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  1. I would be more concerned about the OTHER alert on the same day from them.
  2. That's awesome..reminds me of the time I was looking for a laptop for one of my previous jobs and I went somewhere and the price listed was $35 for what, at the time, was a pretty decent system. I thought it had to be a typo (turned out it was) but I went ahead and bought it anyway and it went through for the $35. I think I got a few years out of it and it died. Not a bad deal for you for what you need. Have fun with it!
  3. I've given up with them. Honestly, I don't really care. I know it's the closest to a mortgage score as one can get but I'm not in the market for one now so meh, they can pound sand.
  4. I'm at 802 with them and they still refuse to give me any "pre-approved" offers as I'm still on their dirty list. I'm probably better off anyway.............
  5. 715 - no change...DCU hates my reports.
  6. They all count as one if they were done within a short amount of time..they don't count for much against your score. Carry on then.
  7. I'm fairly certain that my DW only has one sister, but hell, your DW could easily be my wife's long lost sister. Sounds exactly like what my wife has done in the past and always uses the Scrooge and cheapskate line on me saying that she works also and blah blah blah. It's soooo aggravating trying to explain why she shouldn't buy this and that and that we have other bills to pay besides her Amazon addiction (yes, it is an addiction no matter how much they refuse to accept it). I feel for you, I really do. Here's to hoping that your wife comes around one day and sees the light.
  8. They still hate me even though they say they use Fico 9 to make decision which is now 802. Turds!
  9. Yesterday, but my new Macy's AMEX. I still feel dirty. Sent from my GM1915 using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah, I saw that when applying also. Makes it only slightly better.
  11. I'm a salamander. DW and I went to Macy's yesterday and they were having their usual suck you in percentage off if you apply for their card. I applied and was approved for both the AMEX and store card. The lady at the counter almost screwed me and hit the store card button but I stopped her in time and took the AMEX. DW bought something small and I'll PIF when it comes, but I still feel dirty. 😩
  12. Amazon order every couple of days. Sounds like our house. My wife needs to go to AA (Amazon Anonymous). Sent from my GM1915 using Tapatalk
  13. Wow. And I thought our taxes were bad here in NY. Good luck! Sent from my GM1915 using Tapatalk
  14. My mom does this with all her new cars and she is well, an interesting person to say the least as is her life.
  15. Thanks for the detail. That makes sense. I'm glad I kind of laid low with them and kept mine at two with $28k and &15k. Sent from my GM1915 using Tapatalk
  16. Did they stop because of exposure (ie. $100K on one card)?
  17. Sorry about that. Shows how out of the loop I've been on trying to get any new Crap1 cards. Sent from my GM1915 using Tapatalk
  18. Don't mind CV....he's just salty from his less than stellar CU experiences. He does have a lot of sage advice to offer.
  19. You can do it online. If you look under the 'More Services' dropdown it should be there. It's relatively quick and painless.
  20. He's hanging out with Bob Wang....LOL!
  21. Congrats! Citi still hates me for BK them. One day maybe I'll get back in.

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