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  1. Can use the sauce for other dishes like chicken parm, etc. I don't see why you couldn't turn it into a soup...I would just run it through the blender to get a smooth consistency.
  2. That is unfortunate that you did not like it. My last time there was not as good as the first, but not so bad that I wouldn't recommend it. I wonder if the chef/owner is more worried about being a celebrity chef (he is on various cooking shows as a judge, etc) and has taken his eye off the ball. I will say that the Crack Shack (the restaurant next door which he also owns), has never disappointed, provided of course you like fried chicken.
  3. People come and go all the time for various reasons. Some times life just gets busy, they find other hobbies, disagree with management decisions, have another member make them upset, something else or for no good reason. Other times it is because we tell them not to come back. I can say that for the 3 referenced above it is the former, not the latter (as far as I know), and I would like to see them back as they added tons to the board. I think I know why a couple of them left, but don't know with enough certainty to offer an explanation. Because people come and go, this is why we very rarely delete old content. There is much to be learned from it, and sometimes the people who posted may not be around to pass it along.
  4. This...x100000000 run from these rip off artists, read the newbies section and info on this site, then ask questions. You’ll be thankful you did.
  5. Politics do affect many aspects of our lives, and it is a shame that the subject cannot be discussed in a civil manner on this board. However, we found through difficult experience, that it is impossible. We made a decision at that point not to allow political discussions on CB. We will not revisit that decision, as I have said numerous times. Those of you who joined after that debacle will not likely understand, since we have put all those posts in an archived forum, and they are not accessible to the general membership. We have no plans to make those posts available in the future. You will just have to accept what we say. We tried it, it didn't work. CB enjoys a strong sense of community. The "family" atmosphere, the feeling that one's thoughts and feelings will be accepted without judgment, is central to our success. The political discussions bring out the opposite in those individuals who feel a need to convert others to their political views, and those who feel a need to fight back against such individuals. As a result, CB has not only adopted a "politics neutral" stance, we have established a standing rule that any subject which is political in nature, or leads to a politically oriented discussion, cannot be discussed here. That is why these threads will be closed, and the participants redirected. In some cases you may see a thread closed when it borders on political topics, but has not yet taken a turn in that direction. That's because, in our experience, we know it will take that turn in the near future. Occasionally, some members feel a need to test the boundaries (a psychological phenomenon well-known in internet communities), by "baiting" other members into a political discussion. Others innocently post a subject they feel warrants discussion, and inadvertently open Pandora's box. We don't try to decide which is which, we just close the threads. It is not personal. If we had our way, we would be able to debate the subject sensibly. Occasionally, someone brings up the question of the owner's political views. We owners do not all agree on politics. It is not an issue that divides us, however. Our focus here is the board, and the welfare of the board, not our political views. We do not get into debating the merits of a particular thread, if we did, we would be putting ourselves in a very difficult position, and we have more important things to do. So, if your thread gets closed, there is no point in arguing about it. We've already been there and we're not going back. This rule, and the other hard-and-fast rules we have established over time on CB, have proved to be a strong basis for our success. We will always maintain the sense of community and our emphasis on the things we have in common, rather than the things that divide us. This topic is now closed.
  6. If you really want to do this (I am am certainly not saying you should), most of the major issuers allow a balance transfer directly to your checking account at the BT rate. I know that right now I could get at least twice that sent to my bank account for a total of 3-5% of the amount, depending on the issuer. Chase, Citi, BoA, Discover and US Bank all have that option, to name a few. Aside from the risk of the investment not working out and you losing the funds and then holding a massive amount of CC debt, you may face adverse action from the lenders when they see your balances grow so quickly in a short period of time.
  7. that falls in line with what I posted in terms of trends. balance owed <$10k, was a C/O not IIB. Congrats.
  8. i'd honestly rather eat McD's...
  9. OK you two...off to neutral corners. OP - I think you have gotten some solid advice in the thread and some things to consider before finalizing your purchase. You can also check out the "prices paid" forum over at edmunds for your particular model to see what kind of deals others are getting. You should also look at what the invoice price is for your model (if you haven't) and work back off that, not MSRP. On a 2019 model, I would be looking to be below invoice before any available incentives, trade considerations, etc (this is why you were advised to separate trade from sales price). If you get a price that you think is fair, and the financing is aligned then make deal. If not, don't fall in love with the car, there will be another.
  10. Makes sense to me. Taxes are due on 10/15/19 and you have $0 in escrow, so you need to provide full amount to pay them, which they have estimated at $4,000 based on the expected taxes. Were this an existing house, because the closing is so close to the due date the prior owners would've likely paid the taxes already and you'd be reimbursing them. In this case the builder has not paid them as of yet, so you are paying them for the builder. Were the closing on 11/4 you'd be reimbursing the builder for the taxes they paid. You then being your escrow for taxes due 10/15/20, for which they are collecting 3 months upfront, and then will collect monthly to pay the bill due on 10/15/20. At that point you should have 15 months of taxes in escrow. If you are over-escrowed, when they do the analysis they will adjust the amount accordingly. What I would make sure of is 2 things: A - If they are saying the taxes will be significantly lower (based on lot value) and you will be returned the overpayment, find out exactly the timing on that. You don't want to end up having that sit in your escrow account for a year. You may even want to ask if you can pay for it outside the mortgage process on your own, although that might have hurdles (you would be having to take the risk that you pay it and don't close on the house, as I am sure they would want proof of payment prior to closing) B - That all of this is spelled out in detail on the mortgage schedules, per CV's comment above.
  11. Is your income stream solely tied to your business? How stable is that income stream? Unless you have enough stable income to safely afford the mortgages/heloc I would not be converting unsecured debt to secured as CV points out. If you do have a stable income source (either the business is a side gig or from another source like a spouse), then I would reach out to a trusted mortgage broker to understand your options and what you would really be saving. While you might lower the rates, if you have to pay a few thousand in closing costs that may totally wipe out the savings. You can also compare that to what PenFed and other CUs can offer. While I wouldn't recommend going with a CU to obtain a first on a home purchase (they can be notoriously slow and obtuse), you aren't on a time crunch doing a re-fi and can afford to deal with their idiosyncrasies.
  12. I was getting Marcus offers fairly regularly in the past, but now that I think about it I haven't seen one lately. Just one less thing to shred.
  13. Of course they want you to come back in. Much easier to sell you in person. I would just tell them you live X distance away and am not coming in unless there is a deal to be made. I personally would negotiate the whole thing via email (including knowing the financing terms) and if both parties are in agreement you'll be in Saturday to sign. This way your time isn't wasted going nor theirs trying to sell you if there isn't a deal to be made. In the last 10 years (with the prevalence of the internet) I have almost always had my deals negotiated before I even hit the dealership. This keeps the visit short and sweet. I am in a different boat however as I almost always A) order my cars, and B ) qualify for top tier financing. That said, see my answer above. It shouldn't if it is local. The dealer will likely trade for it with one of their in stock cars and send a driver to get it. If the car was far away they would likely just recover their cost through the selling price of the vehicle (just won't give you as low a price). If they submitted your app with a VIN as Marv allued to, they have to be reasonably certain they can get the car. When they have something in stock, they may be more motivated to sell it at a lower price, especially the longer it sits and at the end of the model year/beginning of the new model year. Stock vs order doesn't matter for credit approval in a vacuum, however if you are getting a lower price, or a different model year it could make a difference by changing DTI or LTV.
  14. Add general contractor, handyman, or anything trade related to that list.

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