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  1. Here is the problem with this card as I see it. Ignoring the first year bonus, in order to outpace a flat no-AF 2% card you basically have to spend >$20K/year on the card. For most people, that level of spend is well above their financial means and it is a losing proposition. For those who can afford that level of spend, they are likely more affluent and are likely to travel, and would therefore benefit more from earning points and redeeming those for miles/hotels at a better redemption rate. The target is a narrow window of people who have enough money to meet the spending threshold for it to be better than a no-AF 2% and who either don't travel, can't be bothered figuring out how to maximize value, or accept lesser value out of ignorance of for simplicity.
  2. Reason #47 out of about 500 why I am no longer a CA resident.
  3. no, to my palate the bourbon, sugar and ginger snaps far outweighs the mustard taste.
  4. Alton Brown has a ham recipe with bourbon glaze and ginger snap crust that I have used before. Came out excellent. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/city-ham-recipe-2013153
  5. Try taking out the cake pans and you may find you have enough room. Either that or pack one less pair of paper drawers.
  6. Yes you now need to add SSN. If you don't, they will request and you have 60 days or AU card is cancelled. If they did not burn AMEX in the BK, they will likely be OK for getting an AU card. If they did, much less likely to almost no chance, depending on time since BK and amount of loss to AMEX.
  7. This is precisely why I own a pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones.
  8. That's how it had been for me, until my recent move when their rates went through the roof. A further on example of my point above on their customer service going downhill. I cancelled my policies in the beginning of March. They were due to expire on 3/31 and they had also initiated the renewal policies, and I told them to make sure that they cancel the renewals as well. Fast forward to last week and I get an invoice for 2 months of the renewal saying I have not paid, blah, blah blah. So I have to call them again to process the cancellation. Good thing I had turned off all the auto-billing (predicting their incompetence), else my card would've been charged and I would be fighting to get my money back. My question is why would their system even allow the renewal when the prior policies were cancelled.
  9. Look at your credit report, it will have a payment history on it. The DOFD will be the month in which the account became past due and then has never become current since that point. For example if you had a 30 day late in March, then paid on time until August then the account went 30, then 60, etc. and never became current again the DoFD would be August.
  10. OP - I removed your pic because it had the car vin. Please repost and cover that as well as the account #...
  11. I am glad they came down hard on this guy. Hopefully it will stop a repeat of this stupidity.
  12. They are loading hundreds into the trunk trying to get rid of 7 series cars. One nice part on a 7 is that if you don't drive a lot of miles you can get a 7,500 mile/year lease.
  13. This was the interpretation I used to get to 45 as well.
  14. Thanks for the advice. All the things you mention seem like common sense, but when you are faced with making dozens of choices it is the small things like plugs, wiring, etc that get overlooked and are a pain in the ass to do after the fact.
  15. I love brown interiors, although the shade can make it go from wow to yuck. That one looks like the one in my old 550, and have in my current M3 (mine might be slightly darker). The best interior color (IMO) in that car is the Ivory White (especially on a black exterior), although good luck finding a clean used one. You'd need someone that babied that car.

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