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  1. How about DUHscover? LOL Have a great weekend!
  2. Just have to ask....where do so many people get "Discovery" from? Where does it ever refer to "Discovery"? Not their website. Not their credit card. Not their statements. Not anything. For 35 years I have literally heard/read hundreds of people refer to Discover Card as Discovery. I'm just curious why. Other than that, I'm sure we all have enough important stuff to worry about.
  3. Just curious. I've had the TR/Caesar's Visa for 14 months. No auto CLI nor have I asked. Do they do a HP? My EQ and TU and really good but my EXP is much lower. Hate them. Thanks for any info!
  4. Thanks to those who encouraged me to apply for Amex after having blacklisted for years. Someone said to first go for the Everyday Card so I did and got an instant approval for $27,000 with my account number given to me instantly. This is now my highest CL. And their follow-up email actually thanked me for considering American Express membership again. Go figure. Who Hoo!
  5. I was in tremendous favor with AMEX back in the 80's and 90's and then I had a failed business when everyone went bad. AMEX blacklisted me from 1998 until I-don't-know-when, maybe still, because they wouldn't even allow my closest relatives to add me as an AU in 2012. Last year my DW was able to add me as an AU to her accounts. No problem. My credit and income is stellar, yet I can never get a pre-qualified "OK" from them online. When I check pre-qualified offers they "suggest" I apply for other cards like the Everyday Card, Gold, Platinum and Blue Cash cards. Does anyone have any insight to this? I would like to get back in with AMEX if possible. Thank you!
  6. I've had this card for 4 years with the same $2,500 CL. My scores are all pretty high and my utilization is (and has been) at 2% for a very long time. Anyone know if that CLI link on their site is always a HP? It's just not worth it to me if it is. Thanks for sharing any experiences.
  7. So, with strong FICO scores and excellent net income, I called the backdoor Marvel number and asked they increase the credit limit offer from $4,000 to $20,000. Kept me on hold for close to 10 minutes and returned with a resounding NO. No counteroffer, no reason, nothing. Not worth the hard pull in my opinion. BTW, when I opened my Synchrony Walmart MasterCard back in 10/2014, I called when I got my card showing a $150 limit and called and asked for $1,000 and they said no, no increase at all. They raised it earlier this year to $250. I think they're crazy or something.
  8. Thanks to all you CBer's. You always ROCK!
  9. So, I used the Preapproval Confirmation # sent to me for the Marvel card and was immediately approved online. I called the phone number they provided on the website approval page and I kept asking for customer service but it would not transfer me w/o a card #. I entered my SSN and it told me my account has a $4000 limit. Ick. At what point do I call and try to negotiate a higher limit? Thanks!
  10. Thank you illusemycreditcard. Happy Holidays!
  11. Very interesting, Folks! I really appreciate your input. I just checked my FICO on Transunion through myfico.com and it said Fico is 746, but the Fico score 8 which "credit card lenders use" is 754. I just wanted to accept this "pre-approved" Marvel MasterCard through Synchrony Bank offer and didn't want any nonsense! My Fico 9 is 724 which is only a "good" rating.. Why do they keep changing?? I have a Synchrony Walmart MasterCard with a $250 limit and they will not raise it! What in the world is that all about? Crazy.
  12. I have the service with Experian. It's only $9.95/month and I get my updated FICO score and updated credit report daily. I love the service. The service TU provides only updates weekly and gives a lousy Vantagescore. Thanks for your help. Happy Holidays!
  13. Savannah1, thanks very much for the reply. Don't want to pester you but I'm confused. Myfico.com states on their page "Access updated credit reports and your most widely used FICO® Scores every quarter". I really don't want to pay $360/year to see my credit reports 4 times.
  14. I'm seeking insight to when opening new accounts can end up causing some creditors to reduce limits or close accounts, which I've read happens with a fair amount of frequency? Thing is, I just received a pre-approved Marvel Mastercard and I'd love to accept that card which has great rewards. I am at 9% usage. No derogatories ever. Oldest TL with Discover since 1999. No mortgages. In 2016 I have opened the following: Mar: Avant personal loan May: MBZ Auto Lease May: Citibank Simplicity Mastercard June: Citibank Costco Visa July: Lending Club personal loan Sept: Chase Sapphire Visa Nov: Bank of America Auto Loan Thanks for your insights and opinions and Happy Holidays!!
  15. All the services I've found are quarterly. I currently have Experian which gives me my fico and monitoring on a daily real-time basis. I love it. Transunion only offers Vantage scoring. Thanks for any info!

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