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  1. To be fair, I opened my card a long time ago (2013) and policies may have changed/I could be grandfathered in.
  2. Actually don't, at least not openly. This is how good workarounds and loopholes get closed. Share it with those who ask. For those who ask, buyer beware. What works for someone may not work for others.
  3. My Sync Amazon Prime card has a $20k limit. Started there, never asked for an increase.
  4. Have you paid it to current? That will help your cause should it come up, although honestly if I were the bank it would be a hard stop for me unless there was a DAMN good reason. Not trying to be harsh, but if a borrower can't commit to paying their bills on time while they are trying to make a major purchase and know how important it is to keep clean during this period, it would make me think twice about giving them a loan. When I went through my re-fi recently there were two different accounts where the lender used a 3rd party service to verify the current balance/status of the account, so yes they will certainly look again.
  5. Yes, if you hit the message bubble (Circle to the left) of each forum on the homepage it will mark the entire forum as read.
  6. Why? Because you could be putting that money to work for you rather than having it sit with the USG earning nothing. if you have been doing this for a while, you should be able to get it a lot closer than $10k...
  7. I agree with Centex, it would, at a minimum, be a slippery slope and red flag to a trustee/judge. I think of it this way, if you loaned someone money and they keep telling you they don't have the money to pay you back, then they show up in a new ride, what would you think (I know I'd be pretty pissed, which is why I don't loan people money...) Many places will finance right after a BK, and in fact some creditors are more willing because you can't file again. Just be prepared for a high interest rate and probably having to put down a considerable amount. Your best bet is to try to find something you can pay with straight cash that will be reliable until your feet are underneath you again.
  8. When we bought our Tesla, we had to purchase it from them as an out of state seller, and then we were responsible for registering/paying the taxes on it ourselves. This was due to the laws in Texas around car dealerships. I wonder if CO has similar laws, and if so, does this mean that Tesla can lo longer sell in CO?
  9. Congrats. Glad you found an option that worked out well for you. The irony is that more than likely your loan will end up being serviced by one of those big banks you avoided in the first place.
  10. Jesus - talk about adding a layer of bureaucracy with no value added. Making the selling dealer remit the tax will just stop out of state dealers from doing deals. Was it really that big of an issue? I mean all you needed to do was require that the purchaser remit the taxes due at the time of registration and problem would be solved from a tax perspective. Were CO dealers losing out on so many sales they made a stink?
  11. Exactly - I couldn't even be bothered maxing out the 5% categories on both cards over the past year. I'll probably buy some grocery store gift cards next quarter as I'll max out the Freedom 5% buying groceries and see if I get more CLIs, but it is likely heading to the chopping block after that.
  12. Another great reason of why people hate Discover... Backstory - had a joint card with DW from 2013, limit $21.5k. Opened (stupidly) an individual card in 2020 and received a paltry $3k limit (not even close to comparable to my other limits). Joint card is a PITA as you can't do ask for CLIs without both of us being present and calling in. Maxed out each category in my first year for the double cash bonus on the individual card and a couple of months ago asked for CLI as was declined, saying I hadn't used card enough (hadn't used in 2 months). Also asked about moving limit from joint card to individual and closing joint and they said they couldn't because card was not eligible for CLI. I asked at that point if my account becomes eligible for CLI is it possible to transfer limit and was told yes. So for two months pumped through more 5% spend reached out to CS to see about moving the limits, and was prompted told that couldn't be done (of course). After a back and forth going over options, best route was to close the card and after that was processed ask for CLI on individual account, which I did. Online CLI request was approved for a whopping $500! So I reach back out and after some more back and forth, rep says she can go up another $500 to $4000...whoopee! So they reduced my available credit by $21.5k to give me a $1k CLI. Thanks. Still debating when I am just done with these jokers for good by closing the second card, or just continue to fleece them for $75/quarter and taking the auto $500-$1000 CLIs as they come. In any case they will never have a prominent place in my rotation.
  13. On the surface, it might be, but hard to tell. If you are serious about making a move, you should shop a few lenders and at least have some comparable quotes to see whether or not it is a good deal relative to the market. If you don't want to go through that hassle, you can easily use a mortgage calculator to see your savings from the lower rate vs. the re-fi fees and see if it makes sense financially. If you plan to stay long term then I would think the .625 reduction in rate will outweigh the closing costs.
  14. If you're still looking for a lender, I recently did a re-fi with Guaranteed Rate. Was a jumbo loan. Whole process was super smooth, well communicated and closed within 30 days. Also the rate/fees were competitive with all the other lenders I shopped.
  15. The if is not even a question, it's the how many. I'd guess double digits. Other than net worth/bank balance/money pile, etc., I don't think there is anything I would want to have the "world's largest" of...and before you say it, yes even *that*. Trust me, having the world's largest of the former will be of much greater use in "conquests" than the latter.
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