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  1. It's my Fico 9 Just finished an app spree. Since March Amex Plat GS Apple Card; $10k GS GM Card $13k Citi Costco $10k GS GM Business $5.5k Cap 1 Venture $1k September Toyota Financial $60k vehicle loan
  2. I thought that I would do a pre qual with GS Marcus for a personal loan for kicks. I have a GM Mastercard and GM business MC with them that I just got within the last 2 months. CLs are $13k and $5.5K, with $0 balances respectively. I wouldn't have accepted it even if I got approved. Interesting to know that these decisions are based on more than just credit score.
  3. 703 -> 789 Filed BK7 back in 2012. EXP deleted it back in March which resulted in a 65 point increase. No negative items with 4% utilization
  4. APPROVING BANK - BMW Financial BUREAU PULLED - EX CREDIT SCORE - 627 / 686 Auto CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE - AZ NEW/USED - Used YEAR OF VEHICLE - 2011 MILEAGE - 42,000 RETAIL/LEASE - $45000 AMOUNT OF LOAN - $21500 TERM CONTRACTED - 72 months APR/LEASE RATE -.9% MONTHLY PAYMENT - $292 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: Used my old car to put down $25k free and clear trade in. BK7 discharged in 12/12. BMW is running a deal on all CPO cars, .9% financing and they make your 1st 2 payments. Vehicle has warranty until late 2017
  5. See 2 posts above for the the details
  6. NICE!!! I think that this is going to be a good one...congrats!
  7. Ok. So my cards arrived today. Here are the terms: 0% Introductory Fixed APR on Purchases for 6 months 10.99% on all BTs 10.99% on all purchases after 6 months. This is one of the best cards (term wise) that I have. Thanks for the info CBers!
  8. OK. So I talked to a CSR on the phone. She informed me that they don't issue BT checks until after your account has been opened for 4 months. She informed me that I could still do a 0% BT online.
  9. I didn't call. I did it through the online system.
  10. I just recently received my US Air Biz CC with a CL of 22.5k. I requested BT checks online and got this message:
  11. OK. Just got the card via DHL! I've got a question. Do they normally send BT checks, or do I have to request them? All I got were the cards in the DHL package today. Thanks!
  12. They never asked anything about the biz at all, only household income.
  13. Call them! If you get somebody named Michelle, hang up and call back. You should get approved. Keep us posted!!
  14. Very Nice!!! Congrats!! I think that this will be a great card! Congrat for your $25K too, great CL! Definitely I will never understand the UW logic; despite your 760 Discover declined you while they approved me for $8K with a weaker score. WorldPwerk gave you $10K while they gave me $15K I completely agree. I think that alot of it has to do with who answers the phone when you call. The witch at Dickscover wasn't trying to hear anything I had to say. If I had someone like the nice lady at SFB, I would have a Dickscover Card on the way with a $30k limit.
  15. I agree, but they made the decision. I did the entire app process online and the only options were USPS or Express.
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