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  1. Would you expect anything different from someone who is commenting on a thread where the OP is bragging about doubling their Blaze MC limit? If I wasn't banned from there I would hop over and add my .02.
  2. Jebus. Someone should tell him that a car installment loan isn't going to do that for him. I'm banned or I would...and in no uncertain terms.
  3. $2.500 CLI on my Marvel card that I use once every 3 months for a tank of gas to keep it active. I ask for a lot more than that and they promptly shut me down. Same way they did when I called in. $7,500>$10.000.
  4. I would violate TOS if I answered that. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  5. I saw this also.....maybe Pam can toss around a new title for me?
  6. tmkats

    Synchrony CLI

    For another datapoint, I tried the Credit Solutions number before (over a year ago probably) and they flat out denied me for anything. I tried the luv button and was bumped up $2K. It's measly, but as the OP said it's better than nothing. I may try again on my Amazon card and see if they give me any love from the number now that my scores are higher and I have few decent size limit cards.
  7. Dang.....my allergies just started to act up!
  8. Let me know what you decide to do. I'm coming up to my mid life crisis point and hate my Hyundai. Considering one of the X's as I'm pretty sure that I am done with Sedans. DW wants me to be more reasonable and get a Toyota or Nissan, but what does she know? LOL. Sorry to hijack.............
  9. Nothing to add....I just come here to be envious of the big boys. One day I'll join this convo when I'm not BL anymore. [emoji112]cv Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  10. $2K increase on one Cap 1 card...$13K>>>$15K. The other one has $25K which I think is the max they will go with my account profile. Had to combine multiple cards to get the $13K limit. Still BL with pretty much every other major bank so I'll take what I can get.
  11. Don't do it. 84 months is waaaayyyy too long to have a car loan for.
  12. I wouldn't promote transferring their Milez to any participating partner since they only give you credit for half of the fake ones you already got, but they have a promo that they are running wherein you can get a 75% credit with JetBlue for the Milez you currently have in your account. An extra 25% is something I suppose.
  13. Auto CLI from Navy for $2,100 and since it's been more than 90 days for Disco I hit them up and they gave me $2K. 🖐️

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