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  1. Chances are they can run it both ways. If your income supports the loan, there probably isn't any reason for her to be on it, only on the deed paperwork.
  2. Chris, DH and I just paid ours off and our scores shot up 60-70 points.
  3. What's our first rule? Stay off the phone Next, send a validation (not verification) letter. You'll find examples here on the board, but don't go word for word. Remember, they have to prove it, or remove it.
  4. Speaking as someone who is 2.5 years post BK with rebuilding credit, yes, you can fall back into bad habits. My husband and I have become absolutely anal about not having any credit card debt. We paid off our new cards in DEC and our scores shot up 60 points, 72 for me. The only monthly payment we have is our vehicle, besides our regular stuff, rent, utilities, cell phones. Just rethink your mindset to use the cards, don't let the cards use you!! Good luck
  5. psp

    Quick question

    My neighbors are moving to purchase their first home. They submitted an offer to Fannie Mae and they are curious if Fannie Mae comes back with a counter greater than the asking price? The home is a foreclosure, and they submitted an offer $10,000 less and seller pays closing and FM came back with a counter of $3000 over the asking price and they will pay the closing. Is this common with Fannie Mae? They don't seem to trust their realtor too much (not good I know), so I told them I'd ask those in the know. Thanks!
  6. With number 2, my back started hurting about 5 pm so I went to the grocery store because they were gonna induce the next morning at 7. About 11 pm I told DH I was sick of the backache and to go ahead and take me to the hospital so they could give me something so I could sleep before the birth. I got there at 11:45 and my doc was there and he checked me and I was dialated to a 9. My son was born 20 minutes later. My water broke with my first one while I was asleep.
  7. You need to put the antifungal on for several weeks after the spot disappears. It is way down below the surface and it has to continue down to kill all the infection.
  8. I am thrilled about this, even though I no longer live there. NM is always behind the times in debt collection issues, so this will be a welcome change for those who are not credit savvy about time barred debt.
  9. If memory serves, the SOL belongs to the state where you lived when you acquired the CC.
  10. We married when DH was 18 and I was 19. We'll celebrate 33 years in December. My dd was 18 when she married, 14 years strong this past July. Maybe it's a crapshoot, maybe love is blind
  11. Actually, it's neither. My son loves the celtic/gaelic names.
  12. I have a new grandson! Maddox Daegan weighed 6lbs 2oz. He's a keeper. His big brother was 9 lbs 7oz so his mama is quite pleased at the size difference.
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