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  1. I believe you also get access to the AmEx lounges in airports, although there isn't one in every airport, so you might want to check your local one. 100k is the best SUB I have seen on the card. You can also downgrade to a gold after year 1 to save some of the AF but not close the account...and may get an offer to upgrade back to platinum at some point for bonus MRs.
  2. I think CVs point/question was that did your mortgage broker tell you there was a benefit to being over 700 in terms of pricing? 720? Not all companies use the same score breakpoints for their pricing tiers (for example theirs may be 680 and 720). Honestly, given that your COs will drop next year (and likely give you a nice score boost), and that you can probably dispute them towards the end of this year and get them removed I would wait until those have cleared up. This will also give you a chance to save more for a down payment and avoid either PMI/LPMI or a pricey second mort
  3. You can likely get approved, but you may not like the results (in terms of rates), especially on the lease. I would give a shot at get the lates removed off your CR prior to purchasing the vehicle if time permits. If you want to go the finance route, you can try some of the outside lenders like credit unions so you at least have a solid offer in hand prior to going to the dealership, and then let the F&I guy see if he can beat it. Also - if you have never leased a car before do yourself a favor and get very familiar with leasing terms and calculations, lest you find yoursel
  4. At this point all you can do is chalk it up to a lesson learned. I am sure that at some point, should you want to have a relationship with Citi again that making them whole will certainly help your cause. You didn't mention the impact this has had on your credit reports, but I am sure they took a hit. Your next step should be to try to clean those up as much as possible, and be sure you have some positive tradelines reporting. Might be some time before you are able to qualify for a Citi card, and you'll likely need to go through recon. Keep that EO office number handy, always good to have
  5. Unfortunately D* has been dead for a number of years now. Even though your card will say member since '92, the account will show on the credit report as opened in 2021.
  6. Yes you can certainly recover from both. As CV noted, sometimes it is easier to rebound post BK since you don't have that avenue available again for a number of years. I had a BK almost 20 years ago, and now I have over $700K in available credit (and have for a number of years). Going the BK route also stops the debts from being sold to JDB after JDB and collection calls, etc. The downside is that BK stays on your reports for 10 years. First thing you should do is take a hard look at your finances and see if you can recover or you are past the point of no return in terms of c
  7. It sucks, but really there isn't any recourse in my view. You acknowledge you owed the debt and made payments on that debt. In the T&Cs it says they can close your account at any time for any reason. You were late and over your credit limit, both solid reasons for account closure. Agree the rep shouldn't have made promises they couldn't keep. Process was certainly handled poorly. Put another way, if they opened the account and then 3 months later closed it, would that be any different?
  8. I am exactly the same way. Probably why I work with numbers all day rather than being in Marketing or some creative space. Hell I can barely draw a straight line...with a ruler.
  9. On AmEx's website, they have a place where you can check that you have credit history from UK/Canada/Mexico/India/Australia and they can access that history through a 3rd party to assess your creditworthiness. Also, if you have a UK AmEx it looks like you can apply for a US version through your existing account login. No idea if you still need a US address or SSN, but might be an easier path to explore.
  10. I think CV has the best advice here. Call a couple of brokers and ask the questions. As far as the payments to the IRS go (and other payments) for every mortgage I have taken out, I was required to provide bank statements and pay stubs along with W-2s and the 4506-T. If you are making regular payments to the IRS or other entity they will see those withdrawals and may ask questions (I was asked about transactions in my bank account), unless you plan on not disclosing those accounts, which could lead to further consequences down the road.
  11. Don't let the pre-approved offers fool you. I have been getting them for the past few years and am still squarely on the BL. I am not saying it means you are definitely on or off, just saying that you can't assume that it means your off.
  12. I would call the Chase executive office at 888-622-7547 (this was the last # I had). They have been really helpful to me in the past. Just make sure you have your paperwork in order
  13. Maybe - The issue (even with the thread CV linked) is that banks change their policies on BLs, some have multiple times in the past ~20 years, most times coinciding with the state of the economy. Chase has certainly done so. When I IIB them in 2003, I was able to get a card in pre-crash '08, but then was denied in '10 due to IIB (no BK on record), but since I have gotten 5 or 6 other approvals and have never run into an issue with IIB account. Citi eventually let me back in around 2010/2011 if I recall, and now have 3 cards with them, however while my wife's cards get BT offers almost weekl
  14. So I just went to BoA website and selected get rates, and this was in the footnote details: "Mortgage rates valid as of 23 Apr 2021 09:14 a.m. Central Daylight Time and assume borrower has excellent credit (including a credit score of 740 or higher). Estimated monthly payments shown include principal, interest and (if applicable) any required mortgage insurance. ARM interest rates and payments are subject to increase after the initial fixed-rate period (5 years for a 5y/6m ARM, 7 years for a 7y/6m ARM and 10 years for a 10y/6m ARM; the 6m shows that the interest rate is subject to
  15. No. They only care about the value of the home and ability to repay. If you were a borderline case but had a solid few years of rental history that could be documented it may help your cause with an underwriter/LO to recommend approval.
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