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  1. Renewed passport. Got a tad worried as I kept getting delivery exceptions from USPS.
  2. Citi wants to give me $450 to park $50k in one of their "savings" accounts for 60 days. Hrm.
  3. Cap One keeps sending me emails with this laughable subject line. It's a holdover savings account from 20 years ago ING Direct was giving $100 referral bonuses for Orange accounts.
  4. Amex auto CLI of $1500 on Bonvoy. Was stuck at $5400 when I had high utilization/large balances. All CC debt has been paid off for over two and a half years. I got 4506-T after a few months of zero utilization when I went for the "triple CLI request" and never sent it shortly after being CC debt free. I guess I'll take it. The increase is just about the amount of travel expenses I put on the card last week after being WFH for so very long. Was actually just thinking about poking the bear and see if I am bucketed into forever 4506-T, but I'll just let it sleep for now, especially given the auto CLI. Seems they like spend.
  5. Looks like I have a movie to watch. Was 4 or 5 when that came out. Recognized most of the folks in that pic, but not where from. Thanks.
  6. Plaid sent me an updated privacy policy email today. A couple years ago, I manually downloaded my transactions from an account and was toying with their classification/categorization API and ran those through it. I had to go in today and make sure I never set up any account links to pull ever. Thankfully, I hadn't. I also haven't linked any bank accounts through other institution's apps so it appears I am not eligible. Thanks for the link, though.
  7. Would there be any benefit in converting my CC Visa that I'd had for 1.5 years to some other offering from Chase?
  8. i just got an auto cli on one of my citi cards and they want to bump me some more. The other card they want to bump me as well. Both cards have 0% for 6 months or 5.9% for life. Hmm......
  9. Awesome. I make 10k+ payments every time my expense reimbursement comes in.
  10. Can someone hook me up? I've got all sorts of other service invites to hand out.
  11. No love for me...but I did get two auto CLI's last month -- one on my DP and the other on a sears card. Three months ago I got love on my ATT UNiv.
  12. I had called nearly three or four years when prime was so low and got on a variable rate for purchases. I wasn't paying attention as things started to worsen this year and it jumped up to 19.24%. Called the other night and the associate was impressed with how I've maintained the account and offered me the 3.9% for purchases and the existing purchases I'm revolving now. I was stoked. Had the card since 1999.
  13. Yup...called two nights ago...dropped from 19.24%! Woo!
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