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  1. The 1977 on your card will look cool, but they'll stamp a nice big 2023 on your reports when they report.
  2. Most issuers report the statement balance. I set a calendar reminder for each card to pay it a couple days before the statement cuts if it is in a month when I'm trying to do the $2 trick if I need to for some reason. Otherwise, I just PIF after statement cuts most of the time.
  3. I personally like that Amex allows me to have more than one profile. I use one for my personal cards, and another for biz.
  4. Congrats. Amex is one of my favorites. Their customer service is awesome, and their rewards are great for my needs.
  5. The other half of credit repair is to begin opening new accounts and let them age. I'd consider looking into a good secured card that graduates, like BofA or Navy Federal.
  6. Why get a second card? I'm not sure NFCU alllows you to combine cards anymore. You should just submit a CLI request and ask for the limit you'd like. They will give you what they feel is appropriate for your profile.
  7. The part about the car being destroyed was not in the original post. A financed car requires insurance. If the car is totaled, was there an insurance claim? If there was an insurance claim, why wasn't the not paid off?
  8. Why would they settle for anything? Their name is on the title.
  9. What are you trying to accomplish? I think they used to combine cards, but may not anymore. Their max limit is 50k on each card but the Flagship which they go to 80k on.
  10. They're pretty stingy w/ limits. They kept saying no to me when my card was 10k, so I closed it a few years ago. Their rewards weren't great at the time, so I didn't really mind kicking them to the curb. Not sure what they're like now. I do use them for checking and insurance still.
  11. Amex Gold is my go to for groceries and dining out. 4x points is great for me. I have no problem using the $10 monthly credits for both Uber and dining, so the card is $10 per year. I like MRs and am able to get good value from them by transferring to airline partners.
  12. I opened an acct in about 30 seconds w/ no hard pull. I'm also a long standing cardmember with 5 Amex cards at the moment, so YMMV. The last few applications for cards I've submitted to Amex have also been approved w/ no hard pull FWIW.
  13. This account is not going to fall off your report. The late payment from Sep 2015 will disappear after 7 years, but the remaining late payments will stay on for a full seven years.
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