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  1. Therre was an article on TPG that said 10/06 was last day for 100k offer. Amex should tell you in the application process if you're not eligible for the SUB before you submit your application.
  2. I don't think any credit union can come close to matching the rewards I get on my favorite big bank CCs (Amex, Chase and BofA)...
  3. I don't understand how Capital One charging a fully-disclosed annual fee on one of their credit cards is their mistake. There were statements generated which you must have ignored. Do you get paper statements, or electronic statements? You can log into their website and see all or your statements.
  4. Did you do a dispute through Credit Karma? You should be dealing w/ each of the CRAs individually. And you should be using a paper copy of your report obtained directly from each CRA as your starting point.
  5. GetUpside is a good one for me. I joined in April 2021, and I'm up to $186.42 in cash back. It helps that the lunch places near my office always seem to have offers of 17-49% cash back available. One of the grocery chains in my area always has 11-15% available too. I don't use it for gas as I've found Costco to be cheaper.
  6. Taking out a loan from your 401(k) does not make it so 2 of those debts are "gone." You still owe the money, you'll just be making payments to another party. If you lose your job or separate from your company voluntarily, the loan will likely be called in full and you'll either have to repay it immediately, or the 401(k) administrator will convert it to a distribution which will trigger a tax bill (and early withdrawal penalty) for you which is among the many reasons that this is a bad idea.
  7. I have Amex Plat, Gold, Delta Gold, Bonvoy and none of them have raised numbers. My BBP is older, and still has raised numbers.
  8. Why are you doing anything if this is not reporting? You're kicking a hornet's nest and this is likely what is gearing them up to sue.
  9. Almost any other issuer (BofA, Chase, etc) will give you (as an AU) the same account opening date is the original cardholder. Amex used to do this, but changed their ways a few years ago, and will now give you an account opening date that is the same as the day you were added as an AU. That is better than nothing if you have no other options, but if he has other cards you should consider on (or a couple) of those instead. Also, if you can afford it, keep adding to your security deposit for your secured card(s) as you'll have a bigger limit when they unsecure.
  10. CV is correct. It doesn't matter what card you put this purchase on. If the limit is only 650, it appears as if you have maxed it out. You say you didn't have to charge the amount, however you did not pay off the balance in full when your statement cut. Now you're paying interest as well. If you have the funds, make a payment for the rest of the balance now. You'll see your score rebound after your next statement cuts.
  11. The $2 trick won't work if you have those AUs reporting. You need to get them off of your report. They're not doing you any good if they have balances.
  12. High utilization will certainly kill your score, but having small balances on all cards does not increase your score. Read about the $2 trick. Ideally, you want to have 5 or more open revolvers, and have only one of them report a balance of $2 to achieve your maximum score. This is assuming one has otherwise clean reports.
  13. There's no reason on earth to pay a fee like that just to use a credit card. Buy a sandwich for lunch, or a tank of gas for your car once a month and pay it off right away and you'll have enough activity on the card to keep Citi happy.
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