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  1. Well you can at least move the aviator line to it to make it useful. That sandwich I referenced earlier is getting bigger by the day...
  2. That must be it...or because someone who used to live at my address (previous renter) has medical collections then my wife is not creditworthy.
  3. So I got an email from CapOne with instructions to receive the decline letter online. The reason they gave for the decline was too many accounts opened in the last 24 months. I went through the DWs report and she has 4 in the past 24 months. Idiotic. CV - I am not sure if you can do the same for TAD, as the link in my email is specific to DW.
  4. Also, what was the fee for? Were you late in paying? If the CS can't help you figure it out, best bet is to stop using the card for a month or two. Stop using a few days before statement cuts (so there are no pending charges that post after the statement cuts). PIF the entire balance by the due date. Let the next statement cut. There may be trailing interest, pay that amount in full, still not using the cards. Once the statement cuts with a fully $0 balance, you can start re-using. This is the most drawn out way to handle it, but will be sure you are back to getting your grace period. Be sure that if you have any recurring charges on that card you cancel those.
  5. I have an arrival card and it routinely has 1% and 2% offers, although it can be sporadic. Nothing for 3 months then there for 3, etc.
  6. CTSoxFan

    What To Do With Unused 529 and More

    This article gives you some options. https://www.savingforcollege.com/article/5-ways-to-spend-leftover-529-plan-money . Worst case is just having to pay taxes on the growth and do a withdrawal.
  7. I was countered there as well, I think at the time I was at $90K and asked for $105K. I don't put very much usage through the card either.
  8. In order to get no interest, you need to PIF for multiple months in a row as the balance will continue to accumulate interest during the following billing cycle and you lose your grace period. If you pay your entire balance in full for 3 consecutive statements after that you shouldn't accumulate any additional interest, unless your card has no grace period (which is unlikely unless it is a bottom feeder). Here is a pretty solid explanation: https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/grace-period-avoid-paying-interest.php
  9. BoA stuffed you at $99.9K as well? I tried numerous times to get them to put me over $100K and always denied. Probably because I have no other relationship with them.
  10. Since I will likely get her letter before you get TADs, I will post the BS reasoning they give.
  11. CTSoxFan

    Cash out refi?

    This really is no different than taking a mortgage/home equity loan to pay off CCs. The main difference is that from what I have seen, the rates for auto title loans are not very good (reflecting the fact that the average auto delinquency rate is ~5x that of the mortgage delinquency rate and sub-prime auto is 10x) so it doesn't make as much financial sense from a savings standpoint. One way you could make it work is if utilization is the only thing suppressing your FICO scores then you could take the loan out, use the funds to pay off the CCs then find a 0% intro card that allows direct deposit balance transfers (at the 0% rate) to pay off the car loan. No matter how you do it, the key is making sure that you don't start overspending and ending up with CC balances and an auto loan. I am sure if you google auto title loans you can find a good number of lenders or other CUs. One thing to keep in mind is that they will likely have requirements for age/mileage of vehicle.
  12. Listen to Marv - he has been working in auto F&I for a long time...when he started his fur was brown!
  13. CTSoxFan

    Pay loan for better rated loan and payment

    In the original post the OP says he has no plans to spend the loan proceeds. If he does spend them, then obviously he needs to make the loan payments until the time at which he can pay it off. Paying the loan on time isn't going to hurt him any, the consensus of the advice was that the benefit he would receive to his FICO scores was not worth the insane amount of interest he was paying on the loan.
  14. Add my wife to the list of credit stiffs who didn't qualify for the card. I guess they don't like people with util <10% and FICOs around 800... No Crap 1 card - hasn't had one in a long time Not a churner on other cards either 2 INQs in last 12 months CV - Did you ever get the letter with the reasons why TAD why denied?

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