished I will consolidate those loans as well, although not with the original consolidation because I am locked into a great interest rate on the original consolidation.
  12. I purchased a new car in December. The finance manager pulled my credit report and then told me I would qualify for the 0% interest special they were having based on his review. They let me take the car. I believe I posted about this during that time, but anyway.....I end up not qualifying for the 0% and the dealership ended up shopping my loan around, thus resulting in numerous inquiries (I think I counted 19!) on my credit report. Some of the inquiries I noticed dropped off and some remained. However I was wondering if I could get some of the inquiries deleted so that they won't hurt my credit score. Or would they be considered valid since I submitted the original loan application and thus signed to have my credit report pulled by the dealership. I finally got the financing I needed and I am still enjoying the car, however I am just concerned about the inquiries. Thanks.
  13. I'm going to piggyback on this topic if the OP doesn't mind. I need assistance on deleting some items as well. I have some old collection accounts. A couple of them drop off I think in 2009. I was wondering if there was some way I can just get them deleted earlier to help boost my FICO score. I disputed them but the CRA came back stating that the information had been verified, and thus they remained.
  14. My best friend foreclosued on her home end of last year, or end of 2006 I can't remember exactly. Anyway she owed like $110k and it sold for $62k. The difference she has to report as income right? She hasn't filed her taxes or anything as of yet, she is behind on that, which is another long story in itself. How does she handle the foreclosure tax wise?

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