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  1. I wouldn't call it a game, but absolutely I have waited until the statement cut to make a purchase, especially if it is a large purchase or if I am trying to ensure a 0 balance for the month.
  2. Welcome to Creditboards! We hope that you find what you're looking for here. Some helpful tips: Your post may not get a reply right away. Don't be discouraged, this is a very busy board. If it falls off of the first page, feel free to reply to your post yourself, with the word *bump* in the text. This will *bump* your post back up to the top of the board. If you haven't yet, take a peek at out Newbies Section. Everything that you need to know is in that forum, for the most part. It's a lot of reading, we know, but this credit stuff can have a steep learning curve. In no time, you'll be posting like the pros! If you find that someone is discourteous to you, use the REPORT button at the top right of every post - that will ensure that a moderator or admin looks at the post and decides if it is against the TOS. Off -topic posts should go in the General Forum. Again, welcome to the CreditBoards family! CB Admin: LKH, Pam, radi8, breeze & MarvBear
  3. Call one of the backdoor numbers or you can reach out to the executive office. Either should be able to help without requiring the additional inquiry.
  4. I don't see a $3,000 offer on either my local Ford site or the link Marv provided. The offer I can see, as I stated above 0% and $1,000 or $2,000. Your best bet is to go to the Ford website and put in your zip code to see exactly what the offer is in your area, as with a lot of manufacturers incentives are regionalized. Also as I stated above you have to be able to qualify for the offer.
  5. All true, yet irrelevant. You shouldn't bypass a good decision today on the chance you may make a future bad decision down the road.
  6. Seeing as your sitting a tons of AA miles, probably a good redemption at any rate. By the way, I think your formula is wrong. Since you paid $5.60 per ticket in fees, and the $257 fare was an all in amount, it should be ($257-5.6)*2/(20,000*2)= $.0126/pp vs. $0.0131
  7. When I lived in CA, the local Costco* always had a line of cars at least 5 deep at every pump. Even at $0.10/gal, there is no way in hell that I am waiting for 20 minutes to save at most $1.50. It amazes me that people put so little value on their time. *understand that not all Costco's have similarly long lines
  8. We will definitely have to agree to disagree here 👍
  9. Last time I needed tires for my cars, I bought them on Tire Rack and had a mobile installer come to the house to do the install. Well worth it to not have to sit in a tire shop for 1-2 hours waiting for them to do the work. Costco is another good option as you can kill the time shopping while you wait.
  10. Unless the financing is at 0%, then extending the term is beneficial, but I would max it at 72 months or the vehicle warranty period, whichever is shorter.
  11. I guess it also depends on your view of the market in the short and long term, and the out clauses. If you can catch the right cycle, it can be a very lucrative deal.
  12. Have to say, if this is your view on the RE market (and I am not saying you're right or wrong), it would be a no brainer to take them up on it. Invest the $110K as you see fit and enjoy the profits/gains. I would see if there is some type of out clause however, whereby if you see things not working out this way you can get out as save your upside, and maybe even time it with a downturn in the market.
  13. This is definitely market specific. Where I am, the market is still very hot as the city is growing rapidly. Having just been in the market as a buyer, I can tell you any good home was going within 48 hours for asking price or above. Anything sitting was either in awful condition or grossly overpriced.
  14. Going to Ford's website they have 0% for 72 months and $1,000 cash. Don't know if it is region specific. Do you know what your auto enhanced FICO scores are? If you aren't over 680 or 700 you are likely going to get killed on the leasing rate and may not qualify for 0%. Head over to Edmunds' forums on leasing and prices paid for Mustangs. Lots of good info there. Can also check out LeaseHackr for info on leasing. If you fill out Marv's credit app he can tell you if you are likely to be approved.

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