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  1. Well, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder! LOL
  2. I was just trying to help him generate a score. I don't know if Lowe's actually helped with the score, but it does show on his TU report along with the CapOne card. I think she means its a nice looking card. It comes in a box (not an envelope), and has a nice textured black chrome front. Yes, I was merely talking about the look of the card. LOL
  3. Ok, I'm definitely in the GARDEN until mid 2017, but I tell you what, I love the look of the Discover It card! My boyfriend just got the secured card and I was a little jealous! I burned them in my 2007 BK and hasn't been able to get back in yet. Back story on the boyfriend - he had no credit score as of 3 weeks ago, so I had him apply for secured cards with Discover, CapOne and DCU. DCU ended up giving him a regular card with a CL of $2k. I added him to one of my oldest CapOne cards and my new Lowes card. He now has CCT scores of 649 EQ, 656 TU and 615 EX.
  4. Awesome! Congrats on all three reports clean and $100k in CLs. One question: Is your $100k in revolving accounts only?
  5. Definitely too good to be true, but I'll savor the moment. Here's what's different on my CK reports (I know this doesn't mean anything): CK report updated today: TU score yesterday 623; today 641 (up by 18 pts); all inquiries gone (one can only wish it stays that way) EQ score yesterday 651; today 703 (all inquiries still there; all lates still there). only thing different is two new accounts are now reporting Oh well, I'm sure MYFICO doesn't show any of this!
  6. That's the problem. I don't want to pay $600+ monthly payment. Awesome! I think I'll search for a great rebate deal.
  7. Not much you can do except to keep the car and keep making payments and see if your state has a lemon law. Or pay the $6K difference and do the trade-in. otherwise you are stuck with it! Thanks for your response. I kind of figured I was stuck.
  8. Ok, so I went this weekend to try and trade-in my 2014 Nissan Altima because I am having problems with the car and Nissan can't seem to find the problems. So, I decided to trade it in. Anyway, CarMax appraised the car at $11k because of the high mileage (69k). I commute a long distance back and forth to work. I owe a little over $17k on this car, so that would have left me in the whole for $6k. What are my options at this point?
  9. I really can't answer as to why I was approved. I seriously assume that they use a different score model. I always use my correct income on any application, so it must be the scoring system they use. My salary is $85k, but my debt ratio is at 3% of $95k in total credit. It is also possible that their internal records show that I financed a car with them over 10 years ago and paid it off.
  10. Don't base this off of CK scores. CK scores are not even remotely similar to the the EQ NG 2 score that PenFed uses. My CK score for EQ is 710-ish. My NG2 is 796. My EQ 4 is 746. The only one that matters in the case of OP's approval is NG2. I definitely feel they are using a different score!
  11. I am assuming they use a different auto score because I was really shocked to get that low APR. I have been a member since about 2014, but never really used my account.

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