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  1. Any new datapoint on blispay anyone?smfh
  2. Millennials are *Admin removes vulgarity*ing stupid. They are so lost!
  3. If you're calling the Capital One credit card stupid, why on earth would you feed stupid? As I said earlier, that was the only card I could get with the scores I had. I used $150 on it just to get a revolving account going. (I had none). The $300 limit is stupid, that's what I meant. I will sock drawer it and may use it for a gas purchase or something. If I cannot get a decent CLI after 6mos or so, I'll close it. If I were you, I would hit the luv button right now. After all it's only a soft, what have you got to lose?
  4. If you're calling the Capital One credit card stupid, why on earth would you feed stupid?
  5. Got the exact same letter, but only thing is I have IDA frozen.
  6. In that context, they would sever with Amex, not Visa.
  7. You only have to leave $500 on the donor card if you initiate the transaction through a CSR. If you call Lending Services directly they will move 100%. Does anyone know what's behind the $500 to left on the donor card?
  8. If I'm not mistaking, when B* was still alive you could still see the inquiries when you checked the BD. Right or wrong?
  9. Well, CK updates weekly so if anything, you wouldn't know til next update.
  10. Meaning don't over use it remember what happened when people started calling the Cap 1 EO number for everything they cut it out lol. I'm probably alone here in my thoughts, but I think we're comparing apples to oranges here... People were blatantly abusing the Cap1 EO resource for their own benefit. Calling/writing Walmart about a service that's provided for free as a benefit of being a cardholder because you're having technical difficulties is a totally different thing. Or were you guys talking about un-enrolling and re-enrolling? Even in that scenario, apparently Sync was telling people that was a valid work around. I don't think that's going to get our free FICO's taken away. And if it does, they are other ponds where to go fish!

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