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  1. I am going to help my SO repair their credit, it is a mess, 99% compounded by medical bills but other trade lines got caught up from reduced income and everything that comes from major medical events. In the past I was successful with a Jack attack letter addressing all trade lines. Whatever was left I would move onto doing the 1-2 punch using DV letters and asking the CRA to validate. I never claimed or denied validation of the debts in my Jack attack letters. Do you think this can still work? Any other suggestions? I was never 100% and had to let a couple things age off, but I was able to reduce a lot in the past. I plan on hitting the post office Tuesday! There are 7 positive, active trade lines even if some are not the best. Fingerhut, CreditOne, Indigo stood out. I am going to add them to my Discover and my banks CC, that should help in the long run. Thanks in advance!
  2. If you have $15k to put down on a car pay cash for a used car!!! You can get a reliable car for $15k easy.
  3. If they haven't updated since 4/2008 leave that bad boy alone! If you do anything, have any kind of contact, scratch your nose while passing in front of a capital one bank, I mean anything they will update and it will kill your score. Capital One does not PFD.
  4. Nope, if they sell it the balance would be reported as 0.
  5. exactly - that is what I'm getting at. Settled and a WRITTEN agreement that no more is due would help with utilization - but if OP makes a payment and it resets the SOL and C1 sells it or assigns it to a CA/Attorney - then they're in worse shape than they are now. C1 is not known for settling and a quick google search of the board doesn't bring up any success stories either. That doesn't mean there isn't any, but a quick search didn't turn any up. YMMV - just know the unintended consequences of a quick settlement. That is why I asked, nothing came up on search. Someone has to have a brain at Capital One, I hope. Right now the account is out of SOL, so if they sue they get nothing (except for a Lawyer Bill). A reasonable settlement you be in their interest. I will not send a dime without them stating that the account is settled in full, get my 1099-C, etc. I don't how they report the account, as long as it stops hurting my utilization, not that I won't go for the best terms possible.
  6. have you checked into the state laws forum to see if making a payment will do exactly that? Also, what you're needing is a PFD (or they'll just report a lower balance) - I've never heard of C1 doing a PFD in all my time on the board (but I obviously don't read every thread either). To satisfy your lender, C1 will need to report as PIF probably - which if you let them know that a mortgage is riding on this, there is no way in the land of Hades they will agree to settling or PFD. I don't need a PFD, my report is clean for the past 4 years, even with the collection reporting it will have minimal effect on my score. What is killing me is utilization, which in reality is 0%, but when you add in Capital Ones BS amount shows I am at 80%. If I can just get them to settle, and have the account reflect no balance I will be good to go. I just want to know if anybody has gotten reasonable settlement terms from them. I can only find accounts of those who settled within 6 months or so, or with a lawyer that was suing on behalf of capital one.
  7. Having them rot off was the original plan, however it will benefit me financially if I can settle for a reasonable amount. I just don't want to reset SOL, and I will not pay what they want which is a little more than 50% of the claimed current balance, which is well over what the original credit limit was.
  8. I am trying to Refinance my house and I have one obstacle in my way, Capital one. They are updating monthly right now, so paying would not hurt like it would paying on an account that doesn't update. What is currently killing my score is they recently started updating the account to where the balance is reporting against my utilization (which is otherwise 0%). I am just curious if anyone had any success settling for a reasonable amount with capital one, and if so what channels did you use. I think it would be easier if they just tried to sue me and I could talk to a lawyer and offer a settlement, at least then I know I would be talking to something near human life form. What % would be reasonable to pay considering the debt is SOL and the account is greatly inflated, nearly 3X the original amount. I am open to suggestions. Thanks
  9. No Really, they re-age every month! Right now it shows the account will drop in April 2018, it should drop sometime in fall 2014.
  10. They are reporting an account as an open revolving account on my reports... Oh and they keep re-aging the account each month...
  11. I think I found it. Cap One added 15 new late payments to an account that was charged off 3+ years ago!!!
  12. I received a score alert today stating my score dropped from 668 to 626! The only difference on my report is my oldest account aged 1 month! There wasn't even a change on any of my balances from my last report/score, which I am waiting for an update that I was hoping my balance change would put me above 680, now I hope to get back to 640. What can cause a drop this large with no new information? If I was moved to a new credit bucket, is a 42 point drop normal?
  13. I was just quoted 170ish on a 180k Loan for 30 years. Goes down to 70ish on a 15 year, I am going to go with a 15 year if it gets approved.
  14. For some reason the CRA's were cooperative in getting these disputes removed. I would say I spent only 30 minutes of effort in getting my comments removed from all of my reports. I did have to wait a couple of days for a response from Equifax, but all comments are gone.
  15. I am drafting a letter for an underwriter and I want to use the correct civil code. If they can't sue and get a judgment that's all I am worried about at this point in time. I just want to make sure that the 10 year SOL doesn't apply, that would throw a wrench in my plans. It is scheduled to drop off 02/13. They never actually tried to collect, from talking to former neighbors they do this to EVERYBODY, some pay and most don't. They wanted us to pay for brand new carpet on an apartment that had at least 10 years of wear on it, and even on the pre-walk through we did THEY noted red stains in one of the bedrooms and the living room area, the same stains they said we made. It costs them nothing and most people didn't fight at the time, this was Post-Katrina Louisiana where housing was at a premium, which is why we moved. Rent went fro 700ish the 1200ish. SOUTHERN MANAGEMENT Address: PO BOX 149966 ORLANDO, FL 32814 (407) 895-7100 Account Number: 999999999999999999999999 Original Creditor: Dumass Apartment complex Address Identification Number: 12345676 Status: Collection account. $1,xxx past due as of Apr 2007. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Feb 2013. This item was verified and updated on Apr 2011. Date Opened: 01/2007 Reported Since: 03/2007 Date of Status: 03/2007 Last Reported: 04/2007 Type: Collection Terms: 1 Months Monthly Payment: $0 Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit/Original Amount: $1,xxx High Balance: NA Recent Balance: $1,xxx as of 04/2007 Recent Payment: $0 Account History: Collection as of Apr 2007, Mar 2007

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