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  1. Oh man!!! Why did you have to post this Squirrel? My DW and I shop for my DS there ALL the time. Can't tell you how much we spend there!!! Now I'm tempted to try and get this one, although I know I won't. Think I'll wait until next month or two when stuff starts to report....or maybe not...he he I waited too... about 12 seconds from when I saw them That is soooooo funny. I know I don't have a chance in h**l of getting it, but knowing that it's out there is good. Do let us know what happens.
  2. Oh man!!! Why did you have to post this Squirrel? My DW and I shop for my DS there ALL the time. Can't tell you how much we spend there!!! Now I'm tempted to try and get this one, although I know I won't. Think I'll wait until next month or two when stuff starts to report....or maybe not...he he
  3. So about 4 days then. Not bad. I'm really holding up some hope for this. Your scores were lower than mine, no offense intended, and you got it so I'm thinking positive on this one. I do have a tax lien and some 3 year old late pays but that's about it. All my CA's are paid and there are only 2 of those. I'll post next week and let you all know what happened.
  4. Yeah, I was chicken also before I found CB. I've calmed down in the past couple of weeks though. I'm not applying for any bank cards, not until I can get above 700 and have some TL's showing. I only applied because the PP said that they got approved with a 573 TU and my TU is a little bit above that as you can see in my siggy. Hopefully I hear something within the next few days. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the e-mail letting you know if you are approved or not?
  5. I caved to peer pressure also. I KNOW I shouldn't be applying until my AU starts reporting along with Cap One and CJ, but you all made it sound so good, especially the PP who got it with a 573 TU. I'll let you know what happens. I SWEAR this is it for me until I'm able to get some prime bank cards.
  6. tmkats

    Household CLI

    I have a HHB card. I'm up to about $1,200 now and started at $300 about 3 years ago. Every so often they will increase me by $250, but if you call and ask you can pretty much get a $100 increase. It's a soft pull so it won't show up as an inquiry. Better than nothing and it's a start. As far as CLI's go, they are pretty stingy.
  7. Ditto. I haven't gotten any work done the past week cause I've spent all my time on here. Too bad I found out about CB this late. Oh well, slowly taking steps in the right direction.
  8. Thanks. If I knew they would do that, I would have settled a long time ago!!!
  9. Well, it's not what I was expecting, but I'll take it anyway. Just out of curiosity, I called Macy's to see if they would reinstate my account even though I owed them a balance and recently called them to notify that I settled and to update my credit reports. The woman I spoke to said that she would give me another account with them and my CL would be the balance that I owed to them of approx. $270. I'll take it!!!!! It would be another TL that is showing and I'm sure my wife could find something in Macy's to buy...he he. Just another step in the right direction. Who knows, maybe in 6 months they'll increase my limit. Should I get this in writing from them, or take their word on it? Thanks
  10. Wow...congrats!!!! Very good that you could get the card with that score. Enjoy it.
  11. In my ongoing process to clean up my report, I was thinking of sending a nutcase letter to JC to try and get it deleted from my report entirely. The SOL is up in June and it is supposed to come off of my report then. Do you think that I should send out a nutcase letter to try and have it taken out earlier? Should I just wait until June and see if it falls off on it's own? BTW, it is showing as JC and a CA on TU and as an unknown negative on EQ and as JC non CA on EX (confused yet? LOL) Also, I have an old Catherine's account on which I was an AU for my wife and we kinda let it slip. If I dispute online, would it automatically come off since I was only an AU, or do I have to send a DV to them? Any help/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  12. Thanks. I'll try again in a month or two and see what happens.
  13. Well, got the e-mail that I got the CJ card. It's a start I suppose. Gonna have to go and find something for my wife now as I owe her for her birthday...LOL. I'll keep everyone posted as to how it works out with my scores.
  14. You're lucky. I didn't even get a 7-10 day message w hen I applied for Walmart. I got a number to call within 48 hours to complete my app. Got some guy in India, who said that my app was not approved. I asked him if it wasn't approved for the Discover or just the store card. He said that there was only one app on file for me and that it was denied. I'll get my standard denial letter in the mail with the same BS on it probably in a few days. Hope that you got it though. You never know.
  15. Is the lien satisfied? I couldn't for the life of my get either Walmart or Target with my state lien showing open. This was even with mid 600 scores. Once it was marked satisfied, I FINALLY got both Walmart and Target. I finally summized that was what was holding me back. Target was my "white elephant" card after Walmart - small CL's, but just had to have just because. Took three tries on both and the third time was after the lien was marked satisfied. I'm convinced that was the reason. Yeah, my lien is showing up paid on TU and satisfied on EX, both of which mean the same thing. I applied online for Walmart and got denied in two seconds flat. I really started taking my credit seriously these past few months after my son was born and my wife and I started talking about buying a house next year. I should have better scores by then, but any help I can do before then, I will. I'm convinced that my lack of TL's since my last deliquency is what is holding me back. My HHB is only about 2 1/2 years old and my auto loan is 6 months old which doesn't really count with CC companies. I have my Crap One starting to report next month, and of cousre I had to play the max out, PIF game. My "white elephants" are all my lates with my old CC's and my lack of good TL's since. I'm sure of it. I just can't get rid of them for the life of me. I'm going to start pulling my 3-in-1 every day and see what happens. I just hope I don't bump off something that is positive and new.
  16. Thanks, I'll try. I think i spent more money on credit reports and myFICO stuff than I'd care to admit...LOL. I'll do my best to hang in there and keep reading all the posts on here. Everyone is quite informative. Thanks
  17. Thanks for all the suggestions. I put my app in for CJ and verified my e-mail. Hopefully they get back to me within 24 hours and I can get something set up. I've tried Target also and have gotten denied numerous times. I think the reason is because of all my lates on my other cards from back in the past and my lien even though my scores are good. I signed up for TC today so I can pull reports every day. If I can get some bumpage on anything, I would be happy. One note that I did notice is that a CA that I paid (before CB) has reported a zero balance and is reporting as paid. Probably didn't do anything for my scores, but at least it's not reporting in collections every month. When I get the notice from CJ, I'll post. It's not the best in the world, but it's another TL which will help alot. I'm also going to be added on as an AU on one of my mom's long standing good history cards. Hopefully that works also. I checked my FACO's from TC and boy are they way off from what myFICO has. It's amazing to see such a difference between the two. EX is alone 100 points off. Weird. Anyway, thanks for the advice, I appreciate you helping a newbie out.
  18. I would, but I kinda screwed them over way back when also. I settled with them 2 years ago, but I wouldn't want to take a chance on them holding grudges. At this point, I'll take any store card that is within reason, just to establish a TL. Either that or try getting accounts like the one above deleted somehow. You can get Macy's. Offer to open an account with a limit equal to what you owe. Macy's responds to goodwill letters. If a TL is all you want then get a Crown Jewelers account. No credit checks. Thanks, I will try all of the above.
  19. I would, but I kinda screwed them over way back when also. I settled with them 2 years ago, but I wouldn't want to take a chance on them holding grudges. At this point, I'll take any store card that is within reason, just to establish a TL. Either that or try getting accounts like the one above deleted somehow.
  20. I have fairly decent scores, all in the mid 600's. I tried applying for Walmart, which I thought I had a decent chance of getting and was flat out denied. I gave up trying to apply for anything else seeing as how if I can't get Walmart, I'm not going to get any other store credit. I currently have a HHB card and a Crap One card which seems to be the only two that I qualify for. A little background: Depending on which report is pulled I have between 5 and 6 baddies on my report and two CA's. One of the CA's is scheduled to come off in June and the other should be reporting as PIF. My problem isn't really with the CA's, it's with the old CC's that i closed and were late on. They are still showing as closed and late on my reports and because of this I can't get approved for anything. Below is my oldest card, but the one that has the most lates on it still showing. I have other CC accounts on my report like this also, mainly my old car loan with Chase that I paid off but is still reporting lates and such. I currently have a loan with them now that is in good standing. Does anyone have any advice as to how/if I can get accounts like the one below off my reports seeing as how they are closed and I don't owe anything on them? Or am I just stuck with them until they eventually fall off. I'd rather take a hit on my scores my taking out the longest accounts, then to have all the lates on the report for the next 2 years. Thanks DISCOVER FINANCIAL SERVI (Individual Account) Credit Grantor Contact Information POB 15316 WILMINGTON, DE 19850 Account Number Account Type Revolving Account Credit Limit (High Credit) $5,500 $5,157 Minimum Monthly Payment (Terms) Date Opened October, 1994 Date of Last Activity July, 2004 Date Paid Out July, 2004 Date Closed June, 2003 Loan Type Credit Card Collateral Description Canceled by credit grantor Last Report on November, 2004 Balance Current status Past Due Amount $0 Paid or paying as agreed $0 Seven Year Payment History 30 days late: 8 5/2004 2/2004 9/2003 12/2002 4/2002 3/2002 2/2002 1/2002 60 days late: 4 6/2004 3/2004 1/2003 5/2002 90+ days late: 7 8/2003 7/2003 6/2003 5/2003 4/2003 3/2003 2/2003
  21. tmkats

    Wal Mart Card

    You may even be a candidate for the Walmart Discover with those scores. But if you really want a Walmart card I'd say go for it also. I am almost positive you'd be approved for something. Crap!!! Waste of a ding. Nothing at all, not even a low limit store card. Man, someone must hate me up there. Don't even want to know how many points I got hit for. Guess I'm stuck with my Crap One card and HHB card for now and who knows how long. I'm done with applying. Thought that I would at least qualify for some store card with my scores. Looks like I won't be applying for anthing for quite some time and hope that HHB raises my limits some and my account ages enough for me to apply again in 6 months. Thanks anyway. Appreciate the responses.
  22. tmkats

    Wal Mart Card

    score wise you'd be approved... withthe baddies ya still have, not too sure....they arent recent so ya should be OK Are any of the baddies related to GEMB cards? if not, Id go for it Nope, none of the baddies are from GEMB. One is from Discover. Another is from and old old Crap One account, the other are lates on my last auto loan and a couple of CA's one of which should start reporting as paid (yeah, I know...I did this before I found CB).
  23. tmkats

    Wal Mart Card

    Sorry if this post doesn't fit here, I'm new...LOL. Does anyone know if I would be approved for a Wal-Mart card (shop there QUITE often) if my scores are TU 642 EQ 648 EX 672, I have a paid tax lien, baddies from old cards that were closed, but not charged off and go back 3 years? I also have a HHB card with a $1,200 limit and an auto loan that I've paid on time for 6 months, the balance of which is about $32,000. I don't want to waste a ding if I don't have to and risk lowering my score. Thanks
  24. hmmm...that's interesting. I recently applied for a Chase Perfectcard (the gas card) and was denied. It said it was because of my tax lien (which is paid in full and is 3 years old) past/present deliquencies of which I have no present ones, only past ones and those are over 2 years old by now, and one of the other standard ones that I forget. Do any of you think it would be advisable to call them at the above number and ask for a reconsideration? I have an Auto Loan with Chase for approx $32,000 and I do all of my banking with Chase also. My current TL's are all current including my car loan with them. Also, would they do another hard pull or will they just look at the app you submitted on the computer? My FICOS's are TU 642 EQ 648 EX 672 as of yesterday. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks I have a paid tax lien and two paid medical judgments. I've never defaulted or even been late on a loan and have received several decline letters stating past/present delinquent obligations. It's how the judgments/liens are coded. A three year old lien may be a little too recent for Chase. But it can't hurt to try, you might get an analyst who is having a great day. Thanks for the help. I called and asked for a recon. The lady that answered was very pleasant, unfortuantley she didn't change her mind. Said that I had way too many lates with my other old CC's that are still showing and that my HHB is still too new to help me out. She said that I should try and get a store card to establish more lines of credit. I almost laughed and asked: "How am I supposed to get a store line of credit, when I don't have any other newer TL's reporting to raise my score and outweigh the older ones?" Mind you, as I wrote above, i have a $30,000 plus auto loan with them that they are reaping interest from me from!!! Sorry, had to vent there a little. For me, there isn't much that I can DV on my reports as I've already settled with the old credit card companies way back when. Do you think there is anyway that I could get them off of my reports since I have setteled with them and they closed my accounts? None of them went to CA's BTW. Thanks for any help

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