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  1. I've been following the credit boards for a long time and I'm pretty knowledgeable about what goes into a score. My business took a hit when the Covid mess started and so did my credit score since I needed to tap into my personal credit. I've been back and forth with a SBA Rep about getting approval for my EIDL business loan, but the one hangup is my credit score is a 550 and they have a 570 minimum. The EIDL loan would be a total game changer for me and I need to make this happen. They confirmed they use the Experian Vantage 3.0 score. The Experian Vantage 3.0 is running about 130 points lower than my Fico score on MyFico, which is a bit baffling and frustrating. I'm hoping for some advice on how to get my Experian Vantage 3.0, specifically, up. I do have 3 late payments that are 23 months old that I can't do anything about. I have a wide mix of credit that goes back 15 years with no collections or other negatives. I'm thinking my best course of action is to just hammer away at the balances to bring my utilization down. I paid off 3 cards that have typically have statements and report on the 3rd, but they haven't updated yet. I have 2 more cards that report on the 9th and 13th. I'm hoping that when the 3 cards for the 3rd report, it will jump my score and if that doesn't put it over 570, paying off the other ones will. I have another one (Discover) that reports on the 20th. I've read that you can call and they'll update your score with the bureau mid-month if you're lucky. Three of the cards are sitting "over limit" by about $100 each. I'm not sure if the "over limit" hurts or if it's just part of the overall UTIL. Being paying down the UTIL, is there anything you guys would recommend? Thanks for any tips or advice - would really appreciate it!
  2. What's C1? Assuming the 3 major credit bureau? What's the best way to contact them?
  3. I had a spotless 20 year credit history - no lates or other issues. I have a dozen or so cards I use as I need them or as the rewards are worth pulling out the card. My Util bounces around from month to month, but typically my score was in the upper 780s, We moved a few months back and I did the usual USPS mail forward. I guess I wasn't paying too close attention to it, but it turns out I was missing some of my mail. There were two places that I did not change my address with, so I kind of assumed the USPS mail forward would get the mail to me. It turns out my USPS account was hacked and my mail ended up getting forwarded to a NYC address I never heard of. I now have 2 30 day lates on my credit report (I know I should have paid better attention, but I usually just rely on the statements and pay as soon as I open the letter...) and I'm also concerned about what mail (and information) this random person has from me. . #1) What can I do about these lates? Am I stuck with them or do you think I can successfully dispute them to get them remove? If so, do I go through the credit card, the credit bureaus, or elsewhere to dispute? My score dropped almost 100 points and we were planning to take out a new mortgage in the next 6 months... just terrible timing. . #2) What should I do, or look out for, to prevent any identify theft from that missing mail? I'm a bit freaked out... Any advice would be really appreciated it....
  4. We are applying for a mortgage next week, so I'm trying to maximize my score. I paid my credit card off in full the day before the statement generated, but the payment didn't hit before the statement created. So instead of a 0% util, my card will show closer to a 60%, even though the balance is currently $0. Two questions: I just pulled MyFico and the balance hasn't been updated for April. When it updates, will it shows the balance that was on the statement or the $0 balance? If it does show the balance, is it possible to request the credit card (PENFED) to update/report again their info to the bureaus? Thanks for your help!
  5. I have a Discover Card that gives me a TransUnion score. I also have PSECU Visa that gives me a Experian Score. Are those scores the same I'd see if I paid and pulled a MyFico report? Also, can anyone suggest a good rewards card that offers a free Equifax report? Thanks!
  6. I'd like to get a discover card to use for online shopping, so I can take advantage of Shop Discover's 5% cash back. It wouldn't be my main card and I don't really need a high limit. What card would you suggest applying for?
  7. My wife and I originally bought our home in the summer of '07 for $133,000 at 6.625% for a 30 Year Fixed through Wells Fargo. We have the principle of the loan down to $126,500. With the rates dropping (and our credit scores increasing), we have the opportunity to refinance at 4.75% for the same 30 Year Fixed Rate (with a 1/8 point buy), again with Wells Fargo. I don't have the paperwork with me at work, but our new loan will be $132,000 and I will owe about $3,000 at the closing. I'm not sure how much of that are taxes and how much are closing costs. So, my questions are... How much do closing costs normally cost? Am I getting ripped off if I am paying $5,500 in fees? Does it make sense to refinance if we'll be in our home for less then 5 years? This may be our "forever" home, but we are throwing around the idea of moving in a few years. I was really pumped when we got approved at 4.75%, but now I'm feeling overwhelmed and like I'm being taken advantage of... Help!
  8. You have a lot to learn, my friend. No idea That $100 fee is not a deal killer???
  9. It's been up since 4/1... anyone know when it's over? Edit: Sorry - Talking about the PENFED 2.99% (life) balance transfer.
  10. SlackerCSB


    I just refinanced my home. My rate dropped from 6.25% to 4.75%. I just got my mortgage in the summer of '07, so make sure to check into the current rates!
  11. I was able to transfer the majority of my debt to PENFED last June when they offered a 2.99% (life) for all balance transfers. I was wondering if anyone knew if they would run this promotion again this year? Thanks!
  12. Members of PSECU can now enroll to get a free monthly update of their FICO Experian credit score. Pretty cool!
  13. I have a VISA, Discover, Mastercard and I want to finish off the portfolio. What AMEX is the best one to apply for with FICO's around 680.
  14. Thanks! Does anyone know their max on their cards? I have $40,000 now and asked for $60,000 and they said that's above their limits.

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