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  1. Don't leave out that they likely got railed on the service contract as well...
  2. I just went through this process, and CV outlines it well. I was in the camp of one off updates, and Factual Data (Credco is another company that does the same thing) called my creditors with me on the line (for security verification/release permission) to get an updated account status. In both cases my auto leases need more current info (one was paid/closed and the other hadn't been updated with CRAs in 3 months). This was done after the loan application went to U/W, not upon initial application, and there was no additional inquiries (for those wondering).
  3. That actually makes sense. I could easily see someone turning the alarm off, getting distracted and then remembering when they smelled burning food. Even if you could turn the oven off it would still be hot leading to overcooked food.
  4. I'd rather park near the exit. Can go in that way, and then when you're leaving with all your stuff a shorter distance to the car.
  5. That is exactly my expectation. They did surprise me with the $200 credit x2 last go around, so you never know. Still have not heard anything back from either request submission (the one United supposedly submitted and my follow-up).
  6. An update on this redemption. Long story short, the first leg of my return flight was delayed the day before departure (don't ask me why they couldn't rearrange, but whatever), which would cause me to miss my connection. Called/chatted United (2+ hours of my life I am never getting back) and was able to rebook on an earlier flight, however was forced to be pushed back to economy (and a second call to get free E+ seat) and was able to make the trip. Have gone back to United requesting refund of miles since I was forced into economy by their issue. Sent initial inquiry through refund process
  7. Unless of course you can leverage your funds and finance at a rate lower than what you would earn as a return on your capital...
  8. Looks very similar to a dish that a local dim sum place makes here, however the protein is alligator. Really good, and while I find it spicy it is not overly so in my opinion.
  9. ^ This Stop with the bottom feeder lenders like credit one. Save up a few thousand and put it in a secured card that can graduate into a decent rewards card. BoA has a good secured product and is a good place to start. There are a few credit unions you can join as well just by joining an association that have these offerings as well. Avoid any card with annual fees, monthly fees or cards with no grace period.
  10. It's akin to trading in your car at the dealership vs. selling privately. Selling on your own you'll certainly get more, but at what cost in time, dealing with people, etc. I certainly get the allure, but in a car deal you may leave a few thousand on the table in the worst case. I'd be willing to bet on a home the risk is much greater.
  11. Agree with the others, nothing more than a lead generation technique to sell metal. Unless you put down a significant down payment you are likely underwater on the 2020, and with new car prices through the roof right now it sounds like a recipe for disaster. That said, in certain circumstances it may make sense as the used car market is very strong right now and dealers are paying a lot for cars. For example, we were able to unload our car about to come off lease in January and pocket $3,000 in profit to put towards our new vehicle (which was done in separate transactions).
  12. Where are your scores now? DW just paid off her lease and opened a new loan for a car. Minimal to no imapct on scores whatsoever (all 790+). You can obtain new credit when you are trying to get a mortgage, just be prepared to answer questions about it during the process and be cognizant of how the new loan obligation will impact your DTI ratio. With financing so cheap these days it makes little sense to use all that cash (which you will need for closing, BTW).
  13. I am struggling with this math. If you take home $44k/year after taxes that is roughly $3700/month. I will assume that the $44k you state is after payroll deductions for 401(k), medical benefits, etc. If you owe $16k on CCs, the minimum payment, on the high end would be around $640/month (assuming you need to pay 2% plus interest per month, which is on the high side). That should leave you $3100/month left to cover your other expenses. I think before you go and take a 401(k) loan and lose out on the growth potential, you really should take a hard look at your expense
  14. If that is the most unhealthy thing someone does I think they'll be ok. And does drinking a soda at 12:01PM affect the body differently than drinking one at 11:59AM?
  15. I am with you 100% on this one. I was recently in upstate NY where they serve Pepsi everywhere, it was terrible. I will drink DP in a pinch, but am not a fan.
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