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  1. This has been my experience, as well as many others I have read on the board. Chase seems to be more conservative with what they give out for CLIs as compared to new accounts. The only downside to this method is that you'll have a new account on your reports, which can cause issues with further approvals (lower AAoA plus some lenders like Chase and Wells will deny for too many new accounts in a certain period)
  2. Well if you app with AmEx, if you're on their BL (for not repaying in full), they will likely decline without an inquiry. You also mention Chase. I would develop a plan that maximizes your preferred rewards based on your spending patterns, and then app for the cards that best meet those criteria.
  3. Especially if you are not financially solvent enough that were you to experience a total loss and not have GAP coverage the subsequent negative balance would have a material impact on your financial picture. The problem is that in most cases those who are in this bucket can't afford to do the two things you suggest...
  4. For me, in the end it comes down to math. Everything else aside, if I think I can reasonably earn an after tax return that is better than the cost of the lease (money factor), I would not put any additional funds down except drive-offs (I usually use 4-5% pre-tax as a baseline, tax effect, convert to MF by dividing by 2400 and comparing that to lease MF). If it is close, or the cost of the lease outweighs that reasonable return then reducing the amount subject to interest is smart money (as smart as one can be when car leasing). The odds of totaling the car are maybe a tiebreaker, but not a
  5. Honestly you should do whatever causes you to incur the least amount of interest, score be damned. Unless you are buying a home in the next 60 days, you can always tweak the utilization a couple of months ahead of time to max out your score prior to going for the mortgage, but you'll never recover the cash wasted on interest expenses. If you're that paranoid or need to feel a warm and fuzzy let a balance report on a card that currently has a $0 balance while you pay off the ones you are paying interest on, but please for the love of god don't flush money down the drain chasing so
  6. Have you filed a police report or gone to the authorities on your former roommate? That will certainly assist with getting your report cleaned up, and I would suggest you do this prior to heading down the mortgage path. Unless there is some urgent need for your BiL to sell this property (and if he is "giving" you $150k by selling it well below market I assume he is financially well off), you should wait until you clean up your reports prior to going through the mortgage transaction. For FHA, your down payment can be a gift, however I am not sure selling it below market value can
  7. From what I have seen that will look like a bris gone VERY badly...
  8. That is the first thing I said when I saw the coverage this morning...
  9. Agree with CV on DCU, or if you are eligible NFCU may also be a good option for a loan without usurious rates. A good F&I guy at the dealership will likely be able to get you approved as well, possibly even with the captive lender, depending on other factors (like down payment). You can list your household income on the application provided your wife has access to those funds. In this case you may be able to have her apply for the loan solo and use your combined incomes. I have done this on all our car purchases for the last ~13 years - individual applications either for my
  10. Can't say I have ever noticed the water spot issue you mention, but can't say I have really looked for it either. That is the model we have, a great coffee maker. Only complaint is I wish they had a version that makes a larger pot.
  11. My last redemption was for a domestic F ticket on United for next month. Cost was ~100k miles for a ticket that was retailing at ~$1200, so roughly $0.012/mile, which isn't world beating, but I look at it this way, I got the miles by getting the United club card with it's $525AF, so in essence I saved $150 on the cost of the ticket plus get 2 free years of lounge access, which is worth another $550/year, so all in all worked out ok (aside from the fact that between COVID lost traveling time and the club being closed at my home airport means it barely got used). That card is definitely gettin
  12. Never heard of Behmor...we have a Bonavita which we love. Have had it for 7 years now and running strong (furiously knocking on wood...)
  13. Don't you go all confusing things and ruining the narrative by providing facts, logic and common sense...
  14. So what you are basically saying is the going rate for your time is ~$5.50/hour. I would've thought you valued yourself higher. I now have a policy that anything that is going to require more additional effort than a quick phone call or email needs to be worth at least $20, because it isn't worth my time to expend more effort for less.
  15. From Visa's internal document (found via Google), it says that you have 120 days from the latest date you expected to receive the goods or services to file a claim, no later than 540 days from the initial transaction date. So unless it stretches out over a year and a half, you are covered in a pre-order situation. I don't know if banks can have their own policies. I have been charged up front previously for pre-ordered items, especially those in high demand. They want to make sure they have secured the funds and have a paying customer, especially when there are other people who
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