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  1. Approved for AMEX Blue Cash Preferred @ $6k in January! ... it finally hit my credit report this month. Experian tanked by 49 points. ...... to 699 - just "Good" rating. My sig is no longer accurate. ☠️ The Credit Gods giveth... the Credit Cods Taketh away.
  2. We have, undoubtedly, entered Peak 1st World problems... Yup. For sure. 1st World solution? Throw EVERYTHING away [literally, into the household waste bin with that kit] and buy new, unproven, bleeding edge. Yup. Most definitely the only civilized fix.
  3. ... FWIW, there is a "fully functional" mobile app variant. How do I know? My company mandated my team install it 😑
  4. faux metal is the new bichon frise 😎
  5. Good LAWD! 3.99/minute??? That's rich even in 1994 dollars. Adjusted for inflation would snatch that mop off Ms. Warwigs head! 🤯🤯🤯
  6. Took me WAY too long to create this for your amusement. Tips accepted in FICO score points and craft beer.
  7. And I'm over here on a $1k -> 2k CLI w/CHASE like...
  8. Yeah. Didn't know this was even a thing. Guess I'll resign myself to wallow in the self-pity of my "very good" credit rating, positive tradelines and getting rewarded for regular spend that I PIF before statement close date while continuing to be oblivious to what's trendy with the cool kids...
  9. You are correct [this time], and I fully support your request of aforementioned user to refrain from such egregious violation of internet etiquette 😉
  10. try grubhub and stop yelling Don't think GrubHub was a thing in '06, the vintage of this zombie thread. Slow night, @hegemony? ... and add proper spelling to the yelling request, would ya dear? 😘
  11. At home on a Friday night, alone, NOT spending money on drink, cover, hookers or blow, reading CB and catching up on the weeks YouTube subs like...
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