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  1. If you're as hot as Mister Man Bun in the linked article, yes SIR 🥵😍😘
  2. As with credits "NO credit is worse than BAD credit", 40yo never insured is perhaps riskier than 21yo insured from 16yo with 2 accidents and/or SR22. Also, save a bundle by not financing a vehicle and buying cash, used if necessary. A lien would necessitate full coverage insurance, easily in those prices ranges quoted depending on electives and deductibles, even for the previously insured.
  3. Welcome and THANK YOU, @Allisfair143. While my baddie assigned to Portfolio seems to have dropped off, this experience you've shared could be very helpful to those who are still battling them and may be applicable to other collection agencies as well.
  4. I applaud your stepping up to correct the misinformation, Centex. Thank you. As this drags on, I'm all but settled on composing, addressing and mailing some DVs and the likely subsequent PFD letters to these CA/DCs. It'll probably take the better part of the next couple of months for this process to play out, but all my studies have led me to that conclusion, unassuaged. I'm hoping the post mail contacts listed for the collectors is accurate in reporting so that my communications are received proper. I've come a long way. This is the home stretch in getting my credit cleaned up. The only real "regret" would be having my oldest trade line go to collections, entailing the loss of years of credit age/history. That's all water under the bridge now that I'm reborn, though with a better knowledge and understanding of credit and our financial system(s) as a whole. I'll update as my case proceeds in due course.
  5. Pardon my laziness for the cut & paste job that's omitting the DOFD. I know they're prior to the account listed dates, so we're good. Also, as previously detailed, low balances. Via my prior posts and decade+ experiences, I was hoping to have those knowledgeable meet me where I am and on my level. A refresher I do not need as I am well understanding of PyschDoc and Why Chat's library. My condolences for your financial struggles. All info I've posted is from Experian. I'm not naive or uninformed to believe the 3rd Party (i.e. Kredit Kaharma) crap. I'm not new to any of of this. I reiterate, I've been a member of this site for well over a decade. Despite not posting excessively, I've immersed myself in the realms of finance, personal and otherwise, learning much. Simply soliciting EXPERIENCED and SAGE guidance on how to handle these baddies, these CAs and the likelihood of PFD success for my case. I know better than to do anything verbally -- haven't and won't. This is all a highly tedious process, but perhaps worth the reward if successful, hence the initial posting seeking guidance and advice based upon the nature this endeavor and all it entails. Perhaps your input will be helpful to the neophytes here, so for that contribution, thanks.
  6. UPDATE: Well, it looks like the following entry has fallen or is falling off -- no longer showing up on my EX report as of the past couple days, but waiting for refresh on EQ and TU. PORTFOLIO RECOV ASSOC Original creditor: CAPITAL ONE BANK USA N.A. $1,621 0% paid off Collection opened Jun 1, 2014 Still... what to do with these remaining baddies? CREDENCE RESOURCE MANA Original creditor: ATT MOBILITY $215 0% paid off Collection opened Jun 1, 2016 ENHANCED RECOVERY CO L Original creditor: AT T MOBILITY $615 0% paid off Collection opened Nov 1, 2016 ENHANCED RECOVERY CO L Original creditor: COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS $264 0% paid off Collection opened Feb 1, 2018 They're technically within SOL, but not high enough to pursue IMO. What's the likelihood of successful PFD?
  7. I see. A bit of inside baseball there. Perhaps something was sent, but I've been quite nomadic the past decade. Who knows where it may have been sent if it ever was sent? Continuing -- any advised course of measure to handle these baddies? Leaning towards PFD...
  8. Specifically, I believe you refer to a 1099-C? No, I've not received one and why would they have sent it? I haven't been in contact with them to settle, nonetheless agree to such a settlement for less than what is owed. Continue to elucidate should you have a recommendation as far as how to handle this or the other baddies...
  9. Known and understood, cv... Very alike the Experian site that does similar. I'm going to take this as them siding with the creditor (their main financiers, I'm sure) by their snake oil-esque advice of simply paying the debt? Definitely disingenuous and not a practice I recall seeing done or advocated 10+ years ago. TImes have changed in some regard...
  10. Historical knowledge here would concur. Interesting, though, the various CRA sites and Credit-focused platforms (i.e. Credit Karma) all suggest/advocate paying will reduce the impact of the items as opposed to leaving them be. So, then... DV/PFD in hopes that removes these baddies? What's the likelihood given the circumstances and collectors involved?
  11. Thank you for the response, centex. I'm aware of the implications or lack thereof to the "open dates" reported. We're in alignment; no desire to chase rabbit trails -- exhaustive and tedious to no gain. What I would like to garner is knowledgeable guidance as to how I should proceed in handling these baddies to further clean my credit and raise my score pursuant. These items are all or mostly out of SOL or too minor to have any major action from CAs. As aforementioned, should it be the best course, I can pay them all off lump-sum, but hey... this is Credit Boards, we don't do that here, or do we?
  12. Hello after nearly a decade hiatus! Much thanks for PsychDoc and others who've pioneered this site, it's resources and have kept it going! In the time I've been away, MUCH has changed with my credit [hi}story -- for the better! Mostly due to keeping a very low, cash-only profile and letting derog accounts age off while I more responsibly manage my finances. I've been able to open new credit accounts over the past two years to re-establish myself and have been doing very, VERY well in that regard. A few things linger, however... I'll break them down from info sourced from recent credit reports as I ask for sage guidance in handling in the most advantageous and optimal way to finally push my score to the 700+ range [currently 627 EX FICO] CREDENCE RESOURCE MANA Original creditor: ATT MOBILITY $215 0% paid off Collection opened Jun 1, 2016 Pretty self-explanatory. An AT&T wireless account that was closed and charged off -- NOT per my invocation, however. They closed this account after having associated it with the following account which I did handle irresponsibly... ENHANCED RECOVERY CO L Original creditor: AT T MOBILITY $615 0% paid off Collection opened Nov 1, 2016 Charged off account for irresponsibility. However, the ORIGINAL charge-off date was nearly a year prior, so the opened date as reported for this and the subsequent collection are NOT accurate. Though, I don't have anything documenting this. ENHANCED RECOVERY CO L Original creditor: COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS $264 0% paid off Collection opened Feb 1, 2018 This one is a bit interesting. As with the preceding AT&T accounts, this is an account that has an inaccurate opening date -- or date that is far later than the date of OC charge-off; likely due to being re-sold or re-aged? I attempted to contact Comcast as I don't ever recall leaving an account unpaid; first suspected this to be leased equipment that was not properly checked back in. Comcast was able to validate there is an internal record of this charge[off], though they can't validate what it is for exactly. They also stated they cannot take payment to satisfy this and that I must work with the CA of note. PORTFOLIO RECOV ASSOC Original creditor: CAPITAL ONE BANK USA N.A. $1,621 0% paid off Collection opened Jun 1, 2014 This account, as indicated by it's opening date and estimations from CRAs, will likely fall off soon. While I'm not too terribly worried about it, it is a charge-off from a major credit issuer and likely a weight on my score. There we have it. Those are all my current accounts in collection as reported across the Big 3. I took a hard road with waiting out the rebound of my credit file for several years while practicing a very judicious, healthy and smart approach to my finances garnered by simply "growing up". Now I hope to expedite the last bit of healing by nullifying these remaining baddies. I feel fortunate enough to have the liquidity to pay these off if that is the BEST recommendation, but know that to not be per historical data found here. Not sure if DV relevant for these accounts as they'll likely will be validated? In recent reading, it also appears PFD is something that's not as common or advised anymore either? What is the prescription for my case in resolving these remaining accounts to bolster my score? Thanks in advance!
  13. AHCK! Don't do it! Surely there's a better way! In my research, PAYING a collection account is a LAST resort, and even still it should be a well-worded, yet brief Pay-For-Delete (PFD). Never should you settle and let it be that as you'll get not a single thing in return for shelling out the cash to a CA (or even a OC for that matter). The neg mark on your CR will remain, yet only the verbiage will change. I'm curious to know how much this account is claiming you owe and what the date since last activity is...

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