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  1. Buckle worked for me - plus 10% off my order. CL : $700
  2. I printed my app too - I'll post when I receive an inquiry alert.
  3. Thanks Kiowa - did you wait a few days or did you call immediately?
  4. I just logged into my Circuit City store card account and it is still showing as open. Is it too late to convert the card to something else? I have not received a letter notifying me of closure or conversion.
  5. I was approved for an Ameriprise MC - how do I find out the CL?
  6. But where did they get my info???? I also saw this post: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=376847
  7. Well I have NEVER, ever had a BMG account and I pulled my credit report today due to an alert and they were on there! No one tried to call and I have never received a letter. What is going on?
  8. $2000 increase today after a $1500 increase a couple of months ago
  9. I have no doubt it was the reason, especially if she picked the wrong lender - one who lends to people who stiff amex at a higher rate than most people stiff amex. (which is probably every mortgage lender) As for your reason #1 - looking at it from the other prospective, they might think she'll run up the amex then pay it off with the heloc and eventually run out of funds and BK amex. plus there is no guarantee she has a lower rate on it. #2 - not all lenders are cautious. amex is running scared - new accounts, too many cards in use, along with the wrong mortgage lender are all CLD triggers. My mortgage lenders aren't considered "wrong" lenders, however I do have a VERY high amount of available credit with my credit card companies.
  10. Still no letter outline the reason....
  11. I have a feeling that GEMB won't open any cards back up because applying for and obtaining 10 cards in one week is considered very risky behavior. Additionally the 10 cards were all GEMB. You could try a letter and ask them to reopen the 4 accounts that you want.
  12. $150 credit towards a purchase or lease?
  13. Wow - even though I have read all of these posts about AMEX CLD's, my 10k Blue CL was fine. I received an email this morning with the subject: Important Account Status: Notice of Credit Line Reduction. AMEX took me from the 10k CL to a CL of $1600! I have had the card for about 18 months, I pay in full every month and use it for Costco purchases, CS and promos (last month they offered a $30 statement credit if I shopped at certain merchants). So much for Best in Breed EX FICO is 701. On a side note, I have seen a few posts on here where people have recently taken out a HELOC or used their HELOC and received AA from their credit card companies. I took out a decent sized HELOC a few months ago that just started reporting and I am assuming this spooked AMEX. Although I have not used the HELOC and have no plans to use it - I did want to diversify my credit portfolio, however it looks like my plan to diversify may have caused the CLD.
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