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    I read the book a long time ago and saw the original movie. Those both scared me. We saw It on Tuesday. I thought some of the parts that were suppose to be scary were funny. My husband jumped a few times. I liked it but I'm glad we went on $5 Tuesday.
  2. When I was in school I skipped a lot. I'd get suspended and it was just more time off for me.
  3. My favorite sheets are now fleece. I turn the electric blanket on a little before getting into bed and it's so soft and warm.
  4. When we bought we went with conventional, put 10% down, and paid our MIP upfront as part of our closing costs. We had a portion of our closing costs paid for by the seller also.
  5. Confession... I'm glad my kids are past the age that reading to them is part of their homework. I could never stop yawning when reading to the kids.
  6. Upgraded to the iphone 7plus but not everything transferred. My fault for not backing it up correctly. Hopefully the phone company can help me with it tomorrow. She said she would hold my old phone until I knew my new one would be setup. Still can't automatically date the pictures either.
  7. I would like each picture I take to show the date. I have an iphone 6. I have an app that lets me date it manually but I'd like something that was automatic.
  8. The form to put one of my kids on the Green Bay Packers season ticket list. Takes 30+ years to get to make it to the top.
  9. So for those who've made the switch from iphone to say a Galaxy how well did your apps transfer? What about music from itunes?
  10. How did it go? Where in Sconnie are you? I was in Somerset on Tuesday. Some trees blew down here in the center of the state, wind, rain...nothing severe though. In NE WI now and it seems most of it missed us. Some wind and rain. My husband saw small branches down on his way home from work.
  11. I'm in a not so nice mood today so take my advice with a grain of salt... I wouldn't go. I'd make other plans. Also, time to shorten up the Christmas list. I'm done with crappy family. My husband and I had a big cookout for the 4th. Didn't invite the crappy people (about 12 of them). It was a great time. Others also had a lot more fun.
  12. CenturyLink was our only option for 13 years. Near the end we only had the for internet. We moved into our new house in June and I couldn't drop them fast enough. Billing issues: They'd deduct the amount from our checking, give it back, then send a disconnect notice. Customer Service: haha. They are not open nights/weekends. Price: 2 year contract with low price only good for the 1st year. Then it would almost double for the 2nd year. Reliability: Storms in areas 2 states away would knock out our internet. At least that's the bull they'd tell me.
  13. Years ago I worked with a lady who had adopted 2 children a few years apart. Her and her husband when to a rescue to pick out a kitten when the kids were a little older. They were denied. Told they couldn't adopt a cat because the rescue didn't think they'd have time for a cat. She was floored that her and her husband were able to adopt 2 kids but not a cat.

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