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  1. I canceled my Dish Network service and forgot to send back my equipment. They have now turned over the account to a collection agency. They say I owe them $700.00. I have the equipment and want to return it but want the collection off my credit. What is the best way for me to do this? I'm worried that the collection will not come off.
  2. One back on! Are they only adding back the ones associated with a tradeline? I had 9 and only 1 was reinserted and it was from AMEX.
  3. Ok I need some help here! I need a very large loan. $70,000. Even $35,000 would do. The loan would be for a Semi. that will be running under my brother's company fleet. I wonder if any one knows of a bank that would possibly loan me the money? Thanks!
  4. Horrible advice IMO. Do a search as to the reasons why NOT to dispute INQs. Like I said, I do it with EQ only. Been doing it ever since they started letting you dispute online. People at EQ are lazy. They have removed everything I have every disputed. Not always the first time but it has never taken me more the 6 weeks to get somthing removed with eq. Never had any of my accts closed due to inq disputes. Only side effect has been the fraud alerts which don't bother me since I am a victim. How do you dispute them online. I don't see where you can.
  5. I got all but one b* from TU. Still nothing on EQ.
  6. My credit score on TC and CCT is about 30 points different. Which one is closer to my true FICO? I don't want to pay for my FICO just yet, just wondering which is more accurate.
  7. Thanks for the info. Guess I'll have to go use mine now!
  8. kmcnabb108


    I've been using TC and CK daily for a while now and saw no B*. I added CCT yesterday and pulled 4 times. I saw B* this morning.
  9. I just got my first B* today! I've been using CK & TC - yesterday I added CCT. Pulled CK & CCT this morning and BAM! My first B*! I was begining to wonder if it would ever happen!
  10. It looks like the soft is on Transunion. Does anyone know if they pull Equifax as well?

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