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  1. I'm a salamander.  DW and I went to Macy's yesterday and they were having their usual suck you in percentage off if you apply for their card.


    I applied and was approved for both the AMEX and store card.  The lady at the counter almost screwed me and hit the store card button but I stopped her in time and took the AMEXDW bought something small and I'll PIF when it comes, but I still feel dirty.



  2. Initially, I believe so.  In what we might call state one, there were folks like the revered Mr. Juggs who obtained around $150k and at least one of his disciples, yours truly, who accumulated $100k.  I believe scenarios like that prompted the first combo shutdown.
    Then there was combo part 2.  CapOne reopened combos, but imposed a limit of $50k.  I'm not sure why that was also shut down, but it's a distinct possibility that was abused, also.  
    Somewhere along the journey there was the massive CapOne credit limit meltdown.  A large number of people had their large limits chopped for not showing enough useage.  My wife's was chopped from around $50k to $15k.  Mine, thank God, remained untouched.  Why?  I'm not really sure.  I have a few theories, but will not discuss them in public.  
    Thanks for the detail. That makes sense.

    I'm glad I kind of laid low with them and kept mine at two with $28k and &15k.

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  3. 2 hours ago, sharpes84 said:

    I am looking to close a capital one account and combine with another Cap 1 account.

    is this an easy process? Is there a phone number to call?

    I don't feel like having a credit pull if that is how its done


    thank u

    You can do it online.  If you look under the 'More Services' dropdown it should be there.


    It's relatively quick and painless.

  4. On 10/29/2019 at 10:51 AM, cv91915 said:

    Citi Expedia Voyager, $10,000 (-:lol:-).


    50,000-point SUB, worth $500, or worth $710 on "VIP Access bookings" (I have no idea what those are).


    Requires $2,000 in spending in the first three months.


    $95 annual fee.


    We've had this card before, and the rewards points come in handy in cities that don't have conveniently-located/reasonably priced Marriott or Hilton properties.




    Citi still hates me for BK them.  


    One day maybe I'll get back in.

  5. Whether it's a credit union or a buy-here/pay-here car lot, you can be sure that you're getting the very best if the company puts people in military uniforms in its marketing messages.
    No doubt.

    Wells Fargo apparently also gave new an auto increase of $1,500 this month and I didn't even know until I went to pay my bill today.

    How very......

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  6. 1 hour ago, centex said:

    It is sad that you have to explain the concept behind that show...do we really have THAT many kids around here (kids being anyone under the age of 30)?  The show wasn't THAT antique, running into the late 80's in syndication and I seem to recall that one of the networks tried resurrecting it within the past five years...


    It had its moments.  I remember, vaguely, coming home from school some afternoons and turning it on to see how fast the contestants would be gong'd.  It was funny and I laughed.  

  7. On 8/27/2019 at 9:17 AM, Bad Doctor Frost said:

    Please. The kinds of people who put 22" wheels on their hoopties don't drive Pilots. They have Dodge Journeys. The official sub-prime car.

    I rented from Enterprise once and all they had left was a Journey.  Seeing as how I needed the car I had no choice.


    I felt dirty afterwards.......................

  8. They are switching over to VANTAGE.  Walmart card still seems to be offering it although access to it is wonky.  Wouldn't be surprised if that goes by the wayside as well.


    All that card is good for now is the 5% back.

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