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  1. Experian just reports faster. The others will catch up.
  2. Probably a little. 95% is very bad.
  3. If you don't want to pay interest, you will have to pay it off. Try applying for new 0% deals and switch it over or liquidate something those are the only options.
  4. Hmmm....all of the CCs presently have a balance except one. A couple are very small balances though. I just got it two or three weeks ago (applied online with the $250 offer). Racked up about $10 in charges on it. Below are appoximately my current balances and CLs. CITIBANK 10 7300 CITIBANK DE1 5100 5100 CITIBANK DE2 250 5100 CHASE 0 7000 CHASE BUSINESS 5150 14000 GMFLEXCARD 875 1200 DISCOVER 85 7000 WAMU 10 2500 DISCOVER GAS 5690 6000 CHASE FREEDOM 10 10000 BOA FR 5 7500 JC PENNY 0 1500 TOTAL PERSONAL 12000 60200 TOTAL BUSINESS 5150 14000 TOTAL 1
  5. Just call. It will take the whole history off.
  6. You can also get free monthly FICO if you have a providian credit card.
  7. I think AMEX CreditSecure (search google) but you have to have an AMEX card I believe. 11.99
  8. This card is just a disaster waiting to happen. No way the cashback is going to get coded correctly. Good luck arguing about what day it posted.
  9. Never seen it. I thought Orchard and Household always pulled Experian. SO soft pulls won't do you any good, right? Or do they pull something else?
  10. I don't; I miss BofA as the former MBNA is running the card show now! Okay, I miss MBNA and BOA being separate
  11. Depends on your HHI. Hard to get over $25k or $30k without income verification or combining multiple cards.
  12. Visa is the biggest issuer by far. I saw the stats it's like 50% VIsa, 30% mastercard, then others.
  13. Virgo. We need someone to tabulate
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