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  1. I found this in a article which seems to indicate that property titled to multiple people cannot be taken if the judgement is just against one person in NC.
  2. The money will be coming from a joint account yes.
  3. So I have a judgement against me in NC for about 20k, my wife has two judgments for about 12k each. I plan to take care of these next year but for reasons thats hard to explain I cannot do it now. We have a auto lease ending next month and we need to get a car for my wife to drive. Our credit is in terrible shape and I prefer not to borrow money right now. I do have some cash and I want to buy a car for about 20k for her and pay with cash. Now, with these judgments I know if I were to put the vehicle in mine or her name only they could execute the judgement and threaten to take the car if I cannot pay. However what if I put the vehicle title in both of our names would they be able to? One of my wifes creditors did execute their judgement a while back. The sheriff person called me and told me he saw I had no assets he could get so he told the creditor I had no assets. I asked about the house which I have about 100k equity in and he said since the house was in both of our names and the debt was only in one of our names he could not take it. I was wondering if the same applies to vehicles?
  4. I plan to settle my judgments as soon as my SOL is up. I am shooting for 50% settlement on them. I admit I have never had or settled a judgment though and I know they can be harder to settle so will have to see how it goes. Worse case if things go really bad I will do BK to wipe them out, but that's my safety net plan I hope I dont need to use.
  5. Budget is doing ok right now, 10k in a month, 8k out a month in total. So in 2021 a ton of the medical stuff I agreed to pay for when my dad got sick will be done and will reduce my out per month to 5.5k. My goal is to get to 4k out a month eventually.
  6. I do have some large bonuses and a enormous amount of bills coming off the books in early 2021. My plan is to buy my lease out with a loan and then pay it off in early 2021 and just have my wifes auto loan.
  7. If it were my car I would but its the wifes car so thats not gonna happen. We got tires about 6k miles ago. The Pacifica is cheaper, 40k loaded vs 48k for the Odyssey, however we were looking at 2019 Odyssey (still new) for 42k which would be a better deal. They hold their value alot more. Since the 80s my dad only ever owned Chrysler minivans. Mixed results for sure. Thats the way I am looking at it., The $490 a month for 11 months is already owed money I cant get out of. She has a QX80 (84k car) why downgrade to a minivan and pay more per month right now. It makes sense when the lease it up though.
  8. I plan to settle the wife's judgments as soon as I can, maybe 3-6 months depending on some things. One good thing is I am in NC. The first place that sued my wife (I read up on them they are aggressive) already had the sheriff try and collect. I talked with him on the phone and they were nice about it. He told me that he saw no assets he could take (not enough equity in the house, no cars with equity, minus the NC exclusions) and would return the order as not able to fill. In NC wages cannot be garnished also. Only thing I need to worry about is a bank levy. I try and keep as little as possible in them for now.
  9. Its not for business, yes I agree shes driving more car than we can afford anymore. She changed jobs at the time and went from driving 30 miles each way to work and now only drives 3 miles each way to work. Before she was putting 20k miles a year on her car and I thought she would drop to 10k miles a year so thats what the lease is for. But shes driving closer to 18k miles still somehow. Her lease is up in 11 months, mine is up in 7 months, we wont be able to lease again due to credit change. I might buy my lease, not super expensive. I was just trying to avoid dealing two car issues at the same time with poor credit and being able to get off her back about how much she drives. We are looking at going from a QX80 to a Honda Odyssey which is more in line with that we can afford.
  10. I guess I am making this as more of a confirmation of my own conclusion this would make no sense to do. My wifes lease has 11 months left on it at $490 but she is already over by 8k miles. Extra miles are .25 per mile and she drives about 1500 miles a month now. Payoff of the car is 51k and trade in is about 43k residual value is 47k. So trading it in is not an option. Option 1 Keep the leased car and pay the mileage overage at the end. Estimated to be 24.5k miles for $6,125. We then will buy a new car (she wants a minivan). Our credit should be better a little bit by then. Option 2 (One the wife wants) Get a new car and turn in the leased car and pay the 11 months payment of $5,390. New car would be 42k or 45k with tax tag title (10k down) finance 35k at 12% (guessing here our credit is about 580 atm) It makes the most sense to ride the lease out until the end right? I complicates things a little because my cars lease ends in 7 months we well.
  11. My wife and I have been going through similar. We had about 500k between us though. We legit did not have the money to settle accounts though as we were dealing with a medical issue in the family and all money went to it. My plan was to just lay low until the SOL ran out though. My wife just now is hitting the 3 year mark on her 200k in debt. She was sued and has two judgments for about 20k total. I am at the 2 year mark (1 year to go before sol is up). I have 1 judgment for 20k so far. I planned to just see what makes it past the SOL and then settle any judgments we get.
  12. I didn't think you could sue someone for cc debt outside the area they live in? I mean it wouldn't be reasonable to assume I could travel up to NJ to defend myself in court.
  13. North Carolina does not allow for wage garnishment (outside taxes, child support). That is where I live and that is there the lawsuit was and the judgement ordered. Wouldn't the collection agency have to follow NC law? I already did the exclusions thing and the sheriff called me. Basically told me he did not see any assets and they don't do wage garnish either, but they could go after bank accounts if they know where they are. So I am not trying to avoid these forever but I need to wait until 2021 to resolve them. In about 20 months I should be able to settle whatever judgments I have then. Hopefully for 50% or so.
  14. So I live in NC and was sued in NC and have a judgement against me from my local NC court. My employer is based in NJ, its a big company and we we locations around the country. I am based out of one in NC and have been since I started 10+ years ago. Now in NC you cannot get a wage garnishment for anything but taxes and child support. However in NJ you can for CC debt which is what the judgement is for. My understanding is that since I am a resident of NC they cannot ask NJ to wage garnish unless I am a resident of NJ which I am not nor have ever been and they cannot sue me in NJ since I am not a resident there either. Am I correct on this?
  15. Got back in with Bofa at 6 years post BK and I IIB them for about 8k.

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