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  1. I was down to 0 myself on TU but now back to 1 and haven't been able to b it for the last week. EQ, however, did go from 4 to 3 with the latest pull.
  2. Cool. Just received my Visa yesterday. Nice looking card. How long did you have the card prior to the CLI?
  3. I had been getting B* on TU (1) and EQ (4) during the last 2 1/2 weeks and all of a sudden (past 4-5 days) they've stopped.
  4. pocketrockits

    ID theft

    You knew what I was talking about but thanks for the correction. Like I said I'm sure said senario would not work out. The point I was making reaping rewards from someone stealing you identity would be funny. It's usually the other way around. Obviously you have no sense of humor. I actually have a great sense of humor. I wasn't trying to come off as a stiff. Just trying to make a point.
  5. pocketrockits

    ID theft

    Absolutely correct but I wouldn't check on a weekly basis. Perhaps monthly or quarterly until you've figured out that no one is really using the SSN for employment purposes.
  6. pocketrockits

    ID theft

    SSI is Suppmental Security Income, which is a Federal Welfare program and has nothing to do with Social Security Taxes. Fund is derived from general tax revenue. Social Security Retirement, Disability, Survivors benefits is the program you're referencing. In the end, you attest that the earnings are in fact yours and it is correct. It's under penalty of perjury so in reality, you would be breaking the law punishable by fine and/or imprisonment. Normally, earnings that are truly not yours would be reallocated to a database. The earnings are suspended until further notice. Sorry.
  7. pocketrockits

    ID theft

    I use to work for SSA. Often, I noticed that the SSNs were mainly being used to obtain employment for illegal immigrants. Employers would ask for the SSN along with the card and voila. You should go to the nearest SSA office and ask if there are earnings posted on your SSN via a DEQY aka, Detailed Earnings Query. They may charge a nominal fee. If you find nothing out of the ordinary, you should be okay on the SSA end. However, if you find earnings that clearly do not belong to you, you can point that out as being erroneous. You can then call the employer yourself and notify them that your SSN is being misused. All you can really do afterwards is notify as you have already to put a fraud alert on your cr for possibly an extended period of time. Hope this helps.
  8. BofA is an EX puller here in California. 14 pulls but I have it frozen. TU has 1 inq so I might give it a shot.
  9. They pulled EQ on my application for membership. A week went by and they subsequently approved my Visa application without another pull on EQ.
  10. Applied for the card just for the revolving account. Approved for $5000.00. Don't plan on using it but it looks good on my credit profile Which CRA did they pull on your app?
  11. You've got most of the primes covered. I'd recommend RBS as a known EQ puller. You don't need WAMU anyway... Well, just pulled my TC and it looks like the Wamu inquiry was already bumped. I do see Barclays(Juniper app) still on my TU report. I'll research RBS as I'm unfamiliar with this company.
  12. They told me in April that they will use my inquiry if I reapply for another loan/visa if filed within 90 days. I inquired about a motorcyle loan late June and the CSR couldn't assure me that this would be the case. I am still on the fence on filing the new app.
  13. You can also get a program like MONEY or QUICKEN, or even a simple Excel spreadsheet can help you keep track of such things. I'd be lost without QUICKEN... but yeah, you can charge little things and then PIF -- I just trot home and immediately set up a payment through online Billpay THAT DAY, that way I don't forget. - cactus http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=237067 Excel sheet. Great tool to track your tradelines. And it's free thanks to this board.

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