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  1. CTSoxFan

    BOA is stopping HP for CLI

    I have been sitting at the $99.9K for a while as well. I even once asked for a $100 CLI to $100K and they wouldn't do it. DWs card is sitting at $81.8K and last time we went for a CLI (<6 months ago) they declined because she didn't have any banking relationship with them (or something to that effect). I don't either, but I have been at the $99.9K for some time. Maybe this is a new thing that if you don't have a relationship they cap your CL.
  2. CTSoxFan

    To be added to a Amex card with bk

    As long as you didn't default on AmEx or include them in your BK, you should be able to be added as an AU. The only differences in an AmEx AU account and almost all others is the default provision (you can be held liable for your charges if primary defaults as Centex noted) and that if you defaulted on an AmEx they will not grant you an AU card. I thought that the AU card would show as being opened whenever the original card was opened, not when the AU was granted. I don't have any AmEx AU cards to validate...Hege are you going off actual experience or anecdotal?
  3. So I am on a flight right now and someone just walked past me in their bare feet. I couldn't imagine ever doing this...just disgusting. Why do people feel the need to treat an airplane like it is their living room?
  4. CTSoxFan


    The only place I have seen it is when people were describing their Chase 5/24 status and they were so far away from being under 5/24 they just said lol/24.
  5. CTSoxFan

    Can anyone help me with Excel?

    I am pretty sure that anyone who access the shared file can make changes to the tracking, but it has been a long time since I have used shared Excel files so I am not 100% positive. your formulas: =If(and(SS#2C5=SS#1A2,SS#2C5=SS#1C2),SS#1L2,0) - You type this in SS#2 Cell K5. This says that if the 2 criteria you outlined are true return SS#1 cell L2 into the cell. If they don't then put 0 there. =if(SS#1D2=SS#2F5,SS#1L2,0) - You type this formula into SS#2 L5. This says that if the criteria you outlined is true, return SS#1L2 and put it in the cell, else make it 0. Note, you can replace the 0 in both those formulas with a "" if you would prefer it to remain blank.
  6. CTSoxFan

    USAA CLI strategic guidance

    Just one in a long line of irrational fears that people have... Unless you are going for a mortgage and are right on the cusp where 2-3 points may put you in a lower tier, it just isn't worth worrying about.
  7. CTSoxFan

    "Shop Though Chase" Shopping Portal Question

    Agree, it is quite the PITA, however sometimes it is worth it, like the extra 2 points/$ on got on my MacBook purchase. If I recall Ebates and TCB were 0. I don't even tell the wife about that portal, for the same reason you probably wouldn't try to explain it to TAD...
  8. CTSoxFan

    "Shop Though Chase" Shopping Portal Question

    In the past, I have found Chase to be the biggest stickler for these things. If I recall, I tried a couple of times and was denied, so I stopped trying. I agree with your take on Ebates, they seem to give less of an eff that the others. Hell, they even paid me for a trip on Expedia I end up cancelling. The best (most friendly) was Discover and their portal...at one point you didn't even have to use their card and you'd still get the cash back.
  9. CTSoxFan

    The Dining and Food Thread

    that meal looks awful. I don't know what those 2 mystery items are next to the rice, but no way in hell I am eating that unless there is a mighty large stack of 100's as a reward.
  10. CTSoxFan

    New website alert

    Seems hokey like crown jewelers back in the day. Don't know that I would trust putting my personal info through their site. I don't use cologne, so I can't opine on whether or not the prices are fair or the products legit. Much better ways to build credit IMO. I'd avoid.
  11. CTSoxFan

    Should I close Sapphire Reserve?

    Why not adjust your earning strategy to favor URs (to get access to *Alliance/United) or go to strict cash (Alliant 3% card comes to mind) for a bit until you burn through some balances?
  12. CTSoxFan

    Should I close Sapphire Reserve?

    Just want to highlight this, as this is a key component of choosing a rewards strategy. For me, the ability to turn URs into United Miles, which I then redeem for $0.04-$0.05 per mile or better is a huge benefit of the Chase cards. A lot of times the huge benefit of this ability (or AmEx & Citi and their respective partners) is overlooked when people look at simple numbers. Just goes to show you really have to understand your spending and redemption patterns over the longer term to truly maximize CC rewards.
  13. Something that has been annoying me recently is the new Captcha bot tests. Not only do you have to see if there is a speck of the certain item in each square, now they also refresh and you have to keep selecting until it feels you have been tortured enough. I don't want to play a effing game every time I want to access an account.
  14. CTSoxFan

    Is there such a thing as too many CCs?

    Somewhere Ron1 is cackling in derision at the topic of this thread... If you don't know who Ron1 is, do a search here.
  15. CTSoxFan

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    Read the email closely. Does it say "Just open a Navy Platinum Card". Or "Just transfer a balance"? The former is what people who don't have a platinum card currently are getting, the latter fort those that have a platinum card currently.

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